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Today,  I’m sharing the last room that’s in the basement – the guest room.

You can click these links to see the playroom and the family room/TV room.

Now, there is a little guest room upstairs that is my sewing room, but I set the French daybed up there, so we could accommodate another person, if need be.

The guest room in the basement is off of the “eggplant” wall of the family room.  It’s that doorway to the right of the picture below…


It’s another reason we loved this house.  We can stick our in-laws in the basement when they visit and hide out in our room until they leave.  Just kidding.  We have great in laws and my in laws let us live in their basement for two years (while Jeff finished his bachelors degree).

All in law jokes aside, it is nice for guests to have a space that feels private and this one is private.

It’s also a nice space.  Even though it’s in the basement and that window is under the deck, it gets nice light and doesn’t feel like a basement bedroom with those high ceilings.  This is a room with tons of potential!

Don’t mind the hole in the ceiling.  That’s a result of installing a gas line to the kitchen and 220 electric to my studio.  I told them they could make as many holes as they needed to make that happen.  We will, obviously, patch it up, but we haven’t gotten to it, yet.

It’s pretty bare bones at this point, but it has a great bed and bedding!  (The bed is the Vienna from Restoration Hardware and the quilts are from Pine Cone Hill.)  I’ll be painting the walls, adding curtains, a chandelier, lamps, and things on the wall, and I’m on the hunt for a dresser or wardrobe for guests to use.

It’s been a bit of a dumping ground, but that will change when I’m finished with other spaces and can turn my attention to this one.

The guest room even has a little room off of it.  It could be an office or sitting room or something like that, but we’re using it as a storage room.  We really needed some climate-controlled storage more than an office or sitting room that would only be used on occasion.  I will probably cinch some fabric over the windows or something, though, so it looks nice when they are closed.  And some serious organizing still needs to happen in there!


As far as a decorating direction for the guest room, I’m not sure!  It’s basically a blank slate.  I have been spending my decorative-thinking-time on other spaces, so I haven’t given this room much thought.

It’ll probably start with a fabric I love and will go from there…

new house tour | the guest room

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29 Comments on “new house tour | the guest room”

  1. I can’t get over the amount of space that you have in your new home!!! It’s really the perfect guest bedroom since it’s on a separate floor from the rest of you. I’m sure it will be beautifully decorated eventually. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed seeing each of your rooms and projects in this house.

  2. I love the changes you’ve made to make this home your own. After an exhaustive search, we found a house in a great neighborhood with a floor plan we really like. The house showed a serious lack of pride in ownership by the previous occupants. We are working our way through the house fixing, rebuilding and redecorating. My best decorating projects have always started with a beautiful fabric.

  3. I also really loved that gold bedding! I found a similar colored duvet cover at Ikea and I’m still loving it! Your new home space is just incredible. So many rooms in which to exercise your decorating skills!

  4. I love the home, too! Your little guys have lots of good hiding places! If you’re there when your boys become teens, you’ll love all that space. Reading your blog is just like tuning in to the next chapter in a great book!

  5. How do you find your chandeliers?
    I need a small one for the corner of a tiny bedroom (guess 10 x 10).
    I will hang it from a hook in the corner – not the ceiling.
    Where, oh where do I begin? How much should I expect to pay?
    Any help will be appreciated!

  6. Love the French bed….beautiful. I see your sewing machine is different. What brand is it? I want to upgrade from my basic Singer. Could you please give me suggestions? I’m a basic sewer doing curtains and slipcovers like you. Thanks, Patti

  7. What a gracious guest room. I would feel very welcome in a home where I was given a good-sized, chicly decorated bedroom with a wet bar and my own bathroom nearby, not to mention the privacy of having an entire floor with private entrance to myself. In fact, I might have to be evicted .

  8. Patti beat me to it! I was going to ask you about your sewing machine as well, and was planning on learning how to make basic curtains, and I have always wanted to take on the challenge of slipcovers!

  9. I would put the sewing machine in the studio. I like to have all my treasures at my fingertips.

  10. Could you tell me about the area rug in your tv room? I’m looking for something like that for my living room.
    You are blessed to have such a large home!!

  11. Oh the possibilities are endless in the guest bedroom. That storage room makes me pea green with envy… 🙂 Thanks for sharing the progress during your decorating stages…enjoying beautiful transition.

  12. I noticed Calico now has wallpaper available in delightful patterns. You could do an accent wall behind the headboard but of course you’ve thought of this already! It’s going to be fun to see it come together over time!

  13. Another lovely room in the making. I will drop by to spend the night in the future. Beautiful bed and cover.

  14. Your new home has so much great space, i am so proud for you and Jeff. I like the idea of being close to the play room, that’s a grandmothers opinion,lol!!

  15. Your house is amazing! I am insanely jealous of your basement! What a terrific space! You have made such progress and the decor is just beautiful.

  16. From what I can remember reading, you aren’t a fan of the eggplant wall color. In the above picture, the couch and the rug sure look good against that wall. Just thought I would tell you that. 😀

  17. I see your eggplant wall painted Navy. Just a thought. I love all you have done and am sure whatever you choose will be perfect. You have an “artist eye” in all you do.

  18. So many people have asked great questions. It’s truly disheartening when people take the time to read and enjoy the things you’ve done but their interest isn’t acknowledged. Please take the time to answer.

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