the old schoolhouse/music hall

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Before I share about the old schoolhouse/music hall I visited during Gold Rush, I wanted to let everyone know I listed a bunch of paintings for sale on Daily Paint Works.  This latest sale includes eight 5 x 7s from my “Out the Window” series, a calf, a country church, and I finally felt like I could let go of one of my sepia-toned rabbits.

These paintings are sold auction-style, so I don’t have to set the prices and so everyone has time to place a bid if they are interested in owning an original painting.  You can bid on the animals HERE and the landscapes (including the church) HERE.

Thanks to everyone who bids and buys!  It means a lot to me that you support this new venture into the world of fine art.

As Cheri and I were making our way around the town of Oronoco to check out vendors set up in lawns and along the streets for Gold Rush, we noticed what looked like a small sale set up outside of an old schoolhouse.  It caught my eye because I’ve admired the building since we moved to the area.  I could see it had amazing potential for restoration, but it sat quietly in disrepair.  Many times, I mentioned to Jeff that it would make an awesome house if it were fixed up.

There were only a few items on the steps, so initially we questioned if it was even worth the walk over.  During the debate with ourselves, I noticed that the door was open, indicating the sale continued inside.  Well, that got my heart pumping.  Not only could we shop in this old building, but we would get to tour it!

Not long after entering, we got the scoop on the building and the sale of its contents.  It had been bought by a local family who wanted to restore it for years and they finally have the opportunity.  They are planning to fix it up and rent it out as an event venue.  The gentleman who owned the building before them repaired and tuned pianos, so he had amassed a collection of instruments and parts.

The contents were a mixed bag.  There were some lovely antiques and vintage pieces, but there was also a ton of junk…old sofas, 1970’s kitchen gadgets, stacks of boxes and books.  I’m guessing the building became somewhat of a storage unit at some point.

The bones of the place are incredible, but it is definitely going to need a lot of work.  I hope the new owners are able to retain all of the beadboard and trim.  I even love the combination of the green and bluish-gray paint on the walls in the foyer.  And those stairs…  I bet a lot of brides are going to pose on those stairs once this place is spruced up.

I would love to know the story behind all of the old writing on the walls upstairs.  Was it simply graffiti or was there a purpose to it?

This room is going to be magnificent when it’s restored.  Those high ceilings and tall windows…

I don’t know if there was a harp in this case, but the case itself was pretty amazing.

I loved this old oil painting and imagined trying to find a wall in my house that would even be big enough for it!  There was a note taped to the corner of the frame that read “make an offer.”  Tempting, but I doubted any offer I would make would even be reasonable and it wouldn’t fit in Cheri’s van to get it home, so I just admired it.

I ended up buying a few things.  The first one was this piece of an organ for $40.  I think it will make a unique piece of wall art.  (It’s not a huge antique oil painting, but it will actually fit in my house.)

And I bought this mid-1800’s antique travel piano case (a melodeon) for $80…

They actually had a print with a melodeon just like the one I bought hanging above it…

I bought one more thing that’s small, but actually one of my favorite finds.  I’ll share it in my next Gold Rush post…

PS – Thank you for all of the blog birthday wishes.  You sure know how to make a girl feel loved.

the old schoolhouse/music hall

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24 Comments on “the old schoolhouse/music hall”

  1. I LOVE that organ keyboard you bought. It looks like something I would buy and could never explain why I loved it!

  2. You found some lovely treasures. The building is beautiful. Could you keep us updated on the renovation process?

  3. That was a great place to go in and see and those wonderful old pieces, those old organ pipes and that beautiful old piano. Love what you bought and will be waiting to see where you put them. Thanks Marian and have a blessed day.

  4. What has happened to your site? There were so many ads on this post I could barely read your copy. Even as I am typing another one popped in.
    Usually enjoy your posts so much, this just seemed like overkill.

    1. So sorry, Helen. Can you tell me what kind of device you’re viewing my blog on? We have different ads set up on different platforms and I do my best to walk the tightrope of high paying ads (the more obnoxious ones) and ads that are out-of-the-way.

    2. I am having the same experience. I am using an iPhone. So many ads….hard to find and read script. Worked my way through post and enjoyed it!

  5. Neat place…better than my local :-))

    Great wall art sources

    BTW Would you consider having prints made of your painting of the calf and cow….I love that sooo much and would love to buy a print

    1. I am looking into that one. The issue is that I can’t find the original source of the inspiration photo in order to make sure I can sell copies without copyright infringement. I usually use my own photos, photos with permission, or royalty-free stock images, but that one was too precious not to paint.

  6. Such a marvelous post. I’m pea green with envy that the sale is so far from my home in Raleigh.
    Boy, that large painting is to die for. Wish I could have been there to buy it!

  7. Hi Marian, I’m a new subscriber. I just have to tell you how much I love your paintings. Your brushwork is lovely, and you have such a good eye. I would love to bid on one of the small landscapes, but my husband is also a landscape artist (a graphic designer by day), and he would be jealous! I love the Out the Window Series 2 of the furrows in the field. It’s just wonderful. The best of luck to you with your fine art ventures!

  8. Hi been following a long time and never commented before but noticed a huge obnoxious influx of ads suddenly. Viewing via Facebook. Could barely read your post because it was so covered with ads.

    1. Are you viewing on a cell phone, tablet or laptop? That lets me know which ads I need to adjust…

  9. Interesting (as always) post. Earlier this year, I went to an antiques/crafts fair and saw a similar traveling piano. I would have bought it if I had space for it. Having retired and downsized, I don’t have space for all the things I love. Good choice! Belated birthday wishes.

  10. Laptop viewing has ads on the side. LOVE this building. So happy someone will restore it. Great reuse. Your paintings are selling like hotcakes. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your paintings are lovely! I am in awe. My drawings are not as detailed as yours. You are doing great. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I view your posts on an Apple MacBook. Too many ads, I agree and this am a small post appeared in lower left bottom corner, comes and goes. Some kind of pop up. Also get pop up on bottom of my screen to cover your sponsors section. Also an embassy suites add in lower right bottom to cover your sponsors site. HELP!

  13. I went to Goldrush for the first time with my mom. I have lived within 30 miles of Oronoco my entire life and never had been. I couldn’t get over how many booths there were. I toured that old school house as well and actually fell in love with one of the chandeliers but passed it up. The harp case did not have a harp in it. I checked because I used to play the harp and also play the piano. There were some cool things there. I did find some pieces of Ironstone on that trip though. It was a lot of fun and will go again next year for sure.

  14. What an amazing building! And the things inside were wonderful. When I saw the stacks of organ pipes my heart almost stood still! I play piano and while in college played a number of pipe organs. There’s nothing like the ‘feel’ and the sound that comes out of those incredible pipes. When I go to a sale like this one I always say, ‘I need a bigger house!’

  15. I love vintage elements in design. At Claremont McKenna College (as I studied in Germany as well), only there, I understood how important the vintage element may be in an old building.
    > Elysia Bonnette

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