monogrammed smock

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A little over two years ago, I borrowed a smock while teaching a workshop at Me & Mrs. Jones in Memphis, TN.  The smock was heavily used and smeared with paint, but there was a crisp new linen one tagged for sale on a hanger nearby.  I fell so in love with my borrowed smock that I removed the new linen apron from the hanger mid-workshop and gave it to the owner to hold for me to buy.  I only saw one and the paranoia set in that someone else might buy it before I had the chance to claim it.  (It turns out there was an entire rack, so I was being a little silly.)

This smock and I have been like peas and carrots ever since.  I wear it during events, workshops, while painting at my easel, refinishing and painting furniture, etc.  I like that it doesn’t hang around my neck and I don’t have to tie it around my waist.  I just slip it over my head and it’s so comfortable that I forget I’m even wearing it.

So, of course, I was wearing it at Junk Bonanza this weekend.  On Friday, I was painting a dresser for a demo and giveaway and  I kept walking past the “Custom Embroidery” booth as I was washing my hands or washing out brushes.  I kept wishing I had thought of bringing something to have embroidered.

It finally hit me as I was drying my freshly-washed hands on my smock that I was wearing the perfect thing to have embroidered.

So, I picked out a denim blue thread and had my initials stitched on the left pocket.

It only cost $10 and took a few minutes, but it’s one of my favorite purchases from Junk Bonanza.

Here’s a hint at something else I bought that I’ll share in another post…

monogrammed smock

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19 Comments on “monogrammed smock”

  1. I need that smock! The annoying thing about regular aprons is that the ties often rip off. I have so many aprons with only one tie around the waist. And the pockets aren’t large enough.

  2. After another episode when you talked about “the smock,” and have been
    smitten ever since. You have to be a bit of Houdini to get it on right at
    first. I wear it all the time and forget I have it on it is that comfortable.
    I guess I should get some embroidery floss out and do something creative.

    For you left handed people there is a different way to do stitches a lot
    more easily. I got a used book on Amazon. it is a game changer!

  3. I purchased a similar one on Etsy awhile back. Search on there and you should find plenty as well.

    1. Thanks for that tip Kimberly! That apron has great reviews. I am ordering one for my daughter this morning for her 22 birthday. She is an art student in Mankato, MN, not too far from where Marian lives!

  4. I was in that class and remember those awesome smocks! So happy to see how well they hold up. She definitely has some fabulous items in her store. I love my apron that was part of the goody bag that day. 😊

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