junk bonanza 2019

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I meant to write a post last night, but I just couldn’t.  It was taking forever to upload my pictures and I was tired and I knew I had three long days in front of me.  I just needed to get to sleep, so I did just that.  I have survived day one, though, and I have just enough in me to check in and give you an update.

When I arrived yesterday (Wednesday morning) to set up, the roads were dry and the weather forecast looked promising.  The snow totals had been dramatically downgraded from 9-18″ to about 2″ and some rain and ice.  But, then it started snowing and the totals were bumped up to 12″ again and it has been a sloppy, snowy, icy, windy couple of days.

We’ve been dry and toasty inside, though, working at the event.

Late Wednesday morning, our space looked like this…

Chris Hardine of Midwest Cottage & Finds had all of her stuff unloaded and we were able to bring my vanload up in two trips (with some skillful packing on hand trucks.)  And then we were faced with the task of making it all fit.

Setting up at an indoor show is very different than setting up in an outdoor space, where you can typically spill out a reasonable amount.  When you’re inside, there are fire codes to deal with, so you have to stay within your lines.  We ended up having to do a lot of stacking and reworking, but we were able to make it all fit!

Chris scored a bunch of very cool antique pieces from Eureka College in Illinois (where Ronald Reagan went to school), like the slant-top desk, the science charts, test tube holders, chemistry bottles, etc. The science charts have been so fun to unroll and look at.  They are of insects and tapeworms, invertebrates and sea sponges, etc.  What a cool piece of wall art for a science fan.

Anyway, we managed to fit it all in and make our blend of pieces look nice together.

I have to say that it is strange not having a booth full of ironstone!  I can find pieces here and there, but I can’t find the kind of quantity I found in PA.  Maybe one of these days I’ll pack a booth with ironstone, linen rolls, painted furniture, and dried lavender again.

Chris also brought this clever display made of crates and stools for the MMS Milk Paint and finishes…

It’s a great makeshift way to display a lot of product.

I’ll share more about the actual event, the pieces I bought, the people I met, and show some more pictures from around the event in the days to come.  Until then, you can follow my Instagram Stories if you’re interested in updates.

(Sorry for the not-so-great iphone pics today!)

junk bonanza 2019

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21 Comments on “junk bonanza 2019”

  1. I’m curious about the ironstone. Why do you think PA was such a goldmine for it? I’m in central Ohio and I rarely see ironstone. Did it never make it very far west?

    1. I’m in Ohio up near West Virginia and there’s a ton of it. Granted you have to know where to go. Wonder why that is myself

    2. I think I just knew where to find it there. In addition, I had built up a network of people who knew I liked it and would let me know when they had a good haul of ironstone.

  2. I was wondering how you were surviving with that crazy snowstorm. We are dealing with all the pollen right now in central VA but I will take that any day over snow and ice especially in April!

    Hope the show is successful…it is strange seeing your booth with no ironstone though. Looking forward to Lucketts next month…we miss you.

  3. I am excited! I might be able to come to the junk bonanza on Saturday! I will make sure to say hi if I see you!

  4. Looks great, Marian! Sorry I have to miss this year. I’m sure you’ll sell lots of pretty things and have so much fun.

  5. So bummed about the weather!! Planned on coming from Wisconsin on Friday and going to the Market on Saturday…. too icy on roads! Hopefully will get there next year in April. Good luck! I think the numbers will be down due to weather and bad road conditions. Don’t take it personally, we all want to be there!!

  6. I wish I lived closer because there’s at least two things in the booth I would love to have. Enjoy the show!

  7. This is the silliest thing, but can you tell me the brand of the boots in the first picture? PLEASE? They are out front, a fold over top. LOVE THEM! That said, I have been wondering if you miss the Lucketts market. This answers that question. Much more manageable right? This looks like the kind of booth I would love to get lost in because there are so many cool smaller things to see and consider!

  8. Great display! I’m wondering how you secured the make-shift shelving for paints- and I can relate to not finding certain things in certain regions. But as you have said sometimes its more being in the know of where to find it and having the best connections- people who know what you like! 🙂

    1. We secured them to each other with zip ties and then to the pipe the drape is hanging from. They ended up being very sturdy.

  9. Can anyone tell me where the Junk Bonanza is held and how often? I am planning on visiting the States and would love to visit this amongst other vintage markets you all have. They are just amazing and unlike anything I have found in Australia. Any tips or information much appreciated!

    1. They are located in Shakopee, MN and in California. You can search “Junk Bonanza” on Google to find their website and show info.

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