Master Bedroom Reveal

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 Today was the due date for all of my bedroom project tutorials for, so I spent the morning taking the “beauty shots” for those articles.  They will be available on in a few weeks and I will link to them when they are live.

Here’s how the room looks now…

Miss Mustard Seed-28 Miss Mustard Seed-3812 Miss Mustard Seed-3808

 Miss Mustard Seed-2-4

Miss Mustard Seed-26 Miss Mustard Seed-25

Master Bedroom | Corner

 Here are some makeovers featured in the room…

My $25 yard sale side table before…

DSC_8144 (424x640)

 …and after….

DSC_8363 (480x640)

DSC_8367 (640x480)

DSC_8365 (640x480)

DSC_8364 (480x640)

DSC_8344 (480x640)

 The antique store chandelier (I think it was $55)…

DSC_6536 (640x424)

DSC_6807 (424x640)

…assembled and rewired with spray painted candle sleeves…

Miss Mustard Seed-28

$35 yard sale night stand/chest before…

DSC_8142 (424x640)

…and now…

DSC_8268 (424x640)

$65 antique store French chair before…

DSC_6519 (424x640)

…and after…

DSC_8359 (480x640)

DSC_8361 (480x640)

 And the entire room as it looked in January…

DSC_6245 (424x640)

…and now…

Miss Mustard Seed-28

I am still planning to tweak a bit more.  I would like to paint the lamp bases cream and recover the shades.  The bases blend in with the wall fabric a bit too much and I was a little sloppy when covering the shades the first time.  I’m sure I’ll mix things up for the seasons as well, but this room is basically done! Well, this half of the room.

 You can find other posts about the bedroom here…



Now I need to get to work on the other side of the room!

DSC_6235 (640x424)

DSC_6239 (640x428)

…and you can see I have my work cut out for me!


 Disclosure: The products from Pine Cone Hill, Alice & Jay and HomeGoods were exchanged for advertising on my blog, but this post is not sponsored by any of these companies.

Master Bedroom Reveal

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  1. Marian – please PLEASE PLEASE, I beg of you… Do not paint those lamps bases!!! I have been scouring your blog for two weeks now in hopes of finding a source for those exact lamps – I am *in love*!! So… please, don’t paint them ;). Also, can you tell me the source (if you recall), and if you ever decide to sell them and replace them with cream ones I will make the 2+ hour drive to your studio to nab these!! xo – kim

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