Office Light & Start 'em Young

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What we thought would be a quiet Saturday at home ended up being a day full of comings and goings, hustle and bustle.  My parents came over to spend time with the boys, the boys had a friend over to play, we had a grocery store run, some other errands and got a few projects done.

My dad likes to tinker with things, so while he was over and just hanging out, I asked if he would install the light in the home office.


 And he obliged.


 The light was hanging a little low for people 6’3″ or taller, so I unscrewed the finial off the bottom and will replace it with something that isn’t as long.  I’m not sure if it’s the 100% right fixture, but it’s so much better than what was there, it puts off more light and it was only $10 at a yard sale.


 When the boys were getting a little restless, we put them to work building the Ikea stools we bought for an upcoming workshop and a MMSMP look book project.  My seven year old built one almost by himself and was rather possessive about the stool.


He wants to paint it himself in a Star Wars Angry Birds motif and already put sliders on it and carried it around with him most of the afternoon.


It was pretty cute.

I’m glad he enjoyed it, because we’re hoping he’ll want to help with the “family business” as he gets older.  Start ’em young, right?

And Jeff finally was able to get started on the family room trim this evening.  It’s looking amazing and I hope to get to prime and paint it tomorrow.  Trim makes me happy.

Office Light & Start 'em Young

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