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There are some decorating decisions you make that look nice and you think they will function well, and then they don’t.  Such is the case with a few areas in my studio.  I shared the overall plan HERE and we will start rearranging the furniture and working on those larger projects soon, but I’ve started on some of the smaller changes.

One of those changes was making this skinny wall between the two doors work a little smarter…

I hung two bulletin boards with the intention of pinning resources, inspirational pictures, color charts, etc.  I’ve pinned this and that, but I never really use it.  I also realized the top bulletin board was too high for me to reach all but the lowest part of it, so it remained mostly empty.

With wet paintings leaned up all over the studio, I really needed some picture ledges to use for paintings that are drying.

I ended up getting four white metal picture ledges from Target.  They were the perfect size and were deep enough to hold stretched canvases.  I also like they have a lip to prevent wet paintings from slipping off and falling on the floor.

I hung one bulletin board low under the shelves and am using it to pin up sketches, value thumbnails, and color swatches I create with each painting.  I can easily reference it to remake a color again.  It’s also fun to see my color palette emerge.  As you can see, I love my greens, blues, and neutrals.  (I used to be stingy with my swatches, but now I’m making them big enough, so they are actually helpful.  A color blob the size of the tip of a pencil eraser isn’t really helpful!)

I am still going to use my antique dish drainer for smaller paintings, though.

And the wall, in general, is a nice visual.  I can enjoy my art in an ever-changing display and when it’s full, I know it’s time for another sale.

I can’t wait to get the closet and built-ins done and do some furniture scooting to get the rest of this space working smarter!

Oh, and speaking of my studio, it was featured in the Spring 2019 issue of In Her Studio Magazine.  You can order a copy HERE if you’re interested (mom).  It’s a beautiful magazine!

picture ledges

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110 Comments on “picture ledges”

  1. Marian, I just saw your IG story about your ER visit! I hope your shoulder is feeling better today and that your family is taking good care of you. That shoulder has been giving you trouble for years. Maybe it’s time to take care of it because that was one scary experience. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery. In the meantime, rest.

  2. Marianne,
    Watching you grow as an artist has really inspired me to try my hand at painting! Do you have a “getting started” type post for novice/beginners in oils or acrylics?

    1. disappointed???
      What possible business of yours is it what Miss Mustard Seed chooses as her subjects? I don’t think that this is the place for that sort of judgement. MMS is an artist, and artists study all forms – animate and inanimate – to hone and re-hone their skills.

    2. Sorry if that offended. It’s a sketch I did for my class as a study (not from life) and I loved the loose feel of it. I pinned it there as a reminder that works don’t have to be fully tidy and finished.

    3. Speaking as an artist myself – and having spent years in life drawing classes both in school and afterwards – I want to respond to this.

      “Nudes” as you put it, or life studies as we call them, are not prurient or attempts to portray erotic or titillating subject matter. They are a necessary form of study in order to understand the human body – its musculature, its bone structure and the way they interact and move and the myriad shapes and forms it takes. It is impossible to portray the human body in clothing accurately without a thorough understanding of what goes on underneath.

      No one who calls themselves an artist is going to forgo study of the human body. Sometimes they become beautiful drawings and paintings in their own right. Regardless, they are a legitimate form of study and artistic impression.

      I am sure that Marian is capable of standing up for herself in this but I feel strongly about this kind of criticism and think it needs countering. You might be disappointed. That’s your prerogative.

      Speaking for myself, I am enjoying Marian’s journey and wholeheartedly support it whatever subjects she chooses.

      1. Perfectly well said! It is ESSENTIAL as an artist who paints people to study the amazing, glorious, fascinating, complex, God-created design that is the human body, male and female. Our bodies are perfectly designed and should be valued as the crowning glory of God’s creation, which they are.

    4. I just had to go back and look at what in the world you are referring to. ummmm, that barely qualifies as a nude. Lol!

