a work bench & office light

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I mentioned a couple of days ago that Jeff and I worked on getting the basement cleaned up to make it more functional.  That involved bringing in some more wire shelving and moving things around.  We’ve had a workbench that was left by the previous owners in the basement when we bought the house.  It had an ugly remnant counter on it, but it was a useful piece, so we kept it.  Now that we were bringing in more functional shelving, the workbench needed to find a new home.

I just wasn’t ready to let it go.  There was something about it.  We removed the counter and saw the original workbench, probably original to the 1940’s house.


The patina of the wood was the something I saw in it.


And the bead board shelf…


…and the wooden pegs holding the boards in place.


Sure, there’s a big honking hole where the vice was…


…and the back was a snack for a few termites…


…but there’s still something about it.  So, I cleaned it up with mineral spirits, which brought out a bunch of paint splatters along with the richness in the old wood.  My plan is to sand it down and refinish the top and paint the base.


We’ll see how it turns out and if others (ahem, Jeff) will be able to see the something in it, too.


I’ve been itching to replace the light in our home office.  When we first moved in, it was a 1940’s glass fixture with a wheat design on it.  It was a cheap light fixture in the 1940’s and it still looked cheap 70 years later.  We replaced it with a free fixture and it’s stayed that way until I could find a good replacement.  Something that’s a bit more me.  It’s a bit of a challenge, because the ceilings aren’t very high and it’s a passthrough, so I need to make sure 6’+ guys aren’t going to nail their head on the fixture.



I found this guy at a yard sale for $10 a few months ago and I think it’s perfect for the space…


…or it will be with some new bulbs and a little “mustardization.”  Yes.  I made up a word.  Anyway, it’s going to look great.  Not too feminine.  Not too big.  Just right.  And it’s even better that it was only $10.00!

a work bench & office light

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