fan scale, watercolor matches, & soapstone chalk

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If you are a scale-lover, as I am, you may have spotted the antique fan scale on the Farmhouse White buffet I shared on Friday…

I don’t know what it is about scales that pull me in every time, but I love them and have been selling them in my retail space at the Lucketts Spring Market since my first year as a vendor.  I am bringing several this year, maybe about eight, including this beauty…

That dial has all kinds of crazy numbers on it and I don’t even know why they are there, but beyond their practical purpose, they just look cool.


And I like that it’s big, but not too big.  You could realistically have this on a kitchen island without it looking grossly out of proportion.

My new Lucketts helper, Debbie, and I worked on some furniture pieces today, but I don’t have anything finished to share, yet.

Tomorrow, though…

Debbie did unpack and price some things I received in the mail last week.  Since I’ve been into watercolors, I decided to take a chance on ordering these watercolor matchboxes…

…and I also bought some soapstone chalk!  I’ve never used it, never heard of it, but they look a lot like the chalk used on Little House on the Prairie, so who can resist that?  Well, not me and hopefully not 11 other people, so I sell out!

And I received another order of marmalade jars.  I’m not sure how these will sell, because they are pricey.  The worse thing that can happen is that I’ll be left with 20 awesome, antique marmalade jars.

Oh, woe is me.  However will I manage?

Some more of those cute cast iron bunnies arrived as well.  I’m now thinking I may not have ordered enough after all of the comments I received on my post about these.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sell them online, just because I’m starting to shut things down at the studio, but we’ll see.

I’ll finish off a few pieces of furniture tomorrow and there are more pieces in the works and still more waiting to be styled and photographed…

fan scale, watercolor matches, & soapstone chalk

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25 Comments on “fan scale, watercolor matches, & soapstone chalk”

  1. Love the watercolor matchboxes and the marmalade jars… will try to get to Lucketts (I’m in NJ)… if you have to drag them home (which I doubt)… I’ll jump right on them!!!😍

  2. Some great things! I’ve never heard of soapstone chalk either but I sure think it’s sweet. I’m far far away in California, so I’m just enjoying seeing everything from your blog 🙂

  3. The numbers on the scale are to compute the sale price for the vendor. The numbers on the arm represent the price per pound. So 2 lbs at a price of $1.50 is 3.00.

  4. Marion, i am afraid this will be my last chance to see you at Lucketts Spring Market. : ( Will you continue to be a vendor there after you move?

  5. Love that scale! I hope you bring us another video of Lucketss this year. I so enjoyed your others as I’m too far away to attend. Soapstone chalk is used a lot on slate used for serving cheeses. I use a slate board and lay out different cheeses on it and then use the soapstone to identify the choices for my guests. It doesn’t leave dust like regular chalk so it better for use around food.

  6. I ordered soapstone chalk a few months ago to sell in my shop with slate cheese boards. All the chalk has sold out before the boards have! And don’t you love decorative match boxes? I have several in the shop and they are all around my house! Wish I could get to Luckett’s – I would love to put that scale in my new coffee shop!

  7. I’m eager to hear all about Luckett’s, which is a wee bit too far from Houston. I’m proud that our friend MMS has a major pavilion there full of cool stuff. Don’t forget to sign customers up for the blog. They’ll thank you for it.

  8. I hope I make it to Lucketts this year!! Your booth looks like it’s going to be amazing!! I just saw soapstone chalk for the first time at Sweet Clover. My husband tells me they use it in the plumbing trade to write on pipes. Who knew?!

  9. Marian, just love that scale! It’s so nice! Also love the marmalade jars and the rabbit! I sure wish I could buy these three items from you now and have them shipped to a U.S. address where we pick up all of our stuff we order from the U.S. Living here in Canada, it’s impossible for me to get to Lucketts! I’m so sad as I would just love to come and your booth would be my first stop! However, it’s just too far for us to come! It’s definitely on my “bucket list”!

    Have a great day! Blessings!

  10. If the jars are pricey, you may have a problem selling. You can often pick them up on ebay or etsy for a pretty good price.

  11. Love the matchboxes!!! How artsy they are!!! I’m so excited that my spring plans include a trip to Lucketts. My best friend’s daughter is getting married that weekend and I held my breath until I realized my husband and I could still get in a day trip!!! So excited!

  12. I am so thrilled to be have been able to “hold” two of your awesome scales as a Lucketts VIP ticket holder and I cannot wait to see you, and them! I hope to get a rabbit too….. and well, maybe a few other items…. 🙂

  13. Decorative painters (like me!) use the soapstone chalk to sketch details onto our painted pieces…you can paint over it because it’s dustless, and it removes easily with water. Works great…there are even metal holders you can get for the sticks!

  14. I don’t know how many of those marmalade jars I threw out when cleaning out my grandfather’s workshop in England 20 years ago. He kept all manner of odds and ends in them. I saved one that I use on my desk to hold pencils and pens. Would that I had known how much they would sell for in the future(now).

  15. Quilters use the soapstone chalk to mark quilts! I even have a holder for them. Not that I hand quilt any longer (numb fingertips).

    1. Oh, I forgot to say I’m drooling over the matches. Which is not the best idea for watercolor.

  16. On a hint of advice. Ifyou keep something on the scale for very long you will ruin the spring inside and it won’t work right. My mom taught me this due to she and her sister had grocery store back int he early 50’s.So think about it for the future.

  17. Oh, please sell the rabbits online! Not everyone can make Lucketts, and I’m guessing even if they could, there will be none after Friday.

  18. I believe my husband uses soapstone chalk on his welding projects. He might find his missing! Lol

  19. Two years ago I drove eight hours with a friend and neighbor to get to Lucketts, but no sooner had we gotten to our room in Leesburg than my husband called from the ER saying he was having a heart attack. So as soon as I got a couple of hours sleep, we turned around and drove home. Don survived but it was the beginning of a long journey for him. Last year he was in the hospital during Lucketts, recuperating from a very difficult heart surgery. Well, this year he just had another heart attack, and is still recuperating from the surgery he had last year. I’m not giving up, though. Next year will be the year. And Don might even come with me.

  20. When I saw that Farmhouse White Buffet, it brought to mind those old wood/gas stoves with side-by-side ovens. My sister uses one in her kitchen. Wishing you success at Lucketts!

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