    5. Why would you be surprised that a Christian artist would paint a nude? Educate yourself, travel, visit museums and art galleries and maybe you might broaden your mind and expand your knowledge. Talk to artists and curators, visitors and teachers. So sad that you cannot see the beauty in the human art form.

  3. Those picture ledges are a great idea for drying those canvases, plus it makes that narrow area between the two doors an eye catcher. I doubt you’ll be leaving the bulletin board in that area very long, though–it looks uncomfortable to me–not eye-appealing.

    1. Because of all of the windows in the studio, I lack a lot of wall space, so I don’t really have another spot to put it. I can always move it again if it doesn’t work!

    1. Really ??? you must be joking ! you are disappointed on what the beautiful sketch of the human body ,maybe you should close your eyes because your mind already is !

    2. I’m sorry if it offended you. I did that sketch as a part of my art class (as a study, not from life) and I love how it turned out. The point of drawing nudes is to learn the lines of the human body, so you can draw it properly even when clothed.

  4. Love the ledges! I’m having a couple of areas reworked in my house over next few weeks. I bought some of these ledge type things from ikea planning on putting them over the utility sink to put platters on (I’m addicted)

    I’ve never got round to doing it after seeing how good yours look albeit with pictures not plates I’m inspired to
    Get on with it. Now I just need to locate where I have put them!

  5. While it looks lovely, pet safety should come first. Push pins or any sharp swallow-able item, shouldn’t be at pet access level. That style of push pin is one of worst, for a pet-friendly home, because it is easy for teeth to grip and pull. You need to baby proof.

    1. I’ve had the pin boards there since we moved in and Sebastian has never chewed on the tacks even though he could reach the bottom board. I appreciate you pointing it out, though!

  6. This was a great idea! Especially since you’ll be able to enjoy your paintings until you’re ready to sell them. Seeing them daily will show you how much your continuing to grow and will inspire you. You amaze me and I learn so much for you in all things. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think I’ll take pictures of it as the artwork changes out, so I can look back and see the progression.

  7. By the way, I happened to pick up the In Her Studio magazine myself the day before yesterday at Lowes. They gave you a very nice spread, and very near the front of the magazine, which in my opinion is the best placement. It is a lovely magazine, though a bit pricey, but there is lots to enjoy after reading about your space. Congratulations on another great article. I also want to speak to the nude sketch–artists have always studied the nude figure, and I think yours is tame, compared to the art magazines I have on my coffee table. Be brave Marian. The nude figure is not dirty or shocking–everybody has one!

  8. Dear Marian–I saw on your stories that the past few days have not been fun–I hope your shoulder feels better today. I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to try my hand at watercolor about a year ago. I had been following your watercolor journey with fascination for a while. Even though you have switched over to oils, I love my watercolor. I have even found a wonderful teacher and mentor in my town. Your oils are so exquisite–I am so impressed with your growth as an artist. I truly understand how hard you have worked. I know that it doesn’t just “happen.” But I also know what a joy it can bring when you can look at a beautiful painting and say, “I did that.” I nearly spayed coffee all over while laughing so hard when I read the two negative comments above about the nude sketch. Oh dear ladies, the female body is lovely–nothing to be ashamed of–get a grip. Plus, nudes are really difficult, and your did an amazing and tasteful sketch. I think you should put a few more up!

    1. Mary, I agree totally about the negative comments, I couldn’t roll my eyes enough at those LOL and I am very conservative person.

  9. I’m wondering why you don’t have your inspiration board at eye-level? It seems like it would be easy to overlook at knee level. Is there not room for it where you primarily work? I like to have that kind of thing where I can gaze at it while working.

    I had to laugh at the nude complaints. Were they disappointed it wasn’t a frontal nude? Sheesh.

  10. I love picture ledges! I have several in my home and everybody loves them. I’m always picking up vintage pictures and paintings so I love that I can arrange them on a ledge and then rearrange when a new one needs displaying. I follow your blog every day and am so inspired by everything you do (and do so well). You are a wonderful person.

