make-do banana bread recipe

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In the early days of quarantine, I remember feeling a little panicked about food.  Maybe panicked is too strong of a word, but I was worried about the unknown.  I have some small experience with food shortage and not knowing what you’re going to be able to get each day.  I spent a summer in Russia, just a few years … Read More

chicken divan recipe

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I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one into cooking comfort foods in these strange times.  Not only are they comforting, hence the name, but they tend to be a good way to use up ingredients that are starting to turn or to use some of the canned goods in stock.  I’ve used this excuse to make banana bread, blueberry … Read More

creamy potato & ham soup jars

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We are just in one of those seasons of life when things are really busy.  I’m sure so many of you can relate.  You get a few months in a row when evenings and weekends are generally quiet and then you hit a stretch when there is something happening every single day.  Jeff has a meeting at church, the boys … Read More

turkey avocado burgers

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Back in January, I started taking pictures of what I was eating through the day…mostly breakfast, lunch, and some snacks, and sharing it on my Instagram Stories.  I didn’t plan to continue doing it, but I’ve received so many comments from people who have found it inspiring and encouraging, so I’ve kept sharing.  As a side benefit, it’s helped hold … Read More

German Cucumber Salad Recipe

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One thing I grew to love during my childhood spent in Germany was German food!  Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it the warm pretzels with fresh butter, spaetzle with brown gravy, potato pancakes topped with fine applesauce, and crispy schnitzel.  I also loved German cucumber salad. Several years ago, I received this recipe from a German woman who … Read More

how I make grab & go salad jars

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I’ve learned that when it comes to healthy eating, I need to make it easy.  If I have healthy food on hand that’s visible, fresh, quick, and tasty, I will make better choices.  Well, editing the fridge and pantry helps, too, so I don’t have a stash of something that’s going to derail my efforts. For the last few years, … Read More