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Since I did the office/studio furniture shuffle in February, I’ve been sitting on makeshift desk chairs.  At first, it was a Fench cane chair that worked pretty well, even if it wasn’t the best height or the most comfortable.  But, I could slowly feel the cane seat loosening and it finally punched through (which was awesome for my self-esteem.)  So, in a pinch, I pulled in a dining chair.  It worked fine, but I noticed my back would be aching after a long day at the computer.  I needed a proper desk chair for my studio desk.

I looked for months, but I just wasn’t finding what I wanted.  I had to be comfortable, not ridiculously expensive, and I didn’t want it to look like something from the set of Star Trek.  I wanted it to be adjustable, have arms, and the ability to rock.

Let me tell you…I looked high and low, hoping to find a real leather desk chair that looked feminine and I didn’t find what I wanted at any price point.  I combed Craigslist, I looked at secondhand stores.  I looked in all of my usual go-to places on line.  Nothing I was truly in love with.  If I can’t find one I love at any price, I’m just going to go as cheap as I can without buying a total piece of garbage.  I ordered this desk chair in white for $100.

It had a nice shape, didn’t look like it was from the space-age, had decent reviews, and also had all of the functions I was looking for.  Well, it’s not the most comfortable office chair on the globe, but it is comfortable, especially with the addition of a pillow.

My plan is to make a slipcover for it out of the same vintage checked fabric on my guest chair in the studio.  It’ll make it look more “me” and I can add some extra padding under the slipcover on the seat and/or back if I feel I need it.

I have too many other things on my plate at the moment to try to get it done before I left for Europe, but I hope to get to it this fall.

And, speaking of desks, I ended up having to ban my computer from this desk.  Well, most of the time.  I love being in the studio, so I found myself working in here more and more.  I figured that would be a good thing, but I realized my computer was a constant distraction when I was doing creative work.  I’d hear my e-mail notification or I would sneak over to check on something and that would turn into a 30-minute rabbit hole that ate into painting, writing on actual paper, or design work.

Unless I’m filming a live video, recording a podcast, or Jeff needs to work in the office, my computer needs to stay in the office and, more importantly, out of my studio.

The computer ban ended up being a good thing because the work surface and desk storage in my office is so much better.

I can be more organized and I’m not surrounded by stacks of folders and books.  I can keep my work stuff in the office and my creative stuff in the studio.


  1. Susan

    Not related to this post, but thought I would let you know that your page is slow to load, and for the last few weeks a pop up covers the text of your blog post and has to be closed before I can read. The pop up is a link to your videos. I find it super irritating. I read your blog posts on my android so I’m not sure if it’s phone specific or if this happens on a lap top too. I’m a long time reader and fan, and the pop up to your videos is only a recent change.

    • Karen

      I also used to have an issue with the popups that were impossible to close here on this blog and a few others. Some were so bad that I had to unfollow. I usually read most blogs on my android phone and now use kiwi browser. It blocks all ads and popups unless specifically allowed for any particular site. I hope people will consider downloading the Kiwi browser and trying it out! It will make your viewing experience so much nicer and you can keep on reading all these lovely blogs! Just as an fyi, sometimes you may want to allow popups for a short time to allow access to certain things,but it can be turned on and off in the blink of an eye!

  2. Kristen

    I agree with the previous comment…I always have to close a banner ad across the bottom of the screen and “x” a video ad that appears in the middle of the screen. I read your blog on my iPhone.
    I Enjoy your posts once I uncover them though! 😀

  3. Beth

    I love how you find time to put thought into every detail, such as a slipcover for your new chair. Sorry if you’ve done this post before, but would you consider one showing how you spend your time each day/week? You get so much done and it’s amazing! Love your blog, ads and all 🙂

    • Joy in Alabama

      Yes! Would you please show us how you accomplish so much???

  4. Ginger Marshall

    The idea of banning the computer from your studio is genius. My laptop is right next to my sewing machine & it does seems to distract & deter me from getting work done. I work full time so I only get a little time each day in my studio. I’m going to give the computer ban a try for a couple of weeks & see if it helps!

  5. Maggie

    Hoping milk paint will stick to chrome. Those chrome legs & arms seem alien to your lovely, warm studio! Since it’s already been brought up, I will “second” the comments on excessive ads blocking any quality viewing on anything except my desktop. iPad, phone and laptop all get too crowded with ads to see your content. Hope this is helpful, not just critical.

  6. Dee

    Well as a blogger I understand the ads. I have followed you from the time you started and find my enjoyment of your work way outweighs (smile) the ads. I got shoulder and neck issues from sitting in the wrong position on my desk chair. So its important to get a new chair for your work. Cute idea to make the decor fit!


