cleaning out my closet…

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Even though we’re not sure where and when we might be moving, we’re making a point to purge things we no longer use, love, or need.  It’s the perfect time of year to do that sort of thing, anyway, but we’re taking it to a new level.

I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago and was able to fill three large bags with things I either never wore or wasn’t wearing any more.  And I’m not even a big shopper with a lot of clothes!  I don’t know how I accumulated so many things.  Well, I somehow managed and it was time for the purge.

I had a few pieces from Anthropologie in those bags, though, that I felt were a little too special to put in the yard sale pile.  Two of them are brand new and one was only worn a few times.  Ebay is the perfect way to get rid of brand name clothing (or any clothing for that matter) and make some cash in the process.

Here are the three pieces I listed…

(One September dress listing)

(Isabella Sinclair Blouse Listing)

(Holding Horses Blouse Listing)

Now, it’s been quite a while since I have listed anything on eBay.  I have sold some nice kitchen gadgets, antiques, and some electronics over the years, but the selling dashboard has grown leaps and bounds when it comes to ease of use.  I was actually surprised at how quick and easy it was to get all three pieces listed.

To list an item…

  1. Take pictures of the product: Since people are bidding on/buying this item sight-unseen, you want to make sure to take lots of pictures from every angle.  It’s especially important to show and flaws, so the buyer isn’t disappointed when the item arrives.
  2. Write a detailed description: Again, people are relying on the seller to tell them about the item.  I think descriptions that are matter-of-fact are the most helpful.  Someone doesn’t need you to tell them how amazing, awesome, or beautiful something is.  They want to know how it works, the dimensions, the brand name, what it’s made out of, the condition, etc.
  3. Select how you want to sell the item: You are in control of the price and the way the sale is conducted.  eBay is know as an “auction site”, but they offer so many other buying options now.  As a buyer, I love the Buy It Now option, so I don’t have to schedule my day around an auction ending!  As a seller, I like the auction option, so I can let the customers decide how much something is worth.
  4. Pack & ship the item: ebay even estimates the shipping for you, which is so handy!  When the item sells, you can print the shipping labels directly through eBay to get better shipping rates.  Again, handy.  And, if you have a lot of things to sell and need some packing supplies, eBay sells branded packing supplies, so all of your packed orders look professional.  I confess to shipping things in a diaper boxes, but sharp-looking packing materials make a much nicer impression!

If you would like to make some money off of clothes, old cell phones, tablets, camera gear (you get the idea), you can start HERE.

If you’d like to bid on any of the things I’m selling, just click the links above.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by eBay.  All words and opinions are my own.

cleaning out my closet…

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15 Comments on “cleaning out my closet…”

  1. Gosh I have a lot of Hummel figurines I would like to sell. Both my adult sons have already told me they don’t want them! Thanks for the info.

  2. Gosh I have a lot of Hummel figurines I would like to sell. Both my adult sons have already told me they don’t want them! Thanks for the info.

    1. It’s usually about 10% of the sale price of the item. But different for cars and certain categories.

  3. All your information is always helpful, but I sure miss all the furniture posts that normally come with the pre-Lucketts sale! That/this is my favorite part of the whole year, living the sale/seller side thru your blog!! I feel like I am being short-changed this year but of course, I still love you 🙂

    1. Hey, Sue, if you scroll back through my blog the past couple of weeks, you’ll see several pieces of furniture that I’ve been getting ready for Lucketts and there is still more in the works. 🙂

  4. I suggest w Hummels, do a lot of research in Ebay under “sold items”, not just listed. Check Facebook for Hummel groups, you may be able to gleen a lot of info from them.

  5. Boy ebay sure has changed since I sold and bought on there. For one thing its LONG past the days of being pretty much an online yard sale where you could get things for a little bit of nothing. I still have the very first purchase I made and I still love it just as much. It also goes to show the outstanding quality L.L. Bean sells. I bought, for the exorbitant and princely sum of $5 a very heavy fleece red hip-length button jacket most likely 20+ years old at least and I only bought it for everyday at home wear. I grab that thing SO MUCH around the house. I use a woodstove in the winter so I’m in and out often throughout the day. That coat, the more I wear it and the more I wash it, the softer it becomes. I think it was some of the best $5 I ever spent in my life. THAT is what ebay USED to be. It’s not very often any longer. That can be good and bad depending on who you are. People have stores and you can do “buy it now” and its all so different. I couldn’t get over the tissue paper and the stickers. Heck, you can’t get that type of upscale treatment from brick & mortar stores such as Macy’s, Saks, L.L. Bean, or Ralph Lauren or other places that USED to be consider more upscale any longer. Now some young 20 something throws it in a bag, barely mumbles a thank-you and before you’re 5 feet away from the register is back on their Smart phone to yap with a friend.

  6. Hi, kinda new to this site, what got me really started was the post on to make a no sew bedskirt.
    awesome… Great info about Ebay.

  7. I haven’t used ebay, yet. But, your advice about details is relevant to all postings. I was trying to purchase furniture online and was amazed at how many posts neglected the dimensions! Since I didn’t want to get into emailing back and forth, I skipped over anything without sizes. I am sure I passed over items I would have loved because there were no details. I carry a tape measure with me most of the time now so I can immediately determine if an item will fit my needs/space.

  8. I did a major closet purge myself over the past few weeks. I was so anxious to get rid of “the stuff” I donated some to Goodwill and others went right in the garbage. I didn t want it lingering in my home waiting for a yard sale nor did I want to go thru the work of posting it online for sale. To me that would have defeated my goal of getting rid of stuff. It feels great walking into my closet and having it be so organized and sparse. I took this project to the next level and cleaned out the rest of my closets…….it is squeaky clean around here,

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