I’ve had this vintage wooden dough bowl for a few years.  My mother-in-law gave it to me when they were cleaning out Jeff’s grandfather’s house.  She thought I would like it and she was right.  It is a practical size and shape and has a pretty patina.  I’ve always thought it would look pretty with some blue paint on the bottom and, so I finally pulled it out and painted it a couple of weeks ago.  I was in a mood to work on a project and this was one that’s been on the to-do list for far too long.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

Here’s how the vintage dough bowl started…  I love how wooden pieces wear over time.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

Can’t you see some color on the bottom?  I adore primitive wooden bowls and trenchers wearing their original milk paint, but they are always so expensive.  This is a nice way to get that look with this vintage dough bowl, which is something I already have.  (Yay for free!)

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

I really debated with myself over the blue to use on this vintage dough bowl.  Should I go brighter?  A soft blue/gray?  Or a dark, rich blue.  After looking at a lot of antique examples online, I decided to go with a dark blue – Artissimo from the MMS Milk Paint line.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

Milk paint is the perfect paint for this project because it’s what would’ve been originally used.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

It only took one quick coat of paint…

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

Once dry, I sanded down the paint on the bottom of the vintage dough bowl to bring out the details of the turned wood along with all of the scratches that have happened over time.  This is one of my favorite parts of painting old pieces.  The paint doesn’t hide the character (although it can if you want it to), but it brings it out.  It accentuates all of the dings and dents.  If you love old things, you get it.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

I finished it off with some food-safe Hemp Oil.  It will bring out the richness of the old wood and the paint color.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

I also oiled the inside, just to give it a little hydration and shine.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

And, there we go!  A vintage dough bowl transformed.  I was worried the color might be a little dark, but I think it looks perfect.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

The wood looks so much prettier now that it’s been oiled, too.

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

I have hardly cut any of my hydrangeas this summer for a bouquet, so I finally cut some today.  I know I can’t keep these in the house, though, because the cats will hunt them down, drag them around, and mutilate them.  Maybe I can find a secret spot where they will leave them alone, but probably not!

If you’re interested in drying hydrangeas, HERE is a post on how to do it.  (It’s really so easy!)

painting a vintage wood dough bowl | miss mustard seed

Seeing the bouquet of dried hydrangeas as well as working on back-to-school shopping has me looking forward to fall.  I know there are a lot of people who cling to summer fiercely, but as someone who prefers cooler weather, wearing layers, and eating lots of soup, I long for fall during the hot, sticky days of late summer.  It’ll be here before we know it, though…


  1. Cindy

    This turned out so beautiful. I have a dough bowl that my great-great grandfather actually made and it was handed down to me many years ago. I use it for a lot of seasonal decor. It is badly stained and cracked in a few places. I love what you done here. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. H Taylor

    I might try this on one of mine that was my Mothers. I love the blue you used.

  3. Susan

    Beautiful! I’m another who wishes for cool weather and getting out my knitting!

  4. Irene Kelly

    Your family is so lucky to have you appreciate fine old things. I have so many antiques and do not know who to leave them to because not a one younger person in my family or friends want any of my beautiful items. We spend first part of our lives collecting and the last quarter giving away. Your bowl is beautiful

  5. Diane

    That bowl turned out beautiful!

    • Judy

      I inherited a dough bowl from my sister that our Mother mixed biscuit dough in for over 60 years. She passed away almost 50 years ago. I can’t imagine ever putting paint on it. It shows the wear from making many, many biscuits, with love, for our family. It is beautiful as it is.

  6. Kim

    How about hydrangeas under a cloche or inside a birdcage?

    • Terry

      My mantle is the only safe spot in my house.

  7. Louise

    Love how your bowl turned out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Addie

    I have one I bought at an estate sale at least 30 years ago. You would love it. It is in it’s original state, still with “boxwood green” all around the edges. It was painted that way before “Boxwood” was even a twinkle in your eye!!!

  9. Cindy D

    I have an old dough bowl I totally forgot about. It’s not as old as yours, but boy would it look cool with a painted bottom. You gave me a great chuckle in your rendition of the cats going after your cut hydrangeas. Haha. Thank you for you all you do my friend,

  10. Meredith

    At last, I know what to do with an old wooden bowl of my own. Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. judycharper

    It’s such fun to hear about all the old dough bowls that are still treasured. Mine is not a bowl but a long deep wooden oval “tray” as grandmother called it. It’s even more precious to me as it has scars from the house fire it was rescued from when she was keeping house. It must be at least 100 years now and I still use it. A true treasure!

  12. monique odman

    Funny, this is one item I would never paint over, the old wood has aged beautifully from use and time. I have a long rectangular one from Europe that looks lovely on both sides.

  13. Teresa C

    Did you use the hemp oil on the inside, as well? Do you sell your own brand of hemp oil or buy it? Plz let us know what brand as well.
    I bought an oval bowl that was handcarved by a man who had a booth at a craft show about 22 yrs ago. I have it stored away and forgot about it bcuz I never knew what to oil it with.
    So now I know what to do !! Just in time for fall decorating!
    THX! Yours turned out perfect!



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