new cabinet with old doors

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My first year as a vendor at the Lucketts Spring Market was quite the experience.  It started raining Saturday afternoon and didn’t let up until Sunday afternoon.  Everyone was soaked, booths were waterlogged and it was pretty much misery.

Sunday afternoon, though, the rain stopped and I had the opportunity to check out some other booths and score some real bargains.  One of those bargains was a pair of glass doors with wood frames and really cool latches.  I paid $40 for the pair.


They hung for years in my dining room, flanking the archway that leads to the home office.  (I couldn’t find a better picture of them hanging in the dining room, but you can see them on the right.)


When we refinished the floorstook down the curtains and generally lightened things up, I removed the doors and kept them in my basement.  My “rule” is to not keep something unless I have the perfect spot for it, but I just didn’t want to let go of these doors, so I broke that rule.

And I’m glad I did.

One of my editors at asked for some ideas for building projects, so I pitched the idea of building a new cabinet around reclaimed doors.

And I had just the doors to do it…


Here’s how it looked before it was painted and finished…


I decided to stain the wood prior to painting it (technique shown HERE), so it would tie into the doors when the paint was distressed, giving it more of a feeling of age.  I also beat up the wood, to give it texture.  The exterior is painted in MMSMP Ironstone.


I heavily distressed the piece where natural wear happens on over the years..


Just ask Kriste…  I was a little skeptical at times, because I was really experimenting with this finish, but it ended up looking great.  I love the gnawed-edges I created.  Yes, on purpose.

mms-0377 mms-0379

I found an almost identical pair of latches on eBay, since these are missing their catch, and I’ll install those when they arrive.


I painted the interiors in a really pretty custom color.  I wish I could give the formula, but I just mixed in the paint until I liked it.  It was a mix of Grain Sack, Layla’s Mint and Kitchen Scale.

mms-0376 mms-0373

I live about 2 miles from one of the best farm stands in PA and apples and pears are now in season and “in the bins”.  So, I loaded up on them along with some apple jelly for the shoot (and snacks, pie, baked apples.)

I told Jeff the other day that living here has ruined all other apples for me.

mms-0371 mms-0374

I just turned in the tutorial for this cabinet today, but I’ll let you know when it’s live on the site.

After the photo shoot, Kriste and I did some shopping for The Market on Chapel Hill (October 3, 2015 in Pike Road, AL) and we found some great stuff.

More on that soon…

new cabinet with old doors

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30 Comments on “new cabinet with old doors”

  1. OK so you are making furniture now.UHM, you need your own line.I mean like real production,order the piece from a catalog ,in a showroom in Atlanta at the market thing going on. You have a complete lifestyle look.Ya know like Pottery Barn,Ballard.So talented.Absolutely fabulous, you are.Have a wonderful day. So inspired to get out of my going no where but sucking the life out of me job that I have.If I could post an emoji it would be a big smiley face!

  2. The doors look like they were meant for that cabinet. I’m looking forward to the tutorial on how to build the cabinet itself.

  3. This cabinet is amazing! I had to stop and stare at it. The proportions, the color, the style–just perfect!

  4. Love it!! We have made several cabinets with re-purposed doors and love to see other ideas! Very inspiring.

  5. What a great idea. I love how it turned out. Those doors are gorgeous and look perfect in their new cabinet.

  6. This is amazing! so beautifully done. I’m trying to figure out how to re purpose or make new doors for my china cabinet that’s being converted to an entertainment unit. So far I’ve come up with leaving it door less LOL!

  7. The cabinet with the vintage doors looks so well aged. I think it will be hard to let go of this piece with those doors attached…

  8. Ahhh….such a talent you have…and your Hubby too! It is a lovely cabinet and one that I would love to have (as do many others, I think!) Good thing you hung on to those doors.
    I have a question….do you no longer have the MissMustardSeed page?? I haven’t looked for it for a while, however have been gathering items to list on it and I see that it is no longer available on your blog. Will you have it up and running again?? Thanks so much….Diane

  9. This is exactly what I want to do! I have a spot in my office that needs a piece of furniture and I can’t seem to find the right one. I had been kicking around the idea of just building something the size I was looking for, but you just completely inspired me! I will keep me eyes open for some fabulous doors (or even shutters!) to build something around. I love it! Can’t wait to see the tutorial… I’ll be interested to see how you gnawed the edges! 😉

  10. Sweet! I did the same thing a couple of years ago!! I found a couple of doors and drawers with the BEST light green, crackly paint on them. I commissioned a woodworker to build a cabinet around the doors and drawers. I wish I could post pictures here! It turned out lovely!!

  11. Marian, your blog is so inspiring! I am ready to change things around in my kitchen/dining room and will be repainting the inside of a corner cupboard, along with another hutch cupboard using some of your paints and techniques. Something to look forward to this winter!

  12. how did I miss seeing this CABINET? This is GORGEOUS Marian! Did you keep it or sell it at Chapel?

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