Why I didn’t use Chalk Paint…

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I was asked by many people why I didn’t use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint (ASCP) on my kitchen cabinets, so I want to clear it up in a post. 

First of all, I definitely would’ve used ASCP if it weren’t for a few things about my kitchen…

Number one…I wanted a pure white cabinet and ASCP currently does not have a bright white available in the US.  My husband was out of town, things were a little slower at Lucketts and I had a True Value gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I went with an oil based paint (Satin Impervo in White C235 01 by Benjamin Moore.)

Second…My cabinet doors have bead board inserts, which look awesome, but would be an absolute nightmare to apply 2-3 coats of wax to all fifty-one of them. ASCP would’ve saved me the priming step, but would’ve added the waxing steps, which would’ve been very labor intensive for my style of cabinet.

The last reason I chose to work with oil based paint is that I didn’t want to distress them.  While you don’t have to distress ASCP all the time, I feel that distressing brings out the best in ASCP.

(ASCP Aubusson and Old White)

I didn’t doubt the durability of ASCP or how beautiful it would look, it just wasn’t the right paint for this specific project.  If you’re painting your cabinets and are interested in using ASCP, it’s a great option.  I hope that cleared it up!  There are many products and paints I like working with and I think there is a place for all of them.  I’m planning to write a post soon about my favorites and how I put them to work. 

Speaking of paints I love, John Millen Hardware’s Milk Paint and Wax Giveaway is running through Sunday, so make sure you leave a comment to enter if you haven’t already!

Disclosure: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a sponsor of mine and I am a paid member of the True Value DIY Blog Squad.  This post is not sponsored by either of them, though, and is my honest opinion.  I love both of these companies and their products.


  1. Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful

    Like you, I absolutely love ASCP but get that its not for every single project. I wish they did have a bright white too. Your cabinets look great!

  2. Betsy (BB)

    I love ASCP too. I agree that it doesn't have a pure white and the distressing brings it out. Thanks for clearing this up and I look forward to your upcoming post on painting products. It helps someone like me that is a novice in painting furniture. I love your cabinets!

  3. Amy @MaisonDecor

    thanks for answering my question!! Totally makes sense. I still haven't finished waxing mine yet!

  4. Wendy B.

    i love your answer. different projects require different approaches. your rationale suits your style and effect desired. i hope i am as clear-headed when i try to update/finish painting my kitchen.
    thank you for your clarity and purposefulness.


  5. Farmer's Wyfe

    Yes, you're right. My Old White cabinets that I just did look really off-white. I haven't used the stained wax on them yet, but I think they need it. That, or I may do them again in Paris Gray. Still trying to decide. I just did a post on them. I love white cabinets, but had them in our first home and with a farming husband how loves to help in the kitchen, I was FOREVER dealing with trying to get them to STAY white…maybe I should distress mine. 🙂

  6. Lesley

    I have several cans of ASCP and have used them on a few projects. It is nice to hear someone in your position finally state that using other paints for certain applications is important.

    I have started to get the feeling that many are using ASCP just because they think they have to in order to 'fit in.' I have noticed since the craze started a lack of ingenuity and creativity across blogland. Like you said, they all have their places. There are other paints that are just better in certain applications.

    As a final comment, I have personally found ASCP to be more work. I usually need three coats to get the coverage I need and the dust is overwhelming when I sand it. With the Fiddles and Sons, the ASCP finish is beautiful. But I have gone back to my good ole Sherwin Williams products. Love them more. 🙂

  7. Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs

    I am glad that you posted your opinion on this too because my kitchen and bathroom cabinets are next ~ I am kind of overwhelmed as to what to use and this helps alot~


  8. Shabby Jen

    I love oil painted kitchen cabinets. They are super easy to clean and care for.
    Your kitchen turned out just gorgeous!!
    I am a new follower of yours!!
    Won't you stop by my brand new blog and check out my tutorial? You might want to try it yourself!!
    I really enjoy your blog!!
    hugs, Jen

  9. Cindy

    I think that your kitchen looks great. But then again we expect no less, huh? 🙂 I love your cabinets.

