I’m only a few weeks into crocheting and I already have a yarn problem.  Many of you warned me about this, but I knew it was coming.  It was a  foregone conclusion.  I felt drawn to yarn even before I had a good excuse to buy it.  Now that I have an excuse, well…I need to troll the yarn aisles at the craft store to see if anything calls my name.  I am trying to only buy yarn for specific projects or to test out for specific projects, but it’s still filling a basket and already a bit of a jumble.

So, I’ve decided it’s time to move forward on an idea I’ve had for a while…building a shelf under the window behind my “guest chair.”   It’s the perfect stretch of wall for a narrow, built-in shelf that will be ideal for storing yarn and books.

Here is a rough sketch I made almost a year ago of the shelf.  I was originally planning to build shelves on both sides, but I ended up moving my desk where the left-hand bookcase is drawn.

As I was organizing my studio, I set aside crochet and fabric books to keep on the new shelf, so the large cabinet will exclusively house art resource books.

I sketched out detailed plans and made a cut list to take to the local hardware store, so I can get this project underway.  It’ll be a pretty simple build and I’ll share the plans, cut list and instructions for those who are interested in building something similar.

Once that’s built, I need to schedule some time to prime and repaint my studio floors.  When I shuffled the furniture last January, there was a large unpainted spot where the hardware cabinet used to be under the window.

And the entire floor could use a refresh.  It’ll put the studio out of commission for a week or two, though, so I need to try to time it well.

I am so, so glad to have a shoulder that’s on the mend now!  There are so many projects, like painting the floor, that just haven’t been possible for me and now I can see them on the horizon…


  1. Kate

    I keep most of my yarn stash in vintage suitcases (which can slide easily under a bed) or vintage makeup cases. I use natural fibers, so I have them sorted by kind. I keep my knitting needles and crochet hooks in a Delft porcelain floral vase with holes on the top (kind of like a floral frog) – so I have a decorative and useful “bouquet” of needles. (I also keep my fine art paint brushes in a frog, making it easier to find the right size quickly.) I keep the other various needlework accessories (markers, pins, holders) in Altoid tins in vintage wooden cigar boxes.

    • Marian Parsons

      That sounds lovely! I am looking forward to getting my yarns organized on a shelf and adding some functional finishing touches as well.

  2. Monica

    Do you use exterior porch paint on the floor? It’s a little tougher and you might not need to repaint so often.

  3. Jean Clayton

    Too much yarn. A fun problem to have! Enjoy you blog, thanks for writing it!

  4. Elizabeth

    Oh boy, Marian. You are in trouble now!!!! Even with the best of intentions, those yarn stashes take on a life of their own! Maybe having your stash within sight is a good idea since yarn that is out of sight no longer exists and requires new purchases!

    • Charlotte

      Oh my …there is so much truth to your comment Elizabeth!! Guilty over here!!

  5. Debbie Nisson

    As someone who crochets everyday…it won’t be enough storage!! I have an Ikea book shelf, a small cedar trunk I bought at a vintage shop, and a closet with those hanging storage shelves full of yarn! Just sayin. AND I would love to send you one of my husband’s hand turned crochet hooks. He has made them for me in every size and they are the only kind I use now. Can you email me your address?

    • Nora sudetic

      That is so nice of you. I love seeing kindness spread around.

  6. Patty Soriano

    Marian, you’re not different. Well…. not when it comes to hoarding yarn. 🙂 I think most of us understand that when we take on a craft that we really love and enjoy we go out and buy it all! It’s like my jewelry making… there’s a meme about how buying beads is a completely different hobby of its own!

  7. beverlee lyons

    not going to be enough storage. hahaha! (I know that for sure)

  8. Charlotte

    So much fun! My “craft room” is still a work in progress but I’m taking inspiration from you and another fave blogger who also has a dedicated craft room on how to corral the beautiful mess! Looking forward to the finished project!

  9. Nancy

    What kind of primer and paint for floor? I am going to try to duplicate your floor. Are the floor boards pine? Tongue and groove and how did you make space between boards? Any info so helpful, thanks so much!

    • Marian Parsons

      This was a sunroom we converted into a finished space, so those are just deck boards. I primed them with a good adhesive primer and painted them in a porch paint.

  10. Mel Donat

    I like your floor scuffed up a bit.

  11. Angela

    Oh nooooo I have a rule since I started crocheting, I only buy enough wool for the project I am working on. When that project is complete and handed over. I then think of what I want to make next and buy the wool for that project. Believe me when I walk the wool isle I could just die, touching it all and I want to buy one ball of almost every brand! Love seeing your wool in that basket.

  12. Bonnie Swygert

    In the 60’s, my grandmom would order kits to use for crocheting blankets. The yarn would come in large loops and I would hold the yarn for her to convert to a large ball. She later taught me to crochet and you are inspiring me to pick up the needle again. Fond memories.

  13. MaryLisa

    I hoard fabric so I understand…

  14. Jan Love

    Noticed your drafting table…. where did you get it?

  15. Marian Parsons

    It is from Arhaus.

  16. Tonya Morgan

    I just love your since of style! I have been thinking about learning to knit or crochet for a few years now and seeing your post on dishcloths inspired me to go for it. One of my Christmas presents was a beginners crochet kit: needles, yarn, and a book. I think once I figure out the whole tension bit I will be on a roll. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration.

  17. Jody

    I love your studio–the light, the furniture, the creativity that occurs in that room. One day would you please take us on a video tour of your studio

  18. Jeanine

    Too cute!!! I really want to get back to crocheting!
    Next year we are making homemade gifts for each other at Christmas. Wouldn’t these be cute?

  19. Jeanine

    Ooop! That last comment was supposed to be for your mitten post! My bad!

  20. Robin Stevens

    I made these mittens and they turned out beautifully! The pattern is easy to follow even for newbies to crocheting! You have impeccable sense of style! Really enjoying your blog!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      I’m so glad! I felt like it was an easy tutorial, too, and even though they are simple, they look great.

  21. Deborah Raney

    I keep noticing the beautiful lemon tree in your studio! Is that a Meyer lemon? Can you tell me how long you’ve had it and if it’s hard to grow? I’d love to invest in one, and it gives me hope to see it in a Minnesota home! Surely I could keep one alive (indoors) in Missouri?


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