Marrying the Old & New

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 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Frog Tape.


This is my house.

Front of House (1280x848)

Obviously, not in July, but this is it.  It’s a 2 1/2 story Cape Cod style home that was built in 1948.  It was built by a local builder known for his barns, but he built a few houses in the community, including ours.  It is a super sturdy home with solid oak plank sub-floors and plaster walls, but the glass doorknobs are as fancy as it gets.  All of the trim is just simple pine boards.  (Of course, they didn’t last a year before I painted them white!)  When we first looked at the house initially, I was hoping for a lot more architectural detail, but the trim has really grown on me.

When an addition was put on the home about five years before we bought it, there was no effort made to marry the new with the old.  It was like now you’re in the 1940’s part, now you’re in the new part.  It was pretty evident and a little awkward.  So, we’ve been making changes to make the two flow a little better.  The latest thing is changing out the standard 21st century builder-grade trim with humble pine boards.

DSC_0384 (640x424)

I know it’s probably smarter to prime and paint trim first and I might do that on some days, but this day I just wanted to get them in.  So, I used some Frog Tape to protect my hardwood floors as I applied the primer and paint.

DSC_0390 (640x424)

And if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m a Frog Tape fan.  (They were my very first sponsor almost four years ago!)  It makes clean lines and doesn’t leave any residue.

DSC_0392 (640x424)

DSC_0395 (424x640)

I still need to replace the door trim, but that’s one more thing checked off the list.

DSC_0399 (425x640)

…and the curtain hides that for now, so I can live with it a bit more.

I also grabbed for some Frog Tape when we were applying the bead kit to the new bathtub.  The adhesive strip wasn’t very strong, so we just secured it in place with some Frog Tape until we installed the tub.

DSC_0562 (424x640)

Ugh.  Sorry for the terrible lighting.  I can’t wait to get that skylight tube in.  Natural light is going to be glorious in there!!

Anyway, we’re just another step closer to making this house exactly as we want it.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Frog Tape. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Marrying the Old & New

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32 Comments on “Marrying the Old & New”

  1. I love your house! It is so cute, and matches your style completely. Nice to see how it flows cohesively inside and exterior and I love how you thought to start with the trim in e addition. The pine boards look so old school. I remembered your raving about frog tape and we are looking at buying an old 80s exposed brick unit to renovate (thinking industrial with a touch of French provincial?) and I’m wondering if I can find frog tape in Australia. Looks like it has a million and one uses and maybe a bit better an plain electrical tape?

  2. Oh, I love how up front you are with your disclosures too. Definitely makes the reader trust you more. 😉

  3. I love your house, and the base molding looks great (like everything else you do!) I have some frog tape in my cabinet right now, but usually I’m too lazy to tape things up. It would probably save me a lot of floor-scraping, though…hmmm. 😉

  4. I noticed a huge difference using Frog Tape vs other painters tape. I made a striped table the other day and there was no leakage… a first! Love the tape!

      1. Any hints on where I might find a couple of these tea towels?
        Need a couple of pillow covers and yours is perfect.

  5. You have convinced me…I am going to pick up some Frog tape today. I have bought blue painter’s tape for years and inevitably the stinking stuff “bleeds.” I just chalked it up to poor taping! Not a week goes by that I don’t need painter’s tape for some project or another, so I am going to give it a shot!

  6. Wonderful- I LOVE capes. And yours, lady, is a keeper and a half!

    Marion, I was just looking thru Becoming, and wanting to go, but I realized there are so many talented women who live UP HERE (cough cough – you, and so many others); why don’t we have a conference north of Virginia? All these wonderful happenings (and the Country Living thing, too) are so far from the nation’s capital! Has this EVER entered your pretty little mind?

    1. Ha! That would be awesome and I would love to participate, but I don’t think I could be involved in planning it. I worked on planning Haven the first year and it was A LOT! 🙂 Maybe someone will…

  7. Marion,
    You need to plan a trip south to our War Eagle craft fair weekend here in NW Arkansas. Awesome weekend and all the craft fairs throughout the region would keep you busy dusk to dawn! It is a beautiful weekend usually at the peak of our fall colors!
    You have a place to stay and a personal tour guide…just be prepared to start early because you can sit for hours in traffic if you don’t hit it early!
    Oh, and leave your diet at home….the food will make your head spin! I go to the War Eagle fair every few years just for the strudel…lol!!!

  8. Ha! You did exactly what I did when painting trim in my house.
    I had no intention of pulling trim off, painting the walls and the trim, and then re-attaching the trim, so frog tape came to the rescue. I taped above the trim to protect the wall and under the trim to protect the floor, and I must say, results were literally spotless. 🙂

  9. Marian,
    I am so glad I used the “green” tape when repainting walls and ceiling in front entry, stairs and upstairs hall. I used it on crown moulding and where the stair rail attached to the wall, clean smooth lines. I painted the ceiling and tried freehand edging with wall color and gave up. The slight sand texture on ceiling made for a wavey line. So I just ran my spackle knife along ceiling/wall line, taped the ceiling with frog tape and painted away. Easy and so smooth. Even impressed myself.
    When I repaint the deck and front porch floors I will use “your” tape to keep paint off the siding and door frames. I have learned I am not as steady as before 🙂 .


  10. Please, where can I get frog tape here in The Netherlands? Do they export it to Europe?
    Let me know please.
    regards Mieke

  11. Marion, you are truly a miracle worker! Now in addition to your new stainless stove (On your list I know), you need to repaint your front door. The red doesn’t go with the brick..and lets the house down. Actually, I wold even paint the brick…..I know I know, that is a long term maintenance problem….but I think the outside of the house would be a lot more handsome painted in a putty or sand colour with black shutters and gloss black front door….Then some wonderful landscaping against the house.

    I don’t know how you have the energy or wherewithall to do what you do on a daily basis…and with two young boys to care for, not to mention your dear husband. Amazing!

    1. Ha! Yeah, the door was black, then I tried red, but I don’t like it. I actually just bought new front door and it’s going back to black. 🙂

      If I had my way, I would paint the brick, but it’s just not a high priority right now.

  12. I used Frog Tape to paint stripes on the wall of the nursery for my first grandbaby due in late September-PERFECTION!!!!

  13. Marian, I love, love, love what you do!!! I’ve clicked on your site a thousand times…..but today I think I noticed that you have LETTERING on your hardwood floor in the dining room? Is that right, or am I just seeing things?

    And congrats on your new slim bod!

  14. I’d like to know when it’s a good time to lift the tape. While the paint is wet or after it dries?

  15. Hi, can I use the frog tape when painting on wooden materials? I have never used frog tape before but it seems helpful when painting and they are more exclusive for painting rather than using masking tapes. I am trying to paint my wooden cabinet and I am not sure if I can use frog tape on wood.

  16. ahh!! i need your help. your home is EXACTLY like the home i am renting…. right down to the very size and shape with brick and interior plaster walls. SO… my question… how do you hang things on the walls?? the owners of our rental said plaster walls are not nail friendly. but i LOVE artwork. it can really take a home from blah to cozy and feel more like it’s “yours”… so suggestions please??? i’m all ears!!

  17. Thank you for sharing about Frog Tape. I really plan on getting some as I always have trouble with the blue kind.

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