Milk Painted Bar Stool

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After a few years of leaving them as I bought them (I know, what is wrong with me?), I finally started painting my Target bar stools.  I actually just painted one to experiment, before I did the other two.

DSC_0351 (397x640)

I love how it pops against the white cabinets and wood counters now.  Before, the stools were blending into the counter and floors and felt a little “eh.”

DSC_8444 (424x640)

This stool was painted in two coats of MMSMP  in French Enamel and then heavily distressed with 100 grit sand paper followed by 180 grit to soften the scratches a bit.  I quieted the paint color and finished the chair with MMS Antiquing Wax, So even though there’s lost of visual texture, the finish is butter smooth.

DSC_0356 (381x640)

DSC_0358 (424x640)


I know my boys are going to help me with distressing these, so why not take it to the extreme?  I think it also gives these off-the-shelf stools a bit more personality, anyway, and I don’t have to bite my nails when they become tent poles for a cushion fort or the road for matchbox cars.

DSC_0338 (640x424)

DSC_0340 (424x640)

DSC_0362 (424x640)

DSC_0367 (640x424)


Since I have two more stools to paint, I will make a tutorial for all the techniques I used to achieve this look.

Milk Painted Bar Stool

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64 Comments on “Milk Painted Bar Stool”

  1. Beautiful! I love the color and the finish!

    I’m curious about how long you’ve found the wax finish to last in your home with everyday use. How often do you have to re-wax? I’ve only used wax on pieces I’ve sold.

    1. I have a lot of waxed pieces in my home including my kitchen table, a couple of dresser, the wood counters in our office…and it hold up very well. The nice thing is, I know I can just lightly sand the finish and apply another coat of wax if they start looking tired.

    2. I too, painted our Target Table and chairs and heavily distressed them. They have lasted wonderfully with my 3 young children and my new “blemishes” just blend right in and add to the character. I am about to rewax the table top after a year and a half, but it still looks great (as do the chairs) I am just doing it for preventative measures! Love the new look! We have the same colors in our kitchen! 🙂

  2. Is your milk paint available in Louisville, Kentucky? I love the color of the stools. Really looks great in your kitchen. You do an amazing job with all of your projects – what talent!

  3. Love the muted Fr enamel & how you achieved it, and I love how you distressed in all the right places, making it look naturally time-worn.

  4. Wow! What a simple idea that makes a HUGE difference! Love it. The chairs are now custom furniture that add dimension and color to your space. I learn something new from you every day! Waiting for your tutorial cause I am definitely doing this to my stools! Thx!

  5. Beautiful!!! It was exciting to wait and see what color you were going to choose. I secretly thought you were going to paint them green. I think this was an excellent choice, it looks great!

    1. A month ago, I would’ve painted them green, but I’m removing a lot of the green from my family room to go back to just blue & white. That is my first and true love when it comes to home decor.

      1. I went back to blue and white years ago. the green seems to take away from the coolness of blue and white.

  6. I love the stools, BUT when are you taking down that pot rack? It disturbs my enjoyment of your beautiful kitchen. JMO

      1. OK, I guess you can keep it, it is your kitchen and we should decorate to make ourselves happy! I am so glad we can do that. I am sure I have things in my house that bug people as well. LOL Have a great day.

  7. I’m actually mixing up some French Enamel right now. I’m in love with this bar stool. The black ones in my kitchen better LOOK OUT!!!! They are going to get it, and they don’t even know it!

    Well, I’ve got to finish an end table first ;D!

  8. Ok, I’m truly inspired with the French Enamal now…Thank you
    Its so pretty. I’m patiently(not so much) waiting for the new colors though…

  9. I love the blue-grey colour and how they contrast against the white! I love them much more now (but I’m in love with all painted wood lol!) I love reading your blog! Lots of inspiration!!! 🙂

  10. Yes, blah before in your new gorgeous kitchen. These look wonderful. You really did scuff them up! I think your description already gives one enough info. to get started! Great work–as USUAL!

  11. I have about a dozen barstools from our sushi bar that I was going to get rid of on Craigslist. Maybe I’ll need to keep a few and do this treatment to them. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  12. Target stools – wow they are super cute! I need a few bars tools and didn’t think about looking at target. I’ve only looked at Craigslist and haven’t quite found what I’m looking for yet. Thanks for sharing your source :). – Pauline

  13. I love this color and they stand out so much more now!

    I too have a pot rack and wouldn’t want to be without one! It is so much easier to get my pots than having to bend down and pull them out of cabinets.

  14. Oh man I LOVE them! Dont’ you love it when you paint something, then look back and think – what on earth was I afraid of? They look like a million bucks!

  15. Wow!!! I love how it looks now! I have 2 bar stools that I want to get your milk paint and paint also. I haven’t decided on the color yet.

  16. I would like to do my fiberglass front door like this. It is currently stained. How would I go about it using your product? and would the milk paint be okay for outdoors? The front door is completely protected with a covered entry.

    Thank-you for allowing people into your real world. I think it shows a generous heart towards others.


  17. Hey, there! I love your slipcover and your barstool painted blue is awesome! I’d love to win the giveaway to Pine Cone Hill. I’m redoing my bedroom and would love to get some bedding!

  18. Love the stool, Marian! And I have to admit, got a little giddy when I read the words on the chalkboard, too!!!!

    Your kitchen is simply lovely! I so appreciate all the hard work you put into the transformations in your home. I glean so much artistic inspiration from you. Thank you!


  19. Your barstools look beautiful and I have been running it over and over in my head to do my new coffee table and end table. just on the legs. You have given me inspiration!

  20. Where did you find these great bar stools?

    I love your work, and may try it myself if I can get the stools.


  21. french enamel! my fave. so pretty! just sold a small antique hutch in french enamel and several ladies at the sale where I sold it were going on and on about how they loved the blue…not too bright, not too dull, perfect!

  22. Hi – I love this stool. I am getting ready to do three in my home and was going to use another color, but this is much richer. It’s French Enamel, right?

    Also, which wax would you use on this? AND, which wax or finish would you use on an unfinished wood table (as not to change color, but just protect it)???

  23. I painted my Target barstools with Tricycle….but even with the fixative, there are big flakes still coming off, even after hemp oil….I suppose you sanded the stool to give it “tooth?” Not sure now, though, what to do with my stools. Although I DO love the “pop” of color in my grey/green/blue kitchen.

  24. This is ridiculously BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t even believe it. I have a few pieces that I have been dying to paint with your line… This (and subsequent tutorial) might just be the inspiration I needed 🙂

  25. I wish you would just install a “like” button. My first reaction is always to look for one. 😉

  26. Absolutely perfect color choice!! Nice and soft and homey like your kitchen and really “fits”—-love the distressing!

  27. MMS
    Love this color and finish!
    I’m considering milk painting a small glass door bookcase and I want to do it in a blue.
    Which of your blues paints would you consider the Turquoise-y-est?
    And which blue would read grayest?

    So hard to tell via a laptop.

  28. They look fantasic! Can’t wait for the tutorial! Looks like you sanded with and against the grain? It has a great timeworn look.

  29. Can’t wait for the tutorial. I have two chairs that look about the same. Confused about what color to paint my though! I have distressed cream cabinets, a distressed cherry island which has more of a brown hue than red, red walls, and white trim. I want a pop of color. Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe robin egg blue or green. Mustard seems like it wouldn’t go well with the red walls.

  30. Oh my gosh I have the exact same stools. You have inspired me, I have been thinking of painting them for awhile now. I’m thinking of a warm cream, any suggestions??

  31. Beautiful! I have the same chairs, and I’m going to do the same thing! Did you use the bonding agent?
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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