junk bonanza 2019 | part 2

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Saturday evening, we packed up our remaining merchandise and headed home after a long three days at Junk Bonanza.  We were pretty much cleared out by the end of the event, which is always a victory.  Our little crew of three painted and finished a dresser, talked a lot about MMS Milk Paint, our finishes, and furniture painting in general.  We chatted with customers and other vendors, delivered purchased furniture to the loading dock, ate hot mini-doughnuts, and, of course, did some shopping ourselves.

It was slow at times, thanks to the poor weather and snow, and tiring, but it was a wonderful weekend and a successful show.  We also had a strong turnout for all three of the milk paint demos.

I showed our booth in THIS POST, but I wanted to share pictures from some of the other booths because there was a lot of amazing stuff.

One of the booths I was drawn to immediately was Atelier de Champagne

All of their antiques are imported from Europe (mostly France and Belgium), so I wanted to buy everything.  I didn’t buy anything, but I looked at it all longingly many times!

The owners, Trinidad and Johan, were also a complete delight to meet.  They went the extra mile and agreed to deliver my stepback hutch to one of their customers in California.

This horse and the bench it was on were my favorite pieces.

I also loved TWIG from my former home state of PA.  They even brought some ironstone with them and I bought an amazing bowl.

I bought a couple of myrtle topiaries from the Hoosier Sister at their pretty booth…

And here are some other pictures I snapped of pieces and vignettes that caught my eye…


I always love Cath Scadden’s booth

One of the best parts about Junk Bonanza is that they are strictly antique and vintage (along with a few makers with a vintage vibe), but another aspect I appreciate is how eclectic it is.  You can find pieces from all eras in many different styles and categories, so there really is something for everyone.  Calvin, my youngest son, had to spend Saturday at the event with me and he even found some interesting things to explore further.  He’s not into “mom’s old stuff” at all, but he liked playing with the rotary phones, typewriters, and telegraph machines he had permission to touch.

I can’t wait to share what I bought, but I’ll save that for another post…

junk bonanza 2019 | part 2

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37 Comments on “junk bonanza 2019 | part 2”

  1. TWIG is always my favorite vendor at The Springfield Extravaganza in Ohio. The are the most amazing booth of the show and always sell out quickly. Also love the Hoosier Sisters and it was so nice to see their booths on your post. Looking forward to seeing them in person in May at Springfield. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pics from Junk Bonanza. I had an early bird ticket, but was sadly unable to travel across the state because of the blizzard!

  3. OH MY! I love EVERYTHING!!! ♥ It is so rare to see so many things that SPEAK TO ME in one space! How much fun! I don’t even WANT to know how much I would have spent there! It’s beautiful just to look at! ♥

  4. Marian,

    Girl, my eyes are in shock from all that chippy loveliness. Seriously! I LOVE the horse too. It would have taken everything I have, and maybe a set of handcuffs 🙂 , to keep from buying him and loading him up in my car. Glad you had a great trip.

    Deb 🙂

  5. I could go bananas there! Every photo had something I would love to come home with! Especially that wooden horse!

  6. Lucky enough to live in Ohio and have shopped several times at the Springfield Extravaganza! Would love to go to the Junk M. arket, but a wee bit too far! I do the Petoskey Michigan show in July. Fun place to shop AND sell. So glad your booth was a success and I know there’s nothing better than coming home with NEW stuff in the van!

  7. Thank you for these wonderful pictures…Junk Bonanza is now on my bucket list. So many things to lust after, but the one thing I would have to bring home is the big rectangular basket.

  8. Great pics. Your last statement brought back memories when I was in the Country Gift Shoppe business many years ago. Sometimes I would have to drag my little’s with me. My son, with the most beautiful twinkling blue eyes, took advantage of the ladies by making Popsicle stick angels and selling them for .50 a piece. lol If I remember correctly, he made like $10.
    One of these days I need to make the trek to Junk Bonanza. <3

  9. This was the 1st year since JB started coming to Mn that I missed it…snow & ice stopped me on Thurs & Fri & picking up my new puppy took care of Sat…looks like I missed some fantastic booths this year…always such a great time…will hopefully see you next year!

    1. I know! It was difficult. It was all either out of my budget, though, or I didn’t have a place in my house to put it.

  10. Well…. THAT was something I’ve never seen before! :-O A sign that says “have a nice poop” hahahaha!

    1. That sign cracked me up, too. My boys would love that in their bathroom. Anything potty humor is a winner for them, though.

  11. Atelier and Champagne are 2 of the niceset owners around. I’ve met them at Farm Chicks in Spokane and have a couple of wonderful pieces from them. I understand they are transporting a piece to Ca. for one of your customers. So glad you met up

    1. They really are so nice! I also loved that they wore matching checked shirts in the colors of the French flag. It was too cute.

  12. That poop sign stopped me too. I thought maybe it said something else since some letters were obscured. But I think that is what it said. Weird , but to each their own.

  13. I was there and enjoyed your milk paint demo on Friday! I also purchased one of the vintage scales from your booth!! :). It was so much fun and I definitely brought home a few treasures!!

  14. Oh, Marian… thank you SO much for posting some pics of Junk Bonanza. This is the first one I have missed since they started and I was so sad. Seeing the pictures was so fun. I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the event. It’s my favorite!

  15. It was so lovely meeting you. We are glad that we were able to fit everything in. Andrea, who bought the hutch is thrilled that it was able to work, and is coming to pick it up soon. We loved th event and we are going back next spring.

    Trinidad and Johan

  16. All of these booths look epic, but that last photos of the jacket caught me because I was born in Cambridge, MN! What an awesome market to be a part of!

  17. It’s been a very busy spring for me so I am late reading your blog posts. I loved your booth at Junk Bonanza! And we have very similar taste as you were picking my favorites in the other booths you posted….then a saw my name!! I’m so honored you included me in your list!! Think I gasped loud enough for the neighbors to hear😂

  18. Just joining your website. Found myself reading about your love of (,junk,) antique’s. I never heard of ironwear. I love bunnies,now I have something to hunt for. Keep posting.

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