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For those who have read my blog for a while, you know The Old Lucketts Store is one of my favorites places on the map.  I have said for years that it would be a dream to be a vendor there.  Even last fall, I considered it a dream that would probably be out of reach for many years.  Now, I have my own room on the third floor of the old home and general store turned antique haven.  I still walk in with my things and feel like an impostor.  It’s like being a groupie of a band for years.  You’ve gone to their concerts, acquired signatures, worn their t-shirts and listened to their music.  Then, you find yourself as a member of the band.  Pretty wild. 

So, as I show off my space, know that I count it a true honor and blessing to sell out of such an amazing shop among such talented designers and dealers. 

I picked up a lot of fun things over the past couple of weeks to fill my own little corner of the world (Which was cleaned out pretty well!) and here’s what it looked like when I set it all up on Thursday…

I sealed a rusty milk bottle carrier with polycrylic, so it wouldn’t “rust” on everything it touched.  It’s filled with piano rolls tied in ribbon and wood tumblers full of vintage and antique silver. 

At the center of the room is the farm table I made for Cottages and Bungalows magazine, a really cool coffee table/bench on wheels and a rushed seat French settee (a recent Craig’s List find.) 

This is my most recent ASCP dresser.  I painted it in a mixture of equal parts Graphite, Louis Blue and Duck Egg.  It’s a gorgeous, rich bluish gray color.  It was a perfect compliment to the original brass hardware. 

I also started carrying handmade clay knobs by Vintage Skye

I’m currently carrying ten different knob styles, but will expand the selection if they sell well. 

I found some more great things yesterday and a couple of boxes of dried lavender arrived this week, so I’ll be bringing down another van load on Wednesday.  The Design House at Lucketts is this coming weekend, so try to make it if you can.  For a peek at their design boards for the upcoming sale, visit the Lucketts Store Blog
Before you sign off, the winner of the Bamboo Mat offered by Wuslu is…


  1. Gypsy Heart

    Everything looks great! The new dresser finish is beautiful ~ love the different tones on it. I really like the settee too. You are very talented and it continues to amaze me! 🙂 Wish I lived closer ~

    Good luck next week!


  2. Karen

    Sooo many beautiful things Marian, I'm drooling over that rush seat settee. Best of luck in your new space. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Emma

    The little blackboard with its red frame is so cute. Everything else is gorgeous, as usual! I love your style!

  4. Erin

    Thanks for the peek into your space, Marian! Love all that natural light and the way it complements your pieces. I wonder, though, isn't it back-breaking to haul furniture up three stories?! 🙂

    And I *love* Kristi's knobs–I bought a couple from her last month, as well as the adorable chicken clay tags. They make me smile every time I see them hanging here and there around my house. I doubt you'll have any trouble selling them in your space!

  5. Lauren

    Everything looks wonderful! Hope your business thrives there!

  6. Patty Lucas

    I LOVE everything you have done. My husband and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in September and will be traveling south to look for a place to live when we retire next year. I want to plan it so I can go to Lucketts and see everything. We will be driving from CT. I get so many wonderful ideas from the things you do, thank you so much!

  7. Melissa

    Everything looks wonderful!! I just bought myself a milk bottle carrier like yours, only it has a great green wooden handle. Just wondering, where did you find your knobby starfish? I don't mind buying them from you, but if they come from someplace where I can find them local, then I can save on shipping. 🙂 Also, if you'd rather not share, how much are they? It would look great in my living room!

  8. Liz, Midwest Cottage

    I can't believe you have only been a vendor since last fall? You really inspire me to make my little hobby of refinishing furniture into something "more" like a business. The new space is beautiful.

  9. Heaven's Walk

    I am over the moon thrilled for you, Marian! You must be so stinkin' excited! The room you created just oozes creativity and warmth. Sure wish your store was closer to me. I'd be a regular shopper! 🙂 Blessings on your new venture which I just know will be very successful! Btw – are those darling little zinc pots for sale?

    xoxo laurie

  10. Sandra

    Everything is so pretty! I have missed visiting your blog. Love everything!

  11. Anonymous

    I've enjoyed following your blog the past few months. This might not be the place to post this question (sorry if not) but I'm wondering if you might be able to speak to some issues with paste wax. I've read in multiple places online that wax in itself is not a great sealer, yet ASCP promotes using only wax over their paint. Is their wax different? Will the furniture be durable for a long time just using the wax? I love ASCP paint but I'm confused on the wax. Thank you! And I love, love, love your style.

  12. rachaelk

    I was there today! I was looking for your spot outside and couldn't find it! Then, I finally saw it inside – in the air-conditioning – you have a prime space! Very beautiful, everything looks great!

    🙂 Rachael

  13. Anonymous

    Love it all!! Many years ago, I had a blog called "my little corner of the world". ;o) I always look forward to your posts!


  14. The Old Block House

    So gorgeous! I can't imagine having an entire room to fill! So glad your dreams are coming true.

    I was over the clouds today when I took an aqua wicker chair to the antique mall and they immediately put it in the front window, along with my piano bench, picnic basket, and a tablecloth. Yeeehawww!