  11. Saw your IG stories about your shoulder and hope you’ll soon be on the mend. Was a little taken back by your comment about recliners being too ugly to be in your home. Came across as very snooty and makes me wonder what you really think when you are in someone’s home that isn’t as perfectly styled as yours. I know one opinion doesn’t matter in the big picture of your business and IG account, but as someone who’s followed you for a long time, I thought you should know how it came across.

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry if it came across that way! As I said in the next frame, I know there are a lot of beautiful recliners out there, but the first thing that popped into my head was a huge, puffy, 1990’s recliner and that is what came out. I meant it to be funny, not to be rude or snooty. Both my parents and inlaws have very nice recliners in their homes and they are the prized seats in the house! I always enjoy them when I visit. Please accept my apology if that’s how it came across.

      Also, I hope people have things in their homes that they love and make their homes comfortable. I wouldn’t judge them at all if the things they love or own are different than what I would choose.

    2. My dad, God bless him, had the typical barcalounger for years and years. I wouldn’t have it in my home for all the tea in China! I have a lot of good memories around that chair, but it belongs in the memory category. I have two very nice chairs that tilt back and don’t look a thing like my dad’s old loungers. And yes, snooty or not, they are not suitable for my home !

  12. I already spotted your lovely studio while checking out my Stampington email over the weekend, where it was featured for the piece you mentioned. Closing my email, I then picked up my e-book to read and smiled as the author’s character in the Teacup novella I was reading had painted a piece of furniture in ‘Typewriter.’ LOL, you are getting around, Lady. 😉

    … And, Marian, I love your art. I could look at your art all day as it has a very calming quality about it. Love it!

    1. Sorry, Judy! Yes, I made them and Whitney graciously shared the link to the tutorial below.

  13. My father studied at the Arts Student League in NYC as well as my sister as a teenager. Guess what? Live nudes. lol I have his portfolio chock full of all kinds of drawings including nudes. He studied under George Bridgeman who is considered the Father of Anatomy is this country back in the day. There were four nudes and
    George made is critiques in the margins. Another nude in oil by an not famous artist graced the family walls. When my former in-laws visited my parents home they had to cover it up.

  14. also I had my husband built me three ledges in his study for family photos. Just so nice and I can rearrange at will. He also did the upstairs hallway on both sides cluttered up with more pictures. Love it!!!!

  15. Your picture ledges are a wonderful addition to your room…it’s eye candy with your beautiful paintings resting on them! Great addition. I look forward to seeing your revised room!

  16. Your sketch that offended some reminded me of a Degas. I sketch Degas and never thought anyone would be offended.
    Reminds me of how a certain Pope in Renaissance time put fig leaves on all the male paintings.
    Love the canvas shelves!

  17. Hi Marian. Maybe you could put bulletin boards on the inside (or even outside) of the closet doors that are coming? Or the outside end wall of the closet? Your paintings just blow me away. As someone who can’t paint or drawer, I am amazed. Boy, social media is a mine field, isn’t it? You have to watch every word. I am sitting in a recliner right now, and wouldn’t give it up, but let’s face it, it’s not beautiful. Can’t anyone have a different opinion anymore? Can’t we just not be so ready to bristle at everything? Life is too short to decide to be offended so easily. Your work and your generosity in sharing is so appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    1. Jane, yes, social media can be a tightrope walk, but that’s all a part of it I understand how the sketch could’ve been surprising or unexpected to some and I also see how the comment I made about the recliner may have been taken with offense instead of humor. I am always learning lessons…

      1. and, you are always so gracious. As a Christian should be, and thank you for always taking the high road.