    Thus far, I haven't used ASCP, but hoping to in my next home…that is if I ever get one. 🙂

  10. The Vintage Barn

    I agree as well. I have to say that thanks to you I did try the Sherwin Williams Pro Classic and LOVE it for my white furniture, especially spraying. The volume of furniture I paint & sell hands down that and the BIN primer are the best. I have done a few small pcs. with the chalk paint but it reminds me of my primitive furniture brushing & waxing days. The end result is awesome but a lot of work. BTW, love your cabinets! I so need to paint mine and put new hardware on.

  11. Kelley B

    I know you will love the finish of your Impervo oil based paint. I have used it and find the finish very durable on my own cabinets. Great job!

  12. Meggie

    "My cabinet doors have bead board inserts, which look awesome, but would be an absolute nightmare to apply 2-3 coats of wax to all fifty-one of them"

    Plus your blog background bead board! 🙂 Love the kitchen just how you have it!

  13. helen tilston

    Great post. Your choice of paint makes a lot of sense and your kitchen is beautiful.Many thanks
    Helen Tilston

  14. Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist

    I think there are great products out there for multiple applications.. I am doing my new studio kitchen with the ASCP in the Emperior's Silk red since I wanted to see what would happen. My studio kitchen is low use and SMALL.. only 16 doors so it was a goodplace to take it for a spin.(results pending) Tomorrow I sand and wax and am interested in seeing how long that will take… That said I would use oil based in my home kitchen in a heart beat( 380 square feet and 46 running feet of cabinets!) if the smell did not set off my one child with breathing problems. Any brand suggestions for a good semi-gloss latex paint with good coverage for cabinets?


  15. Anonymous

    This is my first time posting. I love your kitchen! I agree with your comment regarding different paints for different applications. I used to use oil based paints instead of latex on furniture pieces years ago. I do think it is better in certain applications where water is involved. We used oil based paint on our old pedestal bath tub. We painted our kitchen cabinets years ago with latex paint and they have held up okay with very minimal paint wear. But, when it comes time to repaint I think we will be using oil based.
    I am interested in trying the milk paint. I just purchased an antique dresser at a yard sale and would like to try painting and distressing it Miss Mustard Seed style. Love your post. You are truley an inspiration!
    Ruth D. @ mikenwg@wowway.com

  16. Lisa

    I am still having trouble with the wax, love the color it brings out but on a few pieces I can't get the streaks out, if it weren't for ASCP I would not have fallen in love with redoing furniture it is so easy. I am sure at some point I will get more adventurous and move on to something else. thanks for sharing.

  17. Nancy

    Your kitchen looks great……a huge job but so worth it. I did the same, although I stained mine and thought I would never finish. Dare I ask how is the bathroom coming along? I've been there and understand waiting and waiting for completion! Love your blog!!!

  18. Kathryn Griffin

    Love the kitchen! You are right about the hardware being the jewelry! I'm currently painting my kitchen white and I can't wait to be finished with it. On the last leg now. Check my blog possibly by the end of the week for the final look…hopefully. lol

  19. hilljean

    Um, pretty sure you don't need to ever defend your choices. Every project you do makes old Martha look like an amateur. Looks gorgeous!

  20. cathy

    Contary to all believes, there just is no replacement for an oil base finish IMO!! Beautiful job!

  21. Anonymous

    Love the bright white kitchen. So crisp & clean looking!!

  22. Deb Plapp

    Is there a particular reason you went with oil based paint? I'd love to paint my kitchen cabinets white. They're currently a natural birch. What did you use to clean your cupboards with prior to priming? I wanted white to begin with, but the lady at the store where I bought them talked me out of it. Wish I'd stuck with my original plan.
    Deb Plapp, thebee52@frontier.com

  23. Andrea@WhiteInspirations

    Your kitchen is gorgeus!
    Love it! 🙂
    May I ask you if this oil-based paint (Satin Impervo in White C235 01 by Benjamin Moore) would get yellow over time? Because I would like to paint my cabinets too but I'm afraid of oil based paint yellowing…
    Thank you! 🙂

  24. Sher

    I'm a newbie to repainting wood. So I was wondering if you still sanded your cabinets and used a primer before painting them. I have a small kitchen, with the basic ho hum light wood cabinets. I'm dying for change and want white. I found you on Pinterest and just love your work!

  25. Denise Burry

    I “like” Stylish Patina on Facebook and I love you their website!!!

    • Denise Burry

      Of course I meant “I love their website!” I love yours too!

  26. せでっお

    I was exactly thinking to compose an article about this. Thanks for the inspirational post.


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