  7. Kathy

    I too have an issue with my computer. I need a new chair but the big problem is that it sits at an angle on my jewelry workspace and I am dealing with major neck and arm issues. Hearing you say you are going to ban your computer helps me think I should find a better setup – love your space:)
    I also have issues with the ads. I know they are important but they are making it more difficult for the blog to open. It’s not just your blog – I’ve noticed it on all of them.

  8. chris from Midwest Cottage and Finds

    I LOVE the chair…and agree..I will not take my computer to the barn when I am working on projects….It changes the entire feel of my creative process…great move!

  9. Rhonda

    For me, once I scroll past the video, it seems to almost move to the right sidebar and start playing. I also have the ad at the bottom, and if it’s too distracting, I “x” it out. Marian’s blog is not the only one. Probably 99% of blogs have these features these days, and some are even more clogged with ads. The way of the world, I say. Just keep on scrolling and look for the wanted content. Life is too short to be cranky.

    • Ginger Marshall

      Well said! Let’s keep positive. 😉

  10. Marlene Stephenson

    Your chair looks nice and once slipcovered will really be more your style. Hope you and your mother are having a really fun and relaxing time.

  11. JaneS

    Just a suggestion – I installed the Adguard app on my iPhone and iPad and it’s been a great reducing ads while reading blogs.

  12. Kathie B

    The balance of beauty over practically is always a juggle. I think you’re onto a winning idea with the slip cover. It should look pretty, in keeping with your style, as well as being practical.
    The pop up adds moved from the top of my iPhone screen to the bottom. They don’t bother me at all.

  13. Char

    I make a habit of putting away my laptop after each use so it becomes a conscious decision when I do sit down to use it. For laptop users you might try raising your laptop up so the screen is at a better viewing height and using an external keyboard. This may ease the strain on your neck and shoulders.

  14. Elizabeth St

    That’s a brilliant idea to slipcover your new office chair, cute as it is already. After reading a comment about the chrome, I wondered if you could use a spray paint that simulates the patina of vintage metal.

    To add my two cents about the pop-ups, I have been getting pop-up videos of Miss Mustard Seed TV whenever I call up your blog.

    I assume it’s unintentional, since it doesn’t involve an opt-in pitch and preaches to the converted. It’s not a big deal for me, but I thought you’d want to hear about our experiences.

  15. Julie | Home On The Hill

    Regards the chair, the slip cover is a great idea – I find that chair very modern to look at, like it belongs in a minimalist city apartment, so giving it a more country vibe will make all the difference I think. Maybe even spray painting the chrome black would look good as well, not sure how it wear though. 🙂

    Regards the adverts – if we want Marian to be able to produce regular content which takes a lot of time then she needs to be able to make the blog pay for that time, so I get it, but I have an ad blocker because I also found the adverts too annoying. So maybe some other way to monetise a blog that isn’t so automated would be a better experience for the reader, but also obviously more work for the blog owner, so takes more time & around we go again – a catch 22 situation I’m afraid.

    People are so bombarded with adverts now most people close them if they are pop ups without even reading them, pop ups are the most hated adverts online according to web studies. I have been on the computer for less than 2 hours today & the ad blocker has already blocked 159 adverts!

  16. Helen

    I have that same desk chair. It sits at my desk which is located in a guest bedroom. I’ve never thought about making a slipcover for it. Thanks for the idea! ❤️👍🏻

  17. Patrizia Boszko

    Re computer staying in office…luv it because I tend to ‘relapse’ and turn to my iPad when I hit a difficult portion of work 🙂…as to ads, on iPad they tend to hang out on the right and don’t get involved with the blog!

  18. Cheryl

    May I ask where you bought the chair? I love it!!

  19. Michele M.

    Brilliant idea keeping tech out of creative area. Love your new chair. I too use a pillow on mine.

    I sure do love your Boxwood green – every time I see it in your home I say to myself “Shell, just go buy it and get busy with those projects you are putting up.” Then – usually tech related – my time gets sucked away in another direction and that gorgeous green is out of sight so out of mind.

    Shameful, that. So I do get it – tech is distracting from getting things done. : – )

  20. Michelle Johnson

    I use the Duck Duck Go browser and no longer have ad issues using my iPhone.

    I love the discussion about your office. I struggled as well and found a chair, but I also want to cover it up as it’s a basic tan. Maybe I’ll get inspired to finally do it.

  21. Liz

    Pottery Barn has a vintage desk chair on clearance right now that would totally fit the vibe of the room. It’s the Oliver Swivel Desk Chair.

  22. Barbara

    Pop ups make your site impossible to read…. I’m done for now…. thx


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