  18. I rarely comment on blogs but I feel that I might be of some help. I am a Christian and was raised in a very fundamental church. From an early age I wanted to draw and paint and create so after my daughter entered kinder I enrolled in a Fine Arts degree program at our local university. The day I walked into my beginning drawing class to find a nude model posing I was indeed shocked. It had not occurred to me that might be part of the curriculum. I quickly learned that the bodies that God created and that I was painstakingly learning to draw were marvels and that the bones and the muscles and the skin covering them were amazing in the ways they could move or sit perfectly still. All thoughts of possible eroticism or scandal were quickly replaced by the wonder of God’s wisdom and creation while learning the names of every muscle group and bone in the body. Although I was the oldest in the class and most were freshman girls and boys there was not even the slightest evidence of any reaction other than concentration on the miraculous human body and trying to capture it with pencil and paper. So, while I understand the two comments which were negative, I believe it is because they are afraid rather than informed. We do live in a world that exploits eroticism and nudity but that is something that artists who are true artists never do. Marian is one of those true artists.

  19. It looks as if you are finally getting some of your studio organized. It’s appalling that you see more nudity at the Mall, than you do in this drawing, and it’s not art, it’s people, lol!!

  20. Hope your shoulder heals soon. I thought I had pulled some muscles- nope, tore the rotator cuff.. The surgery was great- rehab not so great.No matter, shoulders take a long time to heal… I, too, had to go back and look to see what all the negativity was about… I barely saw it… And please people, it takes little to be kind….

  21. Hope you are first and asking it easy on your shoulder!. The magazine is featuring Seattle on the cover. We are buried in several inches of snow today which brings this hilly city to a stand still.

  22. Marian-

    Honestly I don’t know how you take some peoples comments with the ease that you do! Apparently we can NOT have an opinion anymore or we are snooty. Some people don’t like recliners. Some people voice that opinion and you’d think you killed their best friend. My goodness! It’s a recliner. To each his own. They’re comfortable for sure but I wouldn’t have one either! It’s a free country still everyone and everyone can have an opinion and voice that opinion especially the person whose page WE made the decision to come to and read today.

    1. Mary, I totally get it and I agree that we don’t need to take each other so seriously here in this online space. We can show each other grace and latitude. I also know that I can always do a better to make sure the words I’m saying are encouraging. I was sharing the recliner comment in humor, but I can see how some people might’ve taken it seriously and have been offended by it.

  23. I guess I’m speechless after reading these posts. I’m new to your site and haven’t seen this kind of nonsense on the other sites I follow. Hard to believe that someone could be offended with your drawing but the comment about the recliners takes the cake. They have been the butt of jokes for years from TV sitcoms to design shows. But seriously, if people need to judge you on the type of pushpins you use, they have way too much time on their hands. People need to get a life and stop being offended about every little thing someone else does or says. They should take a lesson from the Amish who purposely include an error in their designs because they believe that only God is perfect.
    I think your paintings are beautiful and wish I could afford one and I wouldn’t put a recliner in my home either unless it’s one of those new ones that look just like an armchair.

  24. Today I received the smock/apron that one of your kind readers pointed out with a website. The smock is the one that Marian wears and is too cute. Had to laugh because I felt like Houdini trying to put it on and figure it out. Thank you to who ever posted about the smock/apron. I think I can make a pattern and make more of them.

    1. Ha, sometimes it does take me a while to get into it! 🙂 It’s such a comfortable apron, though. I love that it covers generously and doesn’t pull at my neck.

    2. Can you please repost the website for the pinafore apron? I think this is the one that crosses in the back.

  25. I so enjoy following your pursuits. You are truly blessed with abundant gifts from the Lord. I absolutely adore the rabbit painting. Please, pretty please, will you offer him as a print?

  26. If someone is going to complain about seeing nudes in an artist’s ouevre, then then might as well start with the original masters, Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo. Who among men dare to find anything wrong with their work?

    I am always in shocked disbelief when I still read comments like this in the 21st century.

  27. Oh, people…please stop being so mean to each other. The above comments are a microcosm of all that’s wrong with the world. Rude comments never won anyone over.
    Marian took the time to think of a classy way to reply to people who were offended. Would that other comments were as kind.

