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Back in June, I launched Mustard Seed Mentoring, a mentoring group for creative entrepreneurs.  I must admit, I was a ball of nerves when I first launched it.  Would anyone even be interested?  I know I don’t have all the answers…  Would I have enough answers and experience to make an impact on the creatives who join?

Now that I have three months of official mentoring under my belt, I can say that it was worth all of the nerves that came with launching something new.  I absolutely love this group.  Yes, it takes a lot of energy, but it also gives me a lot of energy.  I’m seeing creatives motivated, focused, and taking strides towards reaching their goals.  It’s inspiring and encouraging to me!  It makes me want to do better.  And that’s what community is all about.

This group isn’t about pushing to do more and more.  It is not about hustle and it’s not all about numbers.  It’s about finding fulfillment in your work and preserving your love for your craft.  It’s about putting your efforts where they count and multiplying those efforts.  It’s about knowing when to work and knowing when to rest.

Shaunna, Wendy, and I are all available to our members to answer questions, offer ideas, and give encouragement when needed.  And, we’ve seen some pretty awesome results…  An uptick in sales, increases in website traffic, growing newsletter lists, increased engagement on social media, and more.  And some of our members have even discovered new callings and completely shifted gears to pursue a passion that’s been ignored for too long.  It’s good stuff.

We’ve talked about daily, weekly, and long-term planning, project management, blogging, branding, websites, logos, Pinterest, styling, photography lighting, marketing, and more.

I even share some of my own personal Lightroom presets…

…and teach how to edit photos step-by-step on photos our members submitted…

And, one of my favorite parts about this group is how they have supported one another.  They are coordinating blog hops, liking, commenting, and sharing each other’s social media posts, and showing vulnerability by offering their work up for critique.  It is a mentoring group in the truest sense…the ones with the answers helping the ones with the questions.

It’s so much more than I expected.

And, we’re getting great feedback, too.  Here is what some of our members have been saying…

If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you!

You can learn more HERE.  You can join group mentoring HERE and you can apply for one-on-one mentoring HERE.

So we can focus on our current and new members, we will be closing the doors Thursday, Sept. 26, at midnight PST.


  1. Suzanne

    Unrelated, but I am trying to view the sponsors at the bottom of this post and the ads on the righthand side are stationary and blocking at least one third of the page bottom/sponsor squares. I unfortunately clicked to close one and it has now been activated and is bombarding me. I give up.

  2. noreen kelly

    hi i understand you want to use your blog as a marketing tool for the mentoring program but its not something i am interested in and seems to be the only thing in your blog lately. is it possible to talk about this separately so that only people its relevant to will receive it? normally really love your blog

    • Marian Parsons

      I appreciate the feedback, Noreen. I only open the mentoring program a few times a year and now this launch is over, so it’s back to normal!

  3. Elizabeth

    So so thankful for this group! Marian, Wendy and Shauna have been such wonderful inspirational mentors! It’s rare to have access to so much talent in one group!

    Marian is so talented in photography, styling, and home decor. Such a blessing to have you give of your time and talent to others wanting to learn. Shauna is great with branding and Wendy is so good with retail and is so relatable and offer unique perspectives to the group!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the group!! I have learned so much💗

    • Marian Parsons

      We love having you in the group, Elizabeth!


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