Miss Mustard Seed is 10 years old!

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A little over 10 years ago, I did a google search for “home decor blog” and discovered a whole new world.  Well, new to me.  I found “my people”…housewives, moms, and decor enthusiasts sharing their love of home on the internet.  They were Myquillyn of The Nesting Place, Melissa of The Inspired Room, Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick, and Layla of The Lettered Cottage.  I devoured their posts and the comments left by others in that growing community.  I soaked it all in.  Pretty quickly, a thought took hold in the back of my mind.  Initially, it was a quiet, gentle nag.  You know, I could do this too.

I can’t explain it, but that quiet nag became insistent.  I felt compelled to do it.  I was being pulled by a strong current and something within me knew I needed to do it.

In my complete ignorance of how blogs work, I didn’t even realize I already had the capability to blog on my website.  So, I navigated my way to Blogger, a free blog platform offered by Google, and clicked the rectangular button that simply read “start a blog”.  I remember feeling shaky with anticipation and nervousness.  I created a makeshift header and fiddled around until my first post was live.

On August 16, 2009, Miss Mustard Seed – the blog, was born.

In that first month, I wrote about my first Lucketts Fair, shared furniture makeovers, and my yard sale adventures.  I had started my decorative painting and mural business the previous year and was still trying to find my footing as an entrepreneur.  My business wasn’t started because I felt capable, but because I needed to earn money while I was at home caring for my two sons (the 1 year and 2 1/2 years old.)

Now that my boys are going into middle school, it’s hard to believe that they used to streak through my photos in diapers!

This blog was born before Instagram or Pinterest and when Facebook was used primarily to find former classmates.  It was scrappy and unpolished.  It was before sponsors saw any real value in partnering with bloggers and before the term “influencer” was coined.  It was the wild west of the web and we were all figuring it out along the way.

Over 10 years, I’ve written over 3,000 posts, you’ve left over 180,000 comments, and the site has racked up over 70,000,000 page views!  Yep, I had to double-check that number, but over seventy million page views.

We’ve covered a lot of topics, too…  home, decorating, running a creative business, food, health, art, creativity, and even a little bit of fashion here and there.  You’ve been with me through German glass glitter, preserved boxwood, drop cloth upholstery, and just about every kind of paint.  And you’ve been with me as I have learned and grown so much in the areas of photography, styling, writing, sewing, upholstery, painting, refinishing, editing videos, running a business, marketing, design, social media, and growing a thicker skin.

And things that I thought would be completely out of my reach, like having a product line, being featured in a magazine, or writing a book, became possible because I put my work out there on a blog.

It was the best decision I ever made for my business.  Through all of the changes and the continuing evolution of my business and creative endeavors, I’ve never once thought of retiring from blogging.  I’ve always seen it as the heart of my business and the engine that drives everything else.

But it’s more than just a showcase of my body of work and a history of my growth over 10 years.  It’s a community.  Simply put, this blog wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the readers who have visited over the past 10 years whether for one idea or to join me each week on my journey.

So, thank you.  Thank you for listening to my ramblings and forgiving my shortfalls.  Thank you for cheering me on and encouraging me.  Thank you for challenging me and for not letting me get away offering less than my best.

I wish I could share a slice of cake and some berries with you and we could all reminisce.  Since we’re spread out all over the world, I had a piece for us…

Who knows how long blogs will be a “thing”, but I’m going to optimistic and raise my fork to another 10 years!


  1. lilly

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! you have done very well and should be proud of yourself.

    PS: did you mean August 16, 2009 the blog was born?

  2. Mary

    Thank you for being you and congratulations on your ten year anniversary!

  3. Arli

    Congratulations and THANK YOU for 10 years of reading and viewing pleasure,and for sharing your life with us. It has been a blast following you, and I look forward to ten more years of following along.

