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I can’t believe I haven’t share about the Fancy Little Flea, yet!  I just got busy with other things, but I have to circle back and share about this event.  It was a small market put on by Stephanie Jones of Me & Mrs Jones in Germantown, TN (near Memphis).

The venue was absolutely adorable.  Little barns and gardens, beautifully maintained.

The community, including the man who made the park what it is, came out to support Stephanie and the event.

I was there with my good friend, Shaunna, to teach a MMS Milk Paint demo and host a “chat” about running a creative business.

For the demo, Stephanie hauled an empire dresser OFF OF THE CURB for us to paint!  Shaunna and I took turns painting and talking through the process of prepping, painting, and finishing a piece of furniture.

I’m so glad we were able to do it together, because it’s hard to paint an entire piece of furniture while teaching.

It was a good tag-team effort.  We did manage to finish the piece in two sessions, but it was very chippy!  Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but it was dramatic and one woman in the “audience” loved it enough to buy it.  (We suggested new hardware and a second coat of Tough Coat before she takes it home, though!)

Anyway, the chat about running a creative business was perhaps my favorite part of the day.  I’ve learned over the years that I have a real passion for encouraging creative entrepreneurs.  It was an intimate session and was good for both of us and we’ve already heard that it was encouraging from a few of our participants.

I love this picture.  It pretty much sums up me and Shaunna… talking with our hands, at the same time, looking at each other, on the verge of a laugh.  Classic.

We also did book signings throughout the day…

It was fun to see our books together on the shelf.  When we first met, we both had very small blogs and I remember Shaunna talking about her love of writing and how it was a dream to write a book.  I love that we’ve been friends throughout our journeys.

And, in our free time, we did some shopping and visiting with the vendors.  As I said, the venue was amazing and the vendors only added to that.

Every nook and cranny was so pretty.

I was especially drawn to the booth curated by Rene Day of A Day in the Life.  She and her husband lived in Germany as well, so we were drawn to similar things.  I ended up buying quite a few goodies from her (that I still need to show) and she gifted me with a lovely ironstone mold.  I think Shaunna bought the small blue and white ginger jar for her home…

I bought the German stag antlers on the right…

And there were so many other lovely handmade items and antique treasures…

I especially loved this sweet piece that was painted in Flow Blue MMS Milk Paint…

…and the little label inside telling the story of the table was just too precious!

And, true to my word, I left room in my suitcase to bring home some blue and white hand-made pottery from Bridgman Pottery.  I just love, love her work.

It was the first Fancy Little Flea and Stephanie, her crew, and the vendors did an amazing job.  It was such an honor to be a part of that event.

And the sign says it all…

fancy little flea

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28 Comments on “fancy little flea”

    1. hi benita! if you’d like, join our mailing list at my website to stay in the loop – we hope to have another fancy flea soon! xo stephanie jones

  1. I just Love your Blog. I regnet to live Farbe away in Germany. There would be so much to Show you in my Home. We live at the northsea in Germany. Sorry for my Bad writing my lap warnt every Word writen in German:(
    Looping for the next Moment to read your Blog in Peace. ( no Kids, no dogs …:))

    Carmen xx

  2. I was excited to see that I have the little unusual sugar & creamer in one of the photos above that has a white enameled covering inside! They are on about the 19th picture down! Wow!

  3. Great displays! My favorite picture is the HELLO painted on those wood strips that were obviously repurposed from something! Totally creative!!!!

  4. Love everything! This post is just what I needed as we dig out from over a foot of snow and I long for the “Spring Markets” Thank you!

  5. Such wonderful eye candy! You’re right, that table is precious. I’m always drawn to the history and artistry of old globes and maps; if I could, I’d have at least one representing every decade or so. It would be interesting to read a bit about the gentleman you met in that sixth photo.

  6. I was standing in my local thrift store when an IM popped up about your blog post today! Imagine my sheer delight and joy when I read it and realized you were kind enough to mention me and A Day in the Life! Once again – needed confirmation at the perfect time and place! So enjoyed meeting you and having a chance to get to know you a bit. Many, many thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the booth and for taking some of A Day in the Life home with you! Interested to see where you’ve decided to use the antlers and ironstone mold! Wherever, knowing you, they will look perfect! Hope our paths cross again SOON!

  7. Please let us know where and when this flea market takes place. It looks absolutely lovely and I would be willing to plan a trip around this!!!!

    Thanks for sharing-you are amazing!

    1. hey mary! if you’d like to join our mailing list (it’s on the home page at my website) we’ll keep you in the loop on the next fancy little flea. we’d love to have you here! xo stephanie

    1. hi anita – she actually bought the smock during her visit with us! a local seamstress makes them for us. email me if you’d like more info. xo

  8. Thanks for the fun field trip ? We have been so blessed here in California to have so much rain this year, but seeing the grounds and the buildings with all the fun things in them gave me hope about visiting places like that on a sunny day again! So fun to see you too, especially doing what you love with special friends. Thanks again. It was almost like being there ?

  9. Hi Marian,
    I participated in the work shop at Me and Mrs. Jones (what a fantastic shop and Stephanie & staff are the best/even gave me tylenol for my migraine) in the afternoon class w/ the the FAB wooden hearts! I so enjoyed meeting you, Shaunna and your assistant ( did not get her name) but her infectious laugh was wonderful:-)
    My pal and I went to the Fancy Flea as well! Germantown and Memphis were well represented! All in all a wonderful weekend! Kudos to the hosts and vendors!

    Hope you will return sometime!

    Donna Scearce

  10. Marian,
    The fifteenth photo down, there’s white ironstone plates and saucers that look like paper plates. Would you know the official term for that type of ironstone pattern?
    Thank you so much for sharing all the pics from the event.

  11. Hyedi, I think I see the plates you are referring to. If you follow Rene’s links to her Etsy store, there are a couple of platters in that same pattern. The descriptions on them may help you. Good luck!

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