a smoother landing

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  As always, all opinions expressed are honest and my own.  Read to the bottom of the post to find out how you can get $60 off your first 3 weeks of Blue Apron meals. When I get back from a trip, especially an extended one overseas, the landing can be a little … Read More

simple summer dinner

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More and more, I don’t mind cooking dinner, but  I hate having to use creative energy to figure out what I’m going to make for dinner.  I do like meal services for that reason and we do those occasionally, but I’m on my own most of the time.  That means that I keep things pretty simple… naan pizzas, breakfast for … Read More

carrot white bean soup & croutons

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When my shoulder pain was at its worst a few weeks ago, local friends from our church and community stepped in to encourage and support us by giving me rides to my appointments and bringing a few meals.  You have no idea (or maybe you do) how amazing it was to have jars of soups and a “hot dish” (aka … Read More

easy chicken & dumplings recipe

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Today was another snow day for the boys and they’ve already canceled school through Wednesday due to the cold.   (The high on Wednesday will be -20 degrees F!)  So, it’ll be a bit of a tough work week for me!  I need an empty house to really focus and reach my maximum level of productivity. But, while we’re socked in … Read More

creamy weeknight potato soup

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Both Jeff and I are big soup fans.  I discovered my love of soups when our family went on winter retreats to Beatenberg, Switzerland and they would serve the most delicious pureed soups with dinner every night.  (This sounds fancy, but I grew up in Germany when my dad was stationed there in the military.) Now that we’re in the … Read More

nuts & bolts

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I was putting together my list for Christmas brunch (flank steak, cheese for the cheese grits, fruit and gelatin for Rosa’s Fruit Salad, etc.) and I realized that I hadn’t even thought about making nuts and bolts this year!  It’s one of my favorite Christmas-time snacks and the season almost passed without me making a batch! Nuts and bolts started … Read More

No-Fail Apple Pie Recipe

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I attempted to make apple pie many times and it never turned out quite right.  The dough was tough or the filling was runny or there was a big pocket of air under the top crust or the apples weren’t fully cooked, but the crust was burnt on the edges.  I finally threw in the towel.  We’ll just buy a … Read More