  4. Becky

    My son and daughter -in-law will be married 10 years in October. He was in the military in upstate NY, and my very talented daughter-in-law was making a slip cover out of drop cloths for a sofa they bought on Craig’s list! She phoned me one day to tell me she discovered a blog she thought I might like. Wow! I have followed you every day since then. I didn’t realize we were introduced to you so early in your endeavor. I haven’t made any slip overs , but I’ve painted many pieces of furniture! You are an inspiration to all of us. I am so happy for your success and wish you continued good fortune.

  5. Carrie

    Thanks so much for following through with the nudge/compulsion. I’ve enjoyed learning how to tackle so many different things…. Here’s to 10 more.

  6. Barb

    What an awesome milestone! You’ve definitely been an “influencer” in my life of homemaking, from finding my style to attempting and progressing with new skills. Thank you sticking with it and taking me along on your journey.

  7. Marsha Kern

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Cynthia Miller

    Congratulations on reaching this major milestone! In your first decade of blogging with 70 MIL impressions of creativity, beauty, inspiration, heart and soul, your writing and your blog are a perfect example of ‘The Creative Exponent’ in action.

  9. Franki

    Congrats…and, NOW, there must be 70 million blogs!! franki

  10. Sheila

    Happy Anniversary Miss Mustard Seed! I’ve so enjoyed your blog and try to glean something from it each day. You are such an inspiration and I’ve learned so much from the experiences that you’ve shared. Wishing you many more years of success!

  11. Teresa

    Happy 10th Blogging Anniversary! Anyone who got into blogging 10 years or more ago really got in on the ground floor and it amazing how its grown by leaps and bounds. While I congratulate all those bloggers including yourself who have achieved so much success and growth over the years with product lines, books, etc . it in my opinion has also lost some of its charm and personal element with the birth of corporate sponsorships.

    It didn’t take long for companies to recognize the benefits of partnering with bloggers to advertise and expose their products and believe me bloggers took notice too! Now, you cant go a day without seeing some blogger doing a sponsored post. Just last week when you did a post on toilet paper of all things (lol) and three other bloggers where doing a sponsored post for the same company. It just has become so commercialized and now that the Jeanie has been let out of the bottle there is no putting it back as they say. All I am saying is that I miss the individualization as it seems all blogs are looking more the same these days. With that said, I understand this is a business, its hard work and it has become much more competitive now than what it was ten years ago.

  12. Kim

    Congratulations on hitting 10 years!! I absolutely LOVE your blog, and read it faithfully. It is one of the best, ever. Gorgeous photos, good writing, teaching, inspiration, and celebration of creativity, all while being down-to-earth and self taught, it is a godsend for us all. Looking forward to another 10 years! It never gets dull or old! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  13. Cheri

    Congrats on your Anniversary! You have accomplished so much in this time and have enhanced so many lives! Way to follow the nudge and put yourself into the world – over and over again!

  14. Nancy

    You are one of my favorite bloggers. Even so to the place that I feel like if I met you in person, I could easily say, “Hello Marion . “ , as if you were a longtime friend.

  15. Lisa

    Yours was the first blog I ever found, and I’ve been thanking you ever since❤️

  16. shena

    Happy 10th anniversary Marian! I have only ever followed two or three blogs (because I have a job too!) but yours has been unfailingly creative, reflective and inspiring. It also fortuitously brought me to Barga, an opportunity which I still believe has been life-changing though that is still a work in progress. Long may you continue, and I hope your endeavours bring you that old-fashioned concept, satisfaction. X

  17. Kim

    Happy Anniversary! You’ve inspired us to also move mountains in our homes, and our lives are better for it! Thank you for all you’ve shared with us.

  18. MaryAnn

    Congratulations !! 🎈 Thank You it is such a pleasure to read your blog !

  19. Barbara Eastman

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve learned so much from reading your blog and watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  20. Kathryn

    Happy Anniversary! I found your blog a few years ago and continue to read every post and share with so many people whenever they ask me a home question. Other blogs have come and gone but something about yours, your tone, aspirations, beautiful photos, topics, and the realism with which you present what goes on outside the photo continues to attract me. I didn’t have a child with medical-needs when I started reading, but I do now and the times you talked about or mentioned your son’s needs have been very meaningful for me. Thank you for the work you do and the way in which you do it, seeking to bless others. God bless you!