    On another note, the snow that was threatened in the Greater PDX area has not materialized at the lower elevations. Seattle must be hogging it all:)

  28. Your artwork is beautiful. ALL of IT! Can you tell me what paint color you used for the inside of the door next to the ledges? I’ve really been drawn to blues lately.

  29. Different Topic—-Marian are you going to sell prints of your new paintings on Society 6? I am in love with your still life paintings & the one I wanted is already sold.

  30. I’ve been looking at your pictures with snow envy for months…guess what? We FINALLY got snow here in Southern Oregon! Love all the inspiration today…your oil paintings are exquisite!

  31. “Miss Mustard Seed” was the blog I always read when I read no other. I was very surprised at the hateful comments expressed here towards those of us with a more conservative point-of-view. There is no sense in trying to silence people by such mean comments. I find I no longer want to be part of such a reading audience.

    1. How sad for you in the end….Maybe not reading the comments section in the future is a better idea. Why throw out the baby with the bath water?

    2. Brenda, I am really sorry about that, truly. I want this blog to be an encouraging place and I’m sorry it wasn’t that for you today.

    1. Yes, I do plan to paint more animals! I also will make prints of the rabbit available, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to do that.

  32. It was a shocker to read some of the posts today. Almost always people “play nice” in the posts on this blog. Very sad to hear the “snarkiness” today. I think Marion always talks nice! I am amazed about what some people say online. HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE!

  33. PLEEEEEZE people…in the big scheme of things in this world….are ya kidding?

    Get a life and go out and live it, you just might have some fun!

  34. Being an influencer is a minefield! You are criticized for painting naked ladies, endangering innocent animals and talking smack about recliners all in one post. Mind your P’ s and Q’s, Marion.😊

  35. Marian, you must have a great sense of humor. You would have to, to be able to do this. I shouldn’t have taken the time to read all these comments but honestly, it’s kind of entertaining. Yours is the first blog I ever discovered and I love it still, it’s very engaging.

    1. Yep! And the funny thing is that I thought today’s post would be a little boring, but apparently not! 🙂

  36. I found humor in the comments about nudity. My Dad was in the service (late 60’s early 70’s) and when he came home he brought some TREASURES he had acquired in Greece. Plates and vases which featured nude women AND men (along with other pictures)! Why? I do not know- he must have been carried away with the beauty of the interesting cultures. He was just a country boy from Southern Ohio and pretty darn conservative. Well my Mom was so upset and offended she took the time to PAINT UNDERWEAR on them all!! The were displayed in our home for many years and whenever we looked at them that is EXACTLY where your eye went!! In a strange way it made it even more noticeable! Nudity is not bad- we are born that way. My Mom was sweet and kind and she never even said anything to my Dad about it. He just came home one day and saw them all with clothes on. 🙂 P.S. I told my husband straight up 30 years ago (when I was just 18) that I would NEVER have a recliner in my house- just in case that was a deal breaker. I too imagined those horrible (but comfy) 80’s recliners. Thirty years later we still do NOT have one. Not snotty- just a preference. 🙂

    1. That is very funny. And that’s what I meant — you have to be able to see the humor. Thinking about what I said, I thought maybe some would take that as somehow unkind, like laughing at people.

      1. YES Rebecca- I hope that those who read this blog will NOT fall prey to nitpicking every little things Marian says or does. I find JOY in this blog and I’m inspired to create for my home and family. I’d hate to think that Marian will have to spend her time defending her opinions and choices- there is just too much of THAT everywhere else. KINDNESS is a virtue we all need more of. I’m glad that most readers understood and has a sense of humor about said “nakedness and recliners”. Life is too short. ♥

        1. The good news is that I have a good sense of humor and can laugh about stuff like this. I do take it to heart somewhat because I can always improve how I communicate. I can always do a better job at understanding how something I share might be interpreted or misinterpreted. And that’s constructive.

          But, I’m not over here fretting. Honestly, my biggest concern today has been taking care of my shoulder and getting PT and ortho appointments!

