hanging signs & a few more finds

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I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend!  Despite fighting off a cold towards the end of it, mine was pretty good.  The boys are playing football this year and had their first game, which was so fun to watch.  They both played well and we were proud, cheering parents.  My parents kept the boys most of Sunday and Monday, so Jeff and I could finish a freelance building project and I can’t wait to show it to you.  I’ll start painting it tomorrow and will snap some pictures.

Until then, I thought I would share a few more of my recent finds.

I couldn’t pass up this old real estate sign…


Chester W. Robbins?  How cute is that?

To hang it, I installed a couple of d-rings on the back, top corners…


…and strung a piece of picture wire between the two rings, winding the ends to secure them.


The sign can then be hung on a single nail.  If the sign is long, I’ll hang it from the d-rings on two nails.


I’m not sure where this sign will ultimately end up, but I hung it in the living room for now.

I also picked up a couple more old blue & white transfer pieces and bone-handled knives.  Both of the transferware pieces were missing lids, so they were a just a few dollars.


I definitely have a soft spot for old flatware.


This old marmalade jar was just $5.00.  Even though I had an armload of transferware, I managed to snag it.



Lastly, I passed up this carriage at first, but kept thinking about it as I shopped.


I wasn’t interested at all in the basket, but check out the undercarriage and those wheels.


I think a little repurposing might be in order…

hanging signs & a few more finds

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14 Comments on “hanging signs & a few more finds”

  1. I would have bought every single thing you did, Marian! We are headed to PA the end of the week. Which flea markets would you recommend?

  2. Marian, the buggy would be great with plants or flowers popping out of it! And I LOVE that sign you nabbed – great find! Hope you feel better! XOXOX

  3. That sign needs to stay right where it is, Marian. You are trying to sell your house (when the Lord determines it is the right time), and I think the sign fits perfectly with your intention. Wouldn’t it be fun if you got a buyer by the name of Chester Robbins? 🙂

    I love the marmalade jar! It makes a wonderful kitchen utensil holder. And the baby carriage, oh my! If it was me, I would try to find it a use just as it is – without separating the basket from the undercarriage.

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