For the past few months, pieces of furniture have been coming and going at such a rapid pace that it is difficult for me to get before and after shots of every piece.  You may have noticed this curio cabinet in the corner of my room at Lucketts.  When I shared the pictures a couple of weeks ago, some may have thought, “Hmm.  I don’t remember her ever showing the before and after on that.”  Well, if you thought that, you’re super observant and deserve some kind of prize.  Tell your hubby that I said he needs to wash the dishes for you tonight or something. 

Here’s what this piece looked like when I first got it.  Great lines…everything else was a mess.  It was filthy, broken and looked depressing.  I could envision this cabinet stuffed to the gills and buried under a pile of possessions in an episode of Hoarders. 

I cleaned it out, used a chisel to “cut” off the broken fretwork, and glued up any loose areas. 

I then painted the interior in ASCP’s Paris Gray and the outside in Old White.  A great improvement, don’t you think?  This is one of those pieces I don’t mind keeping in my space for display, but I did tag it, so if it sells, that’s OK, too.  That is the whole point after all.

I’m headed down to Lucketts tomorrow with a van load of furniture and antiques, so I’ll definitely share updated pictures of my space. 
Before I sign off, I want to welcome my newest sponsor, Spool No. 72.  They sell beautiful clothing, accessories and home decor.  Lots of fun stuff…including this French grain sack-inspired pillow

…and some really fabulous dresses.  There’s not a chance in the world I could pull off this dress, but isn’t it fabulous? 
I really appreciate my sponsors…all of the people who think this blog of mine is worth supporting. 
Thank you. 


  1. Miss Kitty

    With the rough condition that piece was in originally, it is amazing that the glass was not broken. I love the colors you used on it to totally transform it…just beautiful. Do you feel like you give old furniture a whole new life to be enjoyed even more years? It must be satisfying.

  2. Heidi

    Another totally inspiring day with Miss Mustard Seed. Thank you!

  3. Stacy

    You really did an amazing job on this piece. Wow! What a turn around! It does have great shape; it's charming and elegant. I love the Paris Gray and Old White color combination. Speaking of the Hoarders show, I watch it whenever I need motivation to declutter, organize, and deep clean. Something about seein' all the mess and filth in the Hoarder's home makes me wanna clean 'til
    I drop! =) Already mentioned to my hubby how much I want to visit your shop. We're hoping we'll be able to make the drive down before fall. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Alison @ The Polohouse

    This turned out great!

    Looking this good, it would be hard to pass it on to my shop.

    One of the downfalls of being a seller.
    (Or so my hubbie tells me!!!)


  5. Emma

    Such a beautiful makeover! I do love a good before and after shot, and you provide them in abundance on this blog. Keep 'em coming is all I can say.

  6. Missy

    Hi, what a fab cabinet, I love it! I would love to shoe horn that into my house somewhere! Your shop looks great and if I lived closer I would be there like a shot. Thanks for an inspiring blog.

  7. A Cozy Cottage in the City

    You are just so fabulously talented!!! I've yet to truly distress my first piece. You are an inspiration!!! 😉


  8. SueAnn

    Oh my gosh!! That curio cabinet is fabulous! Love the colors!! Well done!!

  9. Lauren

    Wonderful work on the curio cabinet. Hoping to make it to your store someday!

  10. Jessica

    So gorgeous, I love it. I only wished I lived closer so I could buy it!

  11. Karan

    Just beaujtiful. You just keep amazing me with your special finds and redos. After seeing so many of your amazing items you have refubished it is giving me the boost I need to try to do some of my things. Am thinking of doing my coffee table and end tables. Beautiful old solid wood ones and very heavy but dark in color. I want bright and pretty. We are thinking new love set rather than couch and I can see bright in my future.


  12. Anonymous

    Congratulations on another sponsor. That piece is beautiful, the wonder of paint+your talents never cease to amaze me. I know you've been asked it before but please could you give us an idea of how you price your goods, Even if we could just know what your selling them for. i understand you dont always want to reveal what you PAID for an item but I have started putting together a few pieces for a small stall and am having trouble pricing. Any help would be great.

    Best Wishes Christina

  13. ShantyGirl

    I love the lines on the curio, I have passed up pieces in the past that had broken fretwork on them……now I feel dumb why not just chisel them off…….Thanks for sharing all your ideas as you truly are inspiring many many people!

  14. Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs

    That came out gorgeous!! I love the shape of it and I
    love the Paris Grey on the inside with Old White on
    the outside ~
    SOOOO pretty!!!

  15. Lesley

    I have a cabinet that I want to redo that has similar type fretwork. The problem is….I want to keep it because it is in great condition. How to I get to it to paint it?? I was thinking of just leaving it the dark wood finish and leaving something else the origonal finish (like a drawer) to make it look right. Any thoughts?

  16. Bren and McGee

    I love it when I find a piece that's nasty enuff looking that everyone else leaves it alone and I can scoop it up. Most can't see those good bones behind the neglected exterior…..but yay for us who can! As per usual, thank you soooo much for sharing your talent with all of us!!

  17. Twice Nice

    That cabinet did catch my eye when you revealed your new Lucketts room. Lovely! Did you remove or rebuild the carved scroll pieces on the bottom trim? Do you have something you would recommend? Deb

  18. Beth

    I so wish I could make it to your space at Lucketts….someday. I know I probably would not have thought to remove the broken window details if I would have seen this piece, but I'm glad you enlightened! It's just beautiful!!

  19. Cath

    From fragile to fabulous!

    Can't go wrong with this type of piece in a shop. Lots of seasonal display possibilites.

  20. Tricia

    Lovely! I really like the Paris gray for the interior of that piece : o ) Makes me want to paint my own cabinet!

  21. Sylvia

    Oh my, I bet that piece was beautiful awhile back but it got some TLC from you! How long did it take you to finish this piece? And do you work on several pieces at a time?

    You are very inspiring…

  22. Tina@WhatWeKeep

    Hard to imagine the work that went into this one…I have one in the garage with wavy glass and I'm terrified of breaking it, since that's where the value of the piece is. Love your new space!

  23. Diane Mars

    My first visit here and I must say that makeover is very impressive! Hugs, Diane

  24. babyjewels

    That's my kind of piece. Lovely.

  25. Norma's Kentiques

    Hey, looks like that piece was born again! Great job, duh, as usual.

  26. On A Lark

    Fabulous! Not "your grannies" cabinet any more! 🙂 You brought such a freshness to the piece!
    Loving Spool 72, thanks!!!

  27. Kristal

    Hi there! I'm kinda new to your blog, but am completely swept away with all your creative endeavors!! I will be adding myself to your list of followers, as I could use all the inspiration I could use right now!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.


  28. Christina

    Looks amazing as usual 🙂
    And the dress is super cute!

  29. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home

    Whis–tle. Love me a nice set of legs! 🙂 The power of paint never ceases to amaze me.

  30. Mary Bennett

    thats not fair….i did notice and we had pizza tonight….no dishes ;( it looks beautiful as usuall….. i thought it was a blue…..and i love to show my hubby the before and afters, so he can see that the ugly and be soooooo very wonderful…..ty as always for all ur inspiration!!

  31. The Mom

    For the record, you are AMAZING! I count you as the primary inspiration that led me to bite the bullet and open my own booth in an antique mall in Franklin, TN. If you are ever down this way, please stop by! I have learned so much from you!

  32. janet

    What a transformation..Wishing I lived closer because I have a spot in my home for that beauty..Have a great week..

  33. Prissyville

    Awesome Blossom! Would snatch it up id I lived nearby!


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