  37. Marian,

    Thank you for sharing your life and creative spirit with us ~ if I could bottle up the number of times I’ve said, ooh and ahhh over just about everything you do the cork would not fit in the bottle. You and I have similar tastes and I look forward to your posts. I actually save them for last to enjoy and savor.

    I was taking guitar lessons 25 years ago and missed the last session due to my little sister dying of breast cancer at age 31. I couldn’t bring myself to pick up my guitar to play “Blowing in the Wind,” John Denver’s simple songs, or “Michael Row your Boat Ashore” again. When I moved to Colorado at the time you moved to Minnesota, I sold my guitar. SO, today I took my first painting class and in the first 2 hours I felt a resurgence of connection to my creative self.

    Everything you do inspires me (when do you sleep 🙂 whether I love it or I like it but that doesn’t matter because it’s all yours~ I hope you heal and in whatever course that may take I can imagine you saying..that time off was good for me to slow down, reassess, etc.

    Sweet Dreams Marian,

    PS~ I’d love it if you made t~shirts with the saying “Faith as small as a mustard seed…..” I could use one some days!

    1. Oh, Cynthia, my heart just breaks for you. I love music and playing guitar and I’m sorry that has become a part of a difficult memory. I hope one day you’ll be able to pick it up again in healing and with joy. Until then, I’m so glad you found painting! It has been a creative refuge for me. Some days it’s frustrating, but most of the time, I get lost in it and it’s been therapeutic and exciting. I hope it continues to lift your spirits! 🙂

      1. You are so sweet Marian~ For now I will hear your music in all you do, and enjoy the challenge of learning a new art. Watching your growth in your painting gives me much to look forward to. When I reach Minnesota again, one of my dearest lifelong friends lives in Rochester, I will reach out to you. Her name is Gretchen if you run across a Gretchen that you just know has a beautiful heart it might be her.

        Stay cozy and warm~ spring will come sooner to you than the northern parts of the state and spring will bring a full bounty of surprises. I look forward to my 2nd full springtime in the rockies~ as well if you head this way please let me know as my door is open.

        I do think there is a guitar in my future <3

  38. Just Sayin’, LOVE your blog and have followed for years. Have said before and will say it again, you may be the next Martha Stewart. As for recliners, we have had several ( we are in our 80’s). They have been labeled (the big blue, white, or whatever color ugly). If it makes him happy and comfortable, I am OK with it.

    1. Recliners certainly have their place. My Dad has several and they are not ugly (thanks to MY choosing them) , not huge and are quite comfy. I’m sure as I get older my “no recliner” policy will weaken a bit. 🙂 Sometimes comfy just has to win. 🙂

      1. I totally agree that they have their place (just like ceiling fans and other things that have a bad decor reputation) and there are some really beautiful ones on the market. Yep, sometimes comfy does have to win. 🙂 My shoulder could use a recliner right now (which was really the joke I was making!)

    2. I love the nickname for your recliners! As much as I knock them, I always sit in them at my parent’s and in-law’s houses. I’m sure we’ll end up with one at some point. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.

  39. I never thought much about having or not having recliners whether they be considered 60s, 70s, 80, 90s or ” dated”. I have two and bought for comfort and I was not necessarily considered old at the time.
    The time for most of us will come when little we worry about style and having the latest furnishings or what is considered “in style”. This will come sooner than later believe me. I also have ceiling fans with lights in all rooms. There again these are not for looks but for light and comfort as needed in the summer. I never considered those an eye sore either. In fact, some of them are very pretty. Guess I have been living in a bubble for many years. I am sure most of the comments made here are from folks much younger than I as we all see things differently. I was surprised at many of the comments.