  21. Louise Davis

    Congrats! Good Job! Love your blog.

  22. PJ

    Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! You have been an inspiration.

  23. Sharon

    Congratulations. It’s be a fabulous, creative, Wild and crazy ride! Best of luck forever.

  24. Dee

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary…i have read your blog from the beginning….your gifts of creativity snd sharing and my love for your blog spurred me on to put our business online and write a blog
    So thank you for that. And thank you for sharing all your beautiful ideas and photos a joy to all of us

  25. Ruth Newton

    Happy 10 year anniversary! I just recently started following your blog this past week, but I’ve been hooked. I’ve been going through and reading a lot of posts and watching your videos. I didn’t join you the first 10 years, but I’m here for the next 10! Congratulations! Your blog is beautiful and I’m so happy I accidentally came across it.

  26. Barbara

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for all you’ve shared with us. I always pop over to read your blog as soon as a reminder comes into my inbox. Best wishes for many more years!

  27. Nita Youngberry

    Congratulations and thank you. I have learned so much from your blogs over the years. All the best for the next 10 years.

  28. Sue in Northern Iowa

    I never dreamed when I started reading your blog that it would impact me so personally. Yours is the only one I follow, and follow I did, all the way to Barga, Italy! Thank you for keeping it real and genuine, Marian, or my life might never have intersected with yours. Happy 10th blogging anniversary!

  29. Mary

    Happy Anniversary! I have been a reader since the beginning and I eagerly await each day for your blog post to check in on all the wonderful and interesting things in your world.

  30. Jackie

    Congrats to you, and Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

  31. Sharon

    Happy Anniversary! I have loved every minute.i think I’ve been with you most of those 10. It’s been fun. I so admire you. You take your time with projects and think everything through. Here’s to the next ten. Love you and your family ❤️

  32. Deb

    Ten years…..whoa I feel old because I think I have been with your for most of those years.
    Some of my favorite things were the videos with you and Kristie because your personalities shined through and I felt like we got to know you both.
    You have done so much in these ten years but my favorite post was your Mom and Dad’s bedroom and I have loved every Christmas song your family has done. I am so glad I got to meet you at Luckett’s before your family moved.
    I will always and forever be
    Your Number One Fan
    Looking forward for the next ten.

  33. Joyce Hale

    I so agree !! Here ,here to 10 more . Congratulations and thank you for sharing your life with us and at times you heart and soul ! I enjoy being seeing
    being including in all you do .

  34. Eileen

    Congratulations Marian. I’ve been following since the beginning and have been cheering from the sidelines ever since. One of the main components of your success has been in your generosity of information. It’s almost a hallmark of your blog and has helped propel you forward in your growth….plus all that natural talent and energy. Here’s to the next ten years!

  35. Jody K

    Congratulations! I’ve been a follower for ages. Save a piece of that cake, I can be down there in one hour 15 minutes!

  36. Glenda

    Happy Anniversary! May God continue to extend your boundaries. I love your blog!

  37. Sue

    Congratulations! You and your blog are awesome!! It’s a pleasure to read so please keep up all your hard work…. you are truly an inspiration to us all!

  38. Cheryl

    Happy Anniversary! What a great accomplishment! I hope you realize you have brought so much joy to your readers. I know as one of them I so look forward to your daily emails . Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring all of us out there.

    PS was that cake delish☺️

  39. Nancy

    Ditto to all the other comments. In a world of so many bloggers, you truly stand out. I think God has blessed you with so many talents. Unlike so many others, you go above and beyond by putting a ton of elbow grease into your posts. I, and so many others look forward to your posts. May you be blessed with many, many more years of success.

