P90X Results

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I did it!  90 days of P90x.  Whew!  It was tough, but I really enjoyed it and I am very happy with the results.  I’m going to say upfront that I am not affiliated with P90x or Beachbody (the company that makes these workout videos) and I bought this program on my own, because I wanted to get in the best shape of my life and lose weight.  This is just something I’m doing and I wanted to share an update and p90x review on my blog.

You can read more about my get-fit journey HERE and HERE.

What is P90x?

It’s a DVD in-home workout system that focuses on strength training with some yoga and cardio thrown in.  It takes 90 days to complete the workout schedule and you change things up each month.

Why did I decide to do P90x?

I love a challenge and, if you can’t tell from my DIY escapades, if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it.  I don’t want to just get a little workout in.  I want to be sweating and shaking and collapsing on the floor when I’m done.  I want to increase my strength and do really hard things like chin-ups, one-armed-push-ups and jump-knee-tucks.    These workouts gave me what I wanted.

DSC_8799 (424x640)

Would I recommend P90x?

Yes.  It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s doable.  Tony, the trainer, is very encouraging and he shows ways to modify every move.  It’s okay to start with 2lb, 5lb weights and to only do 5 push-ups on your knees.  The motto is, “Do your best and forget the rest.”  You just have to go into it knowing that you’re going to feel like a total weakling and you may just laugh as you barely even bend your arms during some of the push-ups, but that’s okay.  You do have to commit and you do have to be disciplined and you do have to push yourself.  You will get out of it what you put in.

I would not suggest this program for someone who has some major physical injuries or limitations.  If you have some minor arthritis going on or minor pains, you’ll probably be okay and can modify when you need to.  This is a great workout program, but it’s not for everyone.

Did I follow the program exactly?

No.  At first, I felt like I needed to do everything exactly or I was cheating, but then I remembered that I am an intelligent human being and I can make decisions that work for me.  I can still work very hard and be disciplined.  I realized into week three that I hated and dreaded the yoga DVD.  It’s an hour and half and it’s only about a 330 calorie burn.  I enjoyed aspects of it, but overall I had a hard time facing it on the yoga days.  So, a month in, I swapped out Yoga X for Core Synergistics.  The DVD is still focusing on core strength, but it’s a greater calorie burn and I didn’t dread it.  I also skipped out on the Ab Ripper X.  Trust me, my abs were getting enough work!  That just came down to the fact that I would put so much into the workout, I was just pooped and couldn’t do abs.

Did I follow the P90x meal plan?

No.  I already had made big food changes and continued doing what I was doing.  The meal plan just didn’t work for me, so I continued eating vegetarian, focused on whole foods and counted every calorie in My Fitness Pal.  I weigh and measure everything except fruit and vegetables, so my portions stay under control.  Nutrition really is key to seeing results and I kept reminding myself of that when I was sick of weighing everything that went into my mouth.

DSC_8788 (640x424)


DSC_8939 (640x424)

Did I do anything in addition to P90x?

Yes.  I went on walks and made sure I was active most of the day.  I would do calf raises as I stripped a piece of furniture or folded laundry.  I would do lunges on the way to get some chocolate milk for one of my boys.  I went on bike rides, played a little tennis, cleaned…whatever to keep me busy.  I also wore my Up Bracelet every day, which is a pedometer, so I tried to get over 10,000 steps a day.  I took my son on a bike ride one day and after going around the circle one time, I asked if he was up for another time around.  “Oh yeah, mom.  This is great exercise!”  I realized he was regurgitating what I say when I need to get something from the basement or when I’m cringing as I lift weights.  It made me so happy that they are seeing what I’m doing and it’s catching on.


DSC_8987 (640x399)


I know you all want to know…what are the results?

Okay, I will admit that I do not have the guts to show my official before & after pictures.  I am just not there.  Maybe one day, but not today.  Here’s a picture taken at the Atlanta workshop I taught in March.  I think I was wearing a tummy-sucker-inner, too…


…and here is a picture I snapped two weeks ago (no tummy-sucker-inner)…


I have lost 12.5 lbs, which I know isn’t going to set any records for weight loss over 3 months, but I’m going at a pace that’s sustainable for me.  Also, I have built a lot of muscle, so I know that can add a bit of weight.  If you ask me about my results, I will have you feel my biceps!  Just a warning.

The biggest changes were in my measurements…

  • 5 1/4″ off my waist
  • 2″ off my chest
  • 3.5″ off my hips
  • 2.5″ off each thigh
  • 1/2″ off each arm.

So, now that I finished P90x, I just started another Beachbody workout, Insanity, today.  Oh my goodness.  It is appropriately named.  I am going to continue to do some P90x strength training along with it as well.  I am so close to doing an unassisted chin-up, so I want to keep working on that.  I’m also going to tighten up even more on my eating.  I actually think I need to eat more calories than I have been, but I want to focus on eating about 80-90% nutrient dense, whole foods.  I’m probably at about 70% right now.

Thanks to everyone who’s been cheering me on!  Insanity is a 60 day program, so I’ll check in again in a couple of months.  I have 12 more pounds to lose to get to my first goal…

P90X Results

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