  40. Hi Marian! You take good care of that shoulder! Yayyyy for nudes not prudes! I hope those ladies never travel to Europe, because there’s nudes on every fountain, building, ceiling, in every museum and. Plenty at the beaches too, lol! I was hoping you’d try your hand at painting some nudes because I think you’d be awesome at it! And if you do, please don’t not show them to us, because I’m dying to see what one of yours would look like! Don’t worry about offending a few prudish people who don’t have a clue about art, and that the human body is the most unique and glorious thing God created. They’re just uneducated on the subject and need to be enlightened. Maybe you can “help” them once they see one of yours, one that a good Christian lady painted. What I find shocking is that there’s still people like that in this day and age. It’s ART people, educate yourselves! Read a book on the subject or look on the internet and teach yourselves about it, because our dear Marian is an artist and that’s what she does , paint ART. Seriously, take care of that shoulder. I’m not on IG so I don’t know what the doctor said! We want you well! Enjoy your week and I love those ledges by the way. You can put plates, books, decorative objects and all sorts of things on them. They’re perfect for drying paintings. Take care and thanks for the post!

  41. I love your picture ledges and I love your style ideas but more than anything I love that you are real and that you are encouraging and far more resilient and courageous that I’ll ever be. You take criticism graciously and always try to see it as constructive. So for who you are and what you do, you constantly inspire me. Marian, I hope that you have faith, as small as a mustard seed that you are moving mountains. For me you are. Thank you.

  42. Today when I read the Blog that you have posted and it was amazing.
    The contents were useful and knowledgable.
    Thank you for Sharing this, for sure it will help many others too.

  43. This is such a beautiful and thoughtful blog, so I implore everyone here to keep it as classy, kind, and lovely as Marian is herself.

  44. Please stop apologizing to these people. SOme people are just never satisfied and love to bring people down. In this day and age, when all these women profess to love each other regardless of race, religion, body shape, or whatever, it surprises me more and more of just how intolerant they can be. I have followed you for years and love how far you have come in your paintings. I was sad when you moved across the country! Marian, we don’t apologize for how horrible our Redskins play, do we? We still love and support them, regardless! Hahahhahaha…have fun and keep it coming, girl! DO YOU!

  45. I love, love your shelves and paintings. Ironically, though, my favourite part of that wall is the bottom board with the paint swatches and the beautiful figure study.

  46. In the closeup of the bulletin board, I really liked the backing material compared to normal cork board. Can you share if/how you made these or where they were purchased?

  47. Well I couldn’t believe some of these comments! The nude really! Zoom in, there’s nothing wrong with it! I had to go back and look because I thought I missed something! Ha. Recliners, it’s all about your style. I have always had one because my husband loves them. The first big brown one we had was corduroy and ugly but it was comfortable! Marion I love your style and blog. You’re a better sport than I am! I’ve learned a lot from you! Hope your shoulder gets better fast!

  48. Big giant unstructured furniture has always seemed ugly to me like it just gave up.I looked for the nude and I said to my daughter ” it just looked like a rabbit to me?” She said “it is a rabbit the nude is down here” I think I need new glasses

  49. Just WOW! What a hornets nest!
    I wanted to say that when I see the pic of you in the smock it reminds me of my two sisters’ Holly Hobby dolls, their favorites💕

  50. Love your paintings. You are SO talented.

    Roberta in Portland
    PS MMS, don’t pay any attention to judgemental people. If they are offended ,. I say to them “then don’t look.” And keep your judgemental opinions to yourself. Unless you know Miss Mustard personally and can speak to her privately about “your concerns” keep your opinions that may hurt another person to yourself .

  51. So, so late to this post. I would love to see those color swatches as someone said on your cabinet doors. I would buy them as art. Color alone is emotional.

  52. Hi Marion! I love your easel. Would you mind sharing the brand name? I’ve decided to invest in an H-frame easel and have done some research online, but the prices are all over the place and I don’t really know which brands to trust. Unfortunately because of the “quarantine” I can’t go look at them in person. Any advice you can offer would be great.

  53. These Karens! It is easy to sling mud when aren’t doing anything yourself! They need to get some hobbies, like painting! Keep up the great work!

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