  40. Chris Moore of Seattle

    Happy Anniversary! I love your blog, I love your journey! I love your talents and the way they just keep meandering here and there. I thought you might like to know the effect YOUR blog in particular has had on me and my life. Thanks to a very poor role model-my mother-I can be very negative. My mother was the type if you did 99,9% right, she would focus on that .1% and point it out and point it out. Needle you with it. One of the gifts of adulthood is seeing my mother as the most unhappy ugly person. And one of the reasons I moved 3000 miles away. Doesn’t sound like a gift does it? But it was. So anyway, one day I was about to write something negative on your blog and***FLASH*** it came to me. WHY am I doing this? I’m just like HER. No no no, it can’t be. Anyway, that eye opening moment made me VERY conscious of that part of myself and I immediately started reining it in. If I don’t like something who cares? There will be something else that is wonderful. So, thank you Marian. you have made a wonderful difference.

  41. Holly Binns

    Congratulations! Yours is the only blog that I read faithfully and it because your voice is authentic, you share very practical advice and tips, you have great style and are so very creative. Thank you for bringing joy and inspiration for so many years. Here’s to the next ten years and the evolution of your journey and ours as your readers.

  42. Jennifer Anderson

    I started following you in November 2009 in the months of recovery after some major health complications following the birth of my fourth son. I have enjoyed following along on your creative endeavors! Here’s to ten more years!!

  43. Gwen

    Congratulations, Marian! I have been reading your blog and watching your business and your family grow for about 9+ years. I will be with you for as long as you do it. I used to follow 4 or 5 others too, but yours is the one I’ve enjoyed the most. I just had my 72nd birthday and I hope to be reading about MMSP until I’m 90.

  44. Charlotte

    Congratulations! I wish I had found your blog earlier but I was still finding my way. I’ve been reading along for the last year and look forward to my emails with your blog update in it. You’ve shown me that style evolves and it’s been such a wonderful experience going through your old posts and finding that it’s really true. It does evolve and takes time! Blogging feels commercial now but that’s why I follow yours and only two others: because you don’t make it feel like that and I thank you for sharing! Here’s to another 10!!

  45. Mary Lucas

    Thank you and congratulations.

  46. logan wilhelm

    Happy Anniversary on 10 years! Your blog has been so interesting and information, have learned a ton! Best Wishes for 10 more years of FUN!!

  47. Alicia

    Love! Wishing you the best on your anniversary!

  48. Suzi

    Think I’ve been watching your progress most of those years. Watching your paint line develop was so interesting. Seeing each new color as it was added was amazing. Especially enjoy the times you spend on projects and traveling with your Mom. Enjoy your upcoming travels. Happy Anniversary!!!

  49. Marlene Stephenson

    Congratulations on sharing your creativity so well with others. So many of us regular people have learned so much from all you have done, so thank you and bless you for maybe 10 more years.

  50. Marcy Zmarzly

    I haven’t commented before but yours is the blog I look forward to and read every post. I admire your talents, your writings, and your down to earth ways. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! Congratulations!

  51. Judy

    Congratulations Marion, I started following your blog after seeing pictures of your first house in a magazine and then buying your mentioned book. Your style just captured me. I eagerly look forward to your blog. You are so talented in so many ways. Your husband and parents are also DIYs with talent. You deserve every good thing that comes your way. I will be a fan forever. Thanks so much for sharing your talents, home, and life. Judy,

  52. Patricia

    Congratulations and thank you for making my life a little brighter. Here’s to another ten years of blessings !

  53. Lisa

    Happy 10th Anniversary! Well done you and I thank you for writing your blog and your book. I am new to your blog this year and read your book for the first time this year. You’ve inspired me to try new things and love my home. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  54. Alice

    Congratulations and thank you , very much!

  55. Jeanne Bell

    I am so happy for you. I have followed you for about 7 years. I have seen you grow and improve. Since your blog, I go to Lucketts every year. You opened up a whole new world to me. Thank you! I feel like an old aunt that is so proud of her niece.

    • MariB

      Congratulations on ten years!

      How you manage to excel at so many different creative endeavors blows me away—especially the oil painting. I realize you’ve studied and practiced and worked hard at it, but the progression from novice to artist is remarkable.

      It seems you’ve perfected your blog as well; it’s just the right length, with the right content, at the right time.