  15. A Cozy Cottage in the City

    Can I just fly out there from here in Los Angeles and buy some stuff?!?! lol Just gorgeous!

    I'm a new blogger, even though I've "stalked" yours for awhile! 😉 We just moved into our "fixer upper" home, so hopefully I'll take part in one of your link parties when I complete a project! 😉

    Cheers from So Cali,

  16. The Smith Hotel

    Lovely! Glad your dreams are coming true!


  17. Cindy

    I can't even imagine how you do all that you are doing. Searching for and finding cool and unique furniture and treasures, painting sanding and fixing them and making them beautiful, keeping your booth at Lucketts filled with amazing stuff, being a mom, keeping current on your blog with to die for photos and responding to your blogger friends, working your booth… managing finances, taking care of your house, ordering organizing and taking care of your supplies, and paint brushes, whoa… that's alot!
    Plus, the booth looks so enticing, I want everything in there!


  18. pink*cherub*moon

    Congratulations! Your space looks wonderful – filled with beautiful and unique items! I've dreamed of selling at Lucketts for a long time. It is my absolute favorite place to shop and browse. Hopefully, I'll be joining you some day! Have a fabulous time in your space! Hugs, ~Leena~

  19. Carly

    Oh my word. This is so beautiful. My eyes are so happy right now! I sincerely wish I could walk into that store and meet you! So creative <3

    -Carly @ Createliveblog

  20. Deborah

    Marian, It all looks wonderful! I'm in love with it all. Would love the basket on top of the curio!

  21. SueAnn

    I love the rush seat settee and the coffee table on wheels. So cool! All the items you featured are wonderful. Loving your space. Oh and that manikin!! Love her…she is gorgeous!

  22. Rhonda

    Your little corner is one I'd love to be in! Too bad I'm in TX!

    Congrats on becoming part of the band… 🙂

  23. Amy @MaisonDecor

    it looks really good Marian. I love the knobs, I think they will do well. I really love the settee, I have to start looking harder for something like that for my dining room!

  24. Kaye

    I am so excited Marian! My family is going to Colonial Williamsburg this month for a week and we are going to stop and shop at Luckett's on the way down!!!! I'm out of my mind to get to see your stuff in person! I can't wait!!!

  25. Jackie

    I love your new space it looks so cozy! I hope to visit the Old Lucketts store one day 🙂 I do have a question for you, Miss Mustard Seed. Where do you find all of your beautiful starfish? I have been searching and searching but all I seem to find are tiny crafting ones, cast irons hooks, or metal charms for jewelry. I want one nice sized (preferably real) starfish for my bathroom. Can you give me any advice? Thanks a bunch! You can reach me at

  26. Rhonda @ The Yellow Brick Road

    Oh Marian! Your space is spectacular! I would LOVE to shop there. You do such an amazing job with everything that you touch. I need a dress form. Wish I lived closer….I'd have to snatch her right up!

  27. Ann from On Sutton Place

    Love your groupie analogy…I totally get it. How far is Lucketts from your home? Just curious because it sounds like it's not too close. Congrats on the MMS room…it's wonderful!

  28. Wendy B.

    it all looks so good, i could eat it with a spoon.
    the chairs with the pink backs,rush seats and the pale aqua frames are so oooh la la!
    as always, it is complete eye candy and i thank you for sharing …

  29. ShantyGirl

    i love the rushed seat settee! Your space looks so nice.

  30. Cassandra

    I think this is so lovely! I have watched your blog for a few months now and I always find so much inspiration here. I thought it was time to leave a comment and say THANK YOU for all your inspiring post!

  31. Tiffany @

    Your blog always makes me day. It inspires me! You are truly blessed with a gift, thank you for sharing it with us! The color of the ASCP dresser is beautiful. The hand crafted knobs are gorgeous too! I love the wire stand they are presented on! I have one too! It is called the "French Wire Tiered Stand" .I got mine here, if anyone wants to know where to get one:

  32. Barbara@HausDesign

    It looks really amazing! I am very new to your blog but from what I have seen so far, you deserve all of this success based on your wonderful talent! I wish you all the best on the sales of your new items…love that settee! What a treasure that is.

  33. Allie K

    Oh my gosh, it's like a whole new space! You really did a great job adding and styling. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm still kinda wishing I got that paper towel holder! If I can manage the counter space, it's on. 🙂

  34. Paula Jolly

    Everything is just SO COOL! I can only imagine what it would feel like to walk into that "corner of the world"… & that basket on top of the curio: STUNNING!

    I noticed the French Wire Tiered Stand, too! I love mine!!

  35. Lisa's Creative Designs

    Your room looks wonderful. I am sure you will sell like crazy. I had my own store for a few years and I now have a space in an antique shop. I love it. It allows me to still "play shop" and have the freedom to come and go as I please. Best of Luck!

  36. Sunnyside Dru

    Really beautiful! Your room looks quite shoppable!!

  37. Ethel

    Your area looks terrific. Best of luck to you. Isn't it fun when dreams to come true!

  38. Holly Kennedy

    Absolutely lovely! I live in the Chicago area, but I feel a road trip in my near future…


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