Those who have missed my furniture makeovers lately are going to enjoy this post!  There’s a lot more furniture painting around with corner with the Lucketts Antique Market fast approaching, but one of my freelance articles was to show a specialty paint technique on a pair of nightstands.  Right up my alley!  And it just so happened I wanted to paint the nightstands in my master bedroom.

Here’s the “before” of the nightstand from my husband’s side…

DSC_8142 (424x640)

I bought it for $35 through a connection I made at a yard sale.  It’s not really a night stand, but it’s the perfect size for our bed, which is on the high side, and provides lots of storage.   I actually liked the piece as it was, but it looked a little orange in the room and blended with the floor a bit too much.

DSC_6823 (424x640)

 Here’s how it looks now…

DSC_8268 (424x640)

As I often do, I left the top wood, though I stained and waxed it to deepen the color a bit.   

DSC_8269 (424x640)

DSC_8271 (640x424)

DSC_8274 (424x640)

DSC_8277 (427x640)

DSC_8278 (480x640)

A detailed tutorial on how I achieved the finish will be available on in a few weeks.


  1. Mel

    I was totally happy with the dresser I just painted until I saw the pretty border on those drawers. Might have to modify it a little!

  2. Anne@DesignDreams

    exactly the inspiration I needed today!!! Thank you so much – you have the most beautiful ideas for furniture.


  3. Karen

    Wow! hubba hubba, that is beautiful!

  4. Julie

    It’s beautiful!

  5. Linda@Coastal Charm

    Looks outstanding….just had to share it on facebook:)


  6. Danielle

    Marian, it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the two tones and all your painted detailing. So beautiful and looks perfect in your newly decorated bedroom!

  7. shelley

    Absolutely perfect. ::sigh:: Love the little details and the use of both colors. Just dreamy.

  8. Suzanne

    That’s super cool…. love it!:)

  9. Kerry

    Love the details around the drawers. You never stop inspiring me!

  10. Mildred Hoppe

    Love your lamps. Were they balusters that you made into the lamps?

    On the little trim around the drawers on the nightstand, how do you do that so it will come out evenly?

  11. Beth Morrow

    Love it! Great job! Looks beautiful w the wallpaper!!!

  12. Paula Lusk

    Wow! Your room looks both beautiful and cozy. Love it. Blessings

  13. Colleen

    Wow what difference. The detail on the drawers is the cherry on the ice cream Sunday 😉

  14. mickey

    That is simply gorgeous!

  15. Sue Pagels

    Gorgeous lines and love the painting!

  16. Sara

    You can do no wrong. haha! Seriously. Your room is perfection, but the really good kind. It is definitely you and I love it. You’re amazing…but you already know that 😉 xo

  17. Funky Junk Interiors

    Totally jaw dropping drool worthy! The multi tones and decorative elements just make it sing!

  18. Janet Lawson

    Love it…
    What a great color and like the painted trim around the front..
    Looking forward to the tutorial..

  19. Jessica

    The nightstand is gorgeous! I love the color and the detail you put into the piece, and that you left the top stained. 🙂 Lovely! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  20. Vicki

    Gorgeous, have been missing your furniture painting! Love it! V

  21. Tosca

    Where can I find the tutorial? Would love to see it. It is beautiful and is the sam colours as my bedroom.

  22. Anne Boykin

    Dear MMS, It’s just so lovely! I do enjoy your furniture so much. Your new nightstand goes so well with your new bed and your fabric wall. Sweet! Hugs, Anne Boykin

  23. Linda A. Young

    The nightstand is beautiful! What a great inspiration for me to do something wonderful with all the junque furniture I have that desperately needs making over! I love that little white design you accented the piece with and your distressing looks so good! I just read Southern Hospitality’s story about your painting class in Roswell. Sounds like so much fun!
    Have a beautiful spring! Linda

  24. Marian

    Beautiful! I love how you blend so many layers and techniques. And your free hand painted details make me weak every time. I still haven’t recovered from the Typewriter dresser. I can’t wait to see your stuff in person at Luckett’s! And consider this side table pinned!

  25. Anne

    Beautiful piece Marian! LOVE how you added that sweet personal touch too!


  26. Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet

    Looks just wonderful! I DID like it before….I liked that sort of stripped wood look…BUT I still LOVE it now!

  27. Madie

    Oh my how much longer for these tutorials? I can’s wait I have a bunch of stuff on HOLD! The entire room looks lovely. Thank you for the inspirations.

  28. kristin

    The nightstand was very pretty (and simple) in your room before. I really liked it. But of course I see your AMAZING handiwork and say “Are you kidding me?” You have such talent–I can’t get over it! You should be doing an HGTV television special or show…seriously. This talent is too much! You have been blessed by God with a wonderful gift!

  29. Kelli - Buybabydeals

    Wow! That’s an amazing improvement. And your painting technique is perfection!
    I sense a cosmopolitan/french vibe going on here..looks great.

  30. Alison@soiledrotten

    Good lord! This is gorg!

  31. Dianne

    Wow! Amazing!

  32. Tina

    You are right- the before was good but the after is incredible. I love what you did with this- there were details that I did not even notice until you painted it- such as the detail on the sides.

  33. Joanie

    I LOVE it! I’m going to mimick it!!! Just as soon as I know how!! LOL!
    Hope to be coming to a class of yours in So. Cal if that works out in
    your schedule!! When will your tutorial for this be public? OOPS, I just saw in
    a couple of weeks! NICE! Remind us again please and thank you for being so talented!!!!

  34. martha garrett

    just beautiful, so much talent. keep it up, we love it.

  35. Megan

    Absolutely beautiful!

  36. Susie {aka Mrs V}

    swoon! I love it, love it, love it! Great color and finish!

  37. Miss Char

    This is just a beautiful transformation. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Jody

    I love those colors and am looking forward to the tutorial!

  39. Madie

    Will you ever be coming down to the Florida area? Pleassssssseeeeeee

  40. Mitzi Curi

    Marian, that turned out just great! It makes me want to run out to the flea marked and find a similar piece right away and try painting it too!

  41. Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

    Beautiful! I love how you left the top…it allows the paint treatment to shine and really belong in the space!

  42. Anita

    I thought it looked good with just the plain wood but, WOW! What a difference the painting made. I love it!!

  43. Angie W

    Can you put this on Pinterest? I love the hand painting you did and want to remember the pattern you used. Love it!

  44. Jill Flory

    That looks awesome against your fabric wall! I have some of that fabric here to use as a flat piping detail on some pillows for a client. And I’m trying to talk a friend into using it for her new living room curtains!

    • Sandra Oliver

      Can you please tell me what the fabric is called and where I can obtain it? I am in love with it! Thanks, Sandra

      • marian

        It’s Artissimo by P Kaufmann

        • Sandra Oliver

          Thank you, Marian. I don’t know if you choose the colors used on your site, but they absolutely speak to me. Thanks!

  45. Terry

    This looks absolutely charming. My hubby’s 91 year old grandma has one almost just like this that she uses for a TV stand in a small bedroom converted to her TV room. I have my eye on it because I love the lines and details. Now you made me want it that much more!

  46. Jill

    Oh, I love it! Just in time, I have some nightstands in our Masterbedroom that I plan on painting. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  47. Holly

    Cute Cute Cute!!!

  48. Sue

    on ur nightstand makeover u mentioned that u just left the top natural and stained and waxed it. I am doing a kitchen table and want to leave the top that way but want it darker so do i have to rough it up b4 i put darker stain on it? it has a coat of varnish on it right now. HELP!!!!! thanks

  49. Denise