      Wishing you continued success in all your creative ventures!

  56. Karen L.

    That’s wonderful! Congratulations and I praise God for it with you. Our styles may be different but I still love all the variety and passion in all that you do and the way you do it.

  57. Theresa

    Congratulations, Marian! Well done! 🎉

  58. Cindy

    Happy tenth Miss Mustard seed , i must admit I only follow your blog… there’s something about everything you do and say and create! God Bless!

  59. Jessica | Petal + Ply

    Congratulations!!! I think I started reading your blog when you were around a year in. It’s been amazing to see your growth and all the places you’re blog has taken you. Here’s to another 10 years!!!

  60. Jan

    And we are still finding you! I’ve just discovered MissMustardSeed this summer, and I’m so glad I found you. Your work is so much fun to follow. Happy 10th year!

  61. Wendy Johnson

    I am not very good at commenting but I am glad that you are wonderful at all you do because I so enjoy it and I will eat cake to many more years !

  62. Olivia

    With all your success, your blog still feels warm and from the heart. I enjoy reading it very much. Ten more years you could be a grandma writing a blog. I’ll still be following you. Wishes for much more success.

  63. Cheryl


  64. Sheri

    Congrats to you!!
    It’s been a thought in my mind too, to do blogging but subject matter is a problem, as is, knowing how to do it for a “job”.

  65. Katie Mcloud

    Yours was the first blog I discovered, followed and read continually all these years. You featured one of my blog posts once it was so exciting! Sometimes I think “what if” I had continued with that blog? 🙂

  66. Miep

    Happy Anniversary and yes please do continue another 10 years. You are also the first blog I followed 5 years ago and I am checking my I-Pad every morning to see whats new. You are a true inspiration to all of us 💐💐💐🎂🎂🎂

  67. AnnaRae

    Happy Anniversary! You have inspired me from the very beginning. I read them all. Your home is an inspiration. Thank you for being a bright spot in my day.

  68. Linda

    Happy 10 year Anniversary!!! I’ve enjoyed following along on your journey and look forward to doing it for 10 more. 🙂

  69. Cheryl

    Happy Anniversary! Your blog was the first I explored and continues to be the top source in my readings. Thank You! Your paints were the first I tried of this type and inspired me to create and also try other sources. Thank You! I love your expressions, what you share, and teach. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For it all💖

  70. Kay

    Congratulations & Happy anniversary! Thank you so much for sharing your many talents!

  71. JC

    Happy Anniversary! I remember your early blog days of making chipboard glitter letters and ornaments! You have come a long way and have been so blessed and a blessing to many. Thank you!

  72. Patti

    Congratulations on all your growth and accomplishments!! I’ve learned a wealth of information from you that’s helped my own home evolve and get better. And I’ve noticed even more of a sense of maturity and peace since you’ve been in your new home. Thanks for all that you inspire us with!

  73. Jeanne

    Happy 10th Anniversary! I found you near the beginning, and have followed you ever since. Thank you for encouraging us, teaching us, inspiring us. Thank you for sharing not only your glorious successes, but also your failures and frustrations. Thank you for your humility and sense of humor, for including us all in your journey. We are all better for knowing you, and I am eager to see what the next chapter holds. Cheers!

  74. Judy

    God is using your gifts and talents in amazing ways and I love your testimony, the name of your business and you serve as a daily reminder to me and many others that life is a gift and one that we open and share with others! Happy 10th…and many more, and To God Be the Glory!

  75. Jill

    Happy Anniversary! You were the first blog I started following, and still my favorite! You’’re Bravery and creativity sparked something ie me to find my own style, to find a needed creative outlet for my career at the time, which has now turned into full time creative work. Thank you! To the next 10 years!

  76. Kathy in Alexandria

    10 Years! What a milestone! I have learned so many things from reading your blog. Your talents and creativity
    are seemingly unending. I’ve enjoyed all three of your informative books and even tried some of your milk
    painting at times! (Love it, by the way!)
    I’m so glad you have relocated to Rochester – love reading about your adventures and how you’ve made your
    home there into your style.
    Keep learning and sharing! Best wishes on your 10 year anniversary and looking forward to the next ten years
    of enjoying your life through your blog! Thank You!

  77. Mary

    Yours was one of the first blogs I followed. Have always looked forward to your posts. Sent children off to college and their first apartments in used Craig’s List furniture featuring drop cloth slipcovers sewn following your tutorials and painted with inspiration from MMS. Realized that I consider you a personal friend when someone asked me for DIY advice and I said “a friend of mine …..” and then shared something from your blog. So, thanks for this very one-sided relationship! I’ve grown and enjoyed many projects and interests because of you!

  78. Stacey

    Heartfelt congratulations on 10 years! Watching you forge your path is inspiring and joyous!

  79. Ambie

    Happy 10th Anniversary!! I’ve followed you for about 7 years. I look forward to your daily emails, which I read on my lunch hour at work. It’s my favorite time of the day. You’re so very talented with a wonderful flair for writing, a skill which many bloggers do have possess. You stand out in the blogging world. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!

  80. Carolyn

    Congratulations! I love to start my morning by grabbing a cup of coffee and heading to your blog! Thanks for sharing your life! xoxo

  81. Krista

    Congratulations on 10 great years! I’ve been reading your blog for over 8 years and it’s still my favorite! I love how you’re ‘real’ , honest, down-to-earth, humble, talented, creative and always write about things that interest me and keep me wanting to continue to follow you. Congratulations!

  82. Mickey

    Time flies! Congrats on this accomplishment, 10 years of blogging… I have loved reading your blog for almost all of those years, can’t recall exactly when I found, or how I found you, but I have been enjoying your various adventures nonetheless. I liked that you were a fellow Pennsylvanian, and pretty local too… I think first time I realized it was in a post about your favorite antique places. If I recall correctly, it was in Lancaster, near the river or the exit before the river. Any way, like Gus, the other most famous groundhog, we were Pennsylvanians.

    Wishing you continued success Marian.

  83. life the game

    It is a great article. You will surely like this also because it is a great stuff

  84. Bonnie Kilgore

    Happy Anniversary! Even though I don’t have the same kind of home you do, you never fail to inspire me. And I’ll never use any other apple pie recipe than yours!

  85. Margaret

    Happy Anniversary Marian! I’m truly thankful for you, and your blog! It’s one I’ve enjoyed we grew our Vintage Business, opened a store, and became a MMSMP Retailer! You’ve been a blessing in my life, I pray that you do continue on, for at least 10 more years, and even more!!

  86. Carol P.

    Adding my congratulations to all the others. So much enjoyment in reading your words and seeing your pictures…may God continue His blessings on your work.

  87. Cynthia Johnson

    Congrats on all your hard work, ups and downs, and thank you for the continual inspiration and spirit you have brought to so many.
    I have passed the two year mark of my move from MN to CO and quite a journey it has been. I long for the days of Oronoco, Gold Rush Days, and my many favorite haunts. As I sit on the shores of Lake Superior tonight waiting with friends to run out to spot the Northern Lights, I wish you many more fruitful years doing what you were meant to do in your varied interests and style…all of which you are so good at and all of which inspire and bring me joy.
    Stay well sweetie 🙂

  88. Marty W

    Dear Marion, Happy 10 years as Miss Mustard Seed. I think you are a true original and an beautiful artist. I love your blog. Thank you for providing me hours of entertainment and inspiration!

  89. jayne

    Happy 10 years! I’ve been with you all the way, you’re a huge inspiration to me 🙂 Here’s to 10 more and beyond!


  90. Kerri

    I have just stumbled upon your blog today while on Pinterest looking up furniture re-finishing. I have been wanting to get into it for a few years now and have been collecting pieces for a while and am now inspired to actually give it a try. I absolutely love the dresser that you painted the decorative motif on. It’s so beautiful and unique. Congratulations on the journey and I look forward to following you more and exploring your posts!



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