Saturday in a Small Town

by | Oct 3, 2009 | Antiques, Favorite Finds | 14 comments

Three years ago my family moved from the busy suburbs to a small town (borough) nestled in the rolling hills and fruit orchards of Pennsylvania. We absolutely love it and only occasionally miss the conveniences of the suburbs. This morning we hit some yard sales. I found a few interesting things to share with you, but mostly I found great toys (Christmas presents) for my boys. Pictures of GeoTrax and Lightning McQueen are not eye candy, so I will refrain from posting them. I bought this large box of pumpkins for $7.50! Our budget is tight, so I had given up on being able to buy fall decorations. I never thought I’d be so excited about a box of pumpkins at a yard sale and I can’t wait to spread them around the house.

This antique dresser has only good things in store. Despite the cosmetic issues, it’s in good condition and will paint up nicely. I can’t wait to work on it and show you the after pictures. It was only $8.00 at a yard sale!

It has a small box attached on top which makes it even more unique.

The day ended with our family walking over to watch the local 6th grade football team. I’m opting to take the night off from painting. I’ve been a sanding, priming, painting fool lately, so I’ve earned a rest. Don’t fret…plenty of before & after pictures and tutorials to come.


  1. Dresser Girl

    I am jealous of the box of pumpkins AND the dresser! SHINE!! What a GREAT deal!!

  2. Stephanie

    You have the best luck! You always seem to bring home great finds…cheap!

  3. The DIY Show Off

    Love that dresser! Lucky girl! I'm so ready to head to the pumpkin patch! (Waiting for the German exchange student to get here.

    Have a GREAT weekend!


  4. Courtney Price

    Pumpkins are surprisingly expensive too! You should use them to make something for my blog event 🙂 Wow, that's was an obnoxious plug! 🙂

  5. Carla

    You wouldn't find a deal like that on pumpkins or anythings else down here in Northern Virginia. Now I'm jealous! But we need to wait at least 5 years until are two youngest kids graduate from high school. Our time will come!

  6. Debra @ Common Ground

    Sounds like a wonderful life to me. I love the convenience of the burbs, but I grew up on some acreage and I miss that lifestyle. Dresser and box of pumpkins…priceless!

  7. Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs

    What amazing finds! Can't wait to see what the dresser looks like all painted up!


  8. Peanut-Butter Kitty

    Looking forward to the before/after pictues. Love the pumpkins! We grew this years Halloween pumpkins from last years. Mr. PBK threw one of the olds in the a garden spot and it grew. He watered it all summer and now we have 4 pumpkin children!

  9. Christine

    Wow, what great finds! Love the pumpkins and the dresser. I really need to get my tush out there and start searching yard sales and estate sales. There is so much furniture that I need!


    sounds like you had a great day….

  11. Lisa

    I can't believe you got that antique dresser, that beautiful antique dresser for $8 !!
    Isn't it amazing what people dispose of ? HA.. more for us, eh?



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