Farmhouse White Buffet

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Last week was a push week when it came to getting pieces of furniture from the to-do pile to the done pile.  And we made a lot of progress!

One of the pieces that we finished (as a team effort) was this buffet, painted in Farmhouse White

I didn’t get a proper before picture of it, because the studio was a little messy and crowded, but here is what it looked like…

The warped piece on top was the bottom drawer.  Clearly, it had some issues, so my dad took it apart and replaced the bottom and made it so the drawer fit properly.  My mom cleaned it up to get it ready to paint and then Emily (helping out in the studio for a few days) painted it.

Now, I know.  That wood grain is really lovely.  BUT…the veneer was completely peeling off of the sides and the feet and it was beyond my ability to repair.  So, paint was really the best option.

It’s such a big, heavy piece, so I chose Farmhouse White to lighten it up visually and give the heavy piece a fresher feel.  I distressed the edges and allowed the paint to flake off wherever it wanted and sealed it all with Tough Coat.

And I added some glass knobs for a little bit of sparkle.

This piece will be on the truck to Lucketts as well!

I plan to do some antique shopping tomorrow, so I hope I’ll have some great goodies to share on the blog and add to the pile…

Farmhouse White Buffet

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31 Comments on “Farmhouse White Buffet”

  1. It’s beautiful Marian. I absolutely love your furniture makeovers. I’m seeing another successful Luckett’s for you. Wish I could make it this year. I was there last year on Friday and it was great!

  2. Wow!! Very pretty!! Of course, I love farmhouse white. The buffet has beautiful curves as well. Great job!

  3. I have only had one experience with removing veneer and it will be a LONG time before I attempt that again (if ever). This piece looks beautiful!

  4. Fabulous piece, Marian! I’d love to see a tutorial on how you go about removing veneer (you may have done one in the past and I just need to search for it). Maybe after Lucketts . . . 🙂

  5. Marian, as usual, it’s absolutely lovely!! Just like Yvonne from “Stonegable”, I am really learning to love and appreciate white /neutral colors!! That Farmhouse White completely transformed that piece of furniture!
    I live in MD… Please tell me again where the Luckette’s event is held. Thanks..

  6. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this piece…… wellllll …ok.. I really love them all!! BUT .. the transformation on this is just stunning… and look at all those curves!!

  7. not your best effort only because of the flat doors..nothing of interest like when there are veneer appliques that really pick up the shadowing you so deftly do on pieces…maybe this could’ve been painted with a scene..those are always so pretty

  8. I Love this I have a very similiar piece that was given to me. I love the chippy paint. I had some Chalk paint hanging around , so I used that. It didn’t give me the chippy look I wanted, just recently I bought some of your paint. I’m thinking next time I need the milk paint instead

  9. It’s nice that a piece beyond repair gets a second life. No one has to feel bad when it really starts to fall apart in another 10 years! It’s had a good useful life!

  10. Have a paint question for you Marian. Do you think Farmhouse White Milk Paint will adhere to an old metal mechanics cabinet? Should I add the bonding agent? Thanks and I love the buffet.

  11. Oh! Marian! This piece is so beautiful! As usual, you did a great job of redoing this antique. Just love what you do with all your antiques!


  12. Great transformation!! The sideboard looks awesome…Love the white farmhouse look. Would love to get my bedroom dresser to look like that …

  13. Once again a beautiful restore! Marian, you are so incredibly talented in seeing value where most people just see broken cast-aways! Thank you for helping save our treasures and save our mother earth!

  14. Oh my…..I LOVE this piece so very much. It gives me all the feels. Good choice on paint color, but then I’m all about that white as a general rule. Wish I could get to Lucketts.

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I could make it to the market and fill a truck with all your refinished pieces!!!

  16. Oh, yeah, so much better than before even tho’ the woodgrain on the doors was interesting. It was so dark and ugly. I have an oak buffet that was my grandmother’s which I stripped of its dark stain and refinished in a lighter oak color. I probably would never paint it because I like it to look like what it did when my grandmother had it. But the one you just did had too many veneer problems to do that with, so the paint saved it!

  17. No…. sorry….somehow those beautiful doors and front could have been left not painted. Quartered sawed wood is just too precious…and never to be seen again. Perhaps the framing could have been painted but not the front…..but it is yours to do what you want with. And I am a big fan..still.

  18. How do you work around the peeling veneer? Do you peel all of it off or sand it? You are so talented and have such charming pieces.

  19. Beautiful transformation…How do you choose a piece to paint?
    Looking at all kinds of posts, sites etc., some pieces look finished while other people’s work look so contrived unsophisticated? Just an observation. It is difficult to know which pieces will look finished and not like they had paint slathered on..

  20. I love how this turned out, and the chippiness is just right, in my opinion. I’m not a fan of that large wood grain, and I think the finished piece is really pretty.

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