painted cabinets revealed & a video tutorial

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First of all, thanks so much to everyone who bore the hardship of going to TJ Maxx to look for pillows for me.  I think they will order more of those pillows after all of the phone calls about them!  You are all such wonderful ladies and I really wish I could hang out with all of you!  Two readers found a total of five pillows.  My goal was to find four, so I am totally set and the hunt is officially over.  Boy, you girls are fast!  However, don’t let me stop you from taking a trip to Home Goods or TJ Maxx.  If you must, you must.
Now to what I have been slaving over the last few days.
In case anyone was in doubt at all about the power of paint…this post is for you.
Here are my kitchen cabinets before…
I didn’t get new appliances, counters or flooring.  I simply painted and painted and painted…the ceiling, the walls, the trim and the cabinets.  I still want to change the big ticket items when it’s in the budget, but I was surprised how the things I dislike so much (like the laminate floor with tromp l’oeil leaves on it) just fade away.
I did drop a pretty penny on hardware, but I have a ton of cabinets and drawers AND it was all courtesy of True Value, so I splurged.
In case you want to paint your cabinets or you just like to hear me babble, you can watch this video tutorial with some tips on getting a smooth finish with a brush and roller.

(I misspoke at one point in this video.  I say it took me “three coats”, but I meant “three quarts” of primer.  I only applied one coat.)

I was going to share more pictures, including some of my family room, but Blogger was being glitchy and I was about to pull my hair out.  I’ll share more tomorrow.

One last thing…it’s been brought to my attention that I have a few deaf readers out there (I already had the pleasure of meeting one of them at Lucketts.) I am going to try to figure out a way to get transcripts of my videos or something for you, but until then, please feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions.

As a chosen member of the True Value DIY Blog Squad, I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about the experience.  I have also been compensated for the materials used in this DIY project.  However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

painted cabinets revealed & a video tutorial

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133 Comments on “painted cabinets revealed & a video tutorial”

  1. Will you be sharing with us the "How to" for prepping and how many coats, and did you put a top coat on to protect the paint? Thanks.

  2. Love your kitchen! Redid mine while back in white as well, only had to do 13 cabinets and 5 small drawers. So, I applaud you for doing a tendious work with all of that cabinets!

    You did a great job! 🙂

  3. What an amazing transformation! You've encouraged me to (someday) try the same thing. We've got an 80's kitchen but it is built so well we probably couldn't afford the same quality in today's world. I'm going to continue to talk to my hubby about this… hint… hint… hint…

  4. Looks great!!!! Just like all of your projects!!!!

    I have painted cabinets that need to be repainted. Will watch your latest video to see how to do it.

    One question: Why didn't you use the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

  5. Wow, wow, wow! This looks amazing! I have always wanted to paint my cabinets but they are not that old and though I love them, it's just not "ME" it was a rushed decision, one of those "went with one thing in mind left with another, it's too late now" things! I think my husband would kill me if I even suggested it haha it drives him crazy that I have already repainted just about every room so far. Great job, I know it was a ton of work!!

  6. Beautiful, thanks for the informative video as well. I am definitely going to be painting my cabinets in the near future BUT, unfortunately, I want to paint them white and I have a white countertop and a white tile floor (UGLY!!!). So, those have to go first, and that involves cash that I don't have. Hmmmmmm…maybe some day. Anyways, one question…did you also paint the inside of the cabinets? I need to know! 🙂

  7. Such a difference. It really is amazing what paint can do. I absolutely love how your kitchen came out. I have been wanting to paint my oak cabinets but have been too lazy. I have done this project before and it took me forever. I love painting too. I just worry I will start and have an unfinished project lasting forever. Great job tho!

  8. Fabulous! I've got to try this — and I think I can now thanks to your tutorial. Did you paint the inside of the cabinet doors before the exterior was done?

  9. Superb! I'm itching to do the same thing with my kitchen. The hardwoods match the cabinets and it's all too much of the same color.

    As above..did you paint the interiors of the cabinet doors and the interiors of the cabinets? No top coat? No sanding whatsoever? My husband is skeptical but I'm all for charging on!

    THANK YOU for sharing! You are a doll!

  10. Nice finish, I have used the flotrol product when spraying in my hvlp gun to get a better finish with water based paints and the outcome was amazing, at first it looked spotted and I was like shoot. after it dried it was very smooth and easy to apply a nice finish.


    Brent Hollenberg

    Restoration Plantation


  11. Your kitchen cabinets are beautiful! I have talked about painting my cabinets for 5 years! I am so inspired by your post, I am setting a date to get started on mine! Can you talk about how you painted the inside? Did you spray the inside? My husband has the tools we need to spray, but I am a little nervous about the fumes, especially when using oil paint. And what about the shelves inside the cabinets? Did you remove them and paint them by hand? Thanks so much! I am always so inspired to get projects done in my own home when I read your blog! Thanks 🙂

  12. Your kitchen looks just awesome, and the new thing I learned from your video was that Krud Cutter can be used to clean oil-based paint brushes instead of mineral spirits. Great tip! I always felt like I was shaving a few years off my life when I used mineral spirits!

  13. This post and video inspired me to get going on my cabinet painting! I was wondering about how easy the cabinets are to clean since they aren't too glossy. I don't really like the super glossy look, but I know it's easier to clean. Thanks.

  14. I'm DYING to paint my cabinets. I do have a small kitchen, but for some reason it's taking me forever to get up the will. I bought all the stuff a month ago. I need to just do it. I love your tutorial!

    P.S. What did you use to clean the cabinets first? That's the biggest thing that's holding me back.

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  18. I like the stubby brush, and 51 doors, wow, to a UK person, you must live in a palace, for us 35 door kitchens are pretty major 🙂

    One tip as an oilman, I would only ever pour off enough oil paint for a few doors at a time. The reason being, oil paint can be a magnet to dust particles, (metaphorically, not literally!) and as kitchen doors have to be flawless, I never pour oil paint that has been exposed to air (and potential dust) back into the can. Many painters do, but then they have to deal with straining paint. After a while you get a 6th sense for pouring out the right quantity of paint, and wastage is minimal.

  19. I just saw this post – contemplating various ways to refinish our kitchen cabinets. I know its been a few years but if you are still looking for a way to title your videos for the deaf, you could try dotsub. Its a sight sort of like you tube. It lets you add markers to control when the text portion changes to match the video. You can also generate a password for others to be able to modify the captioning remotely. That could be handy if someone else was doing the captioning for you or if you knew someone that could translate the captions into another language. I haven’t used it in several years so I’m not sure if they let you have the video on your site or if it would redirect to theirs.

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  21. The transformation is staggering. I can already see there is almost no resemblance except for the structure. You’ve also done a very good job because most people focus on the cabinet only which always seems to limit the fine looks to the cabinets alone. Now, you’ve got an enviable kitchen…and ho much can i rent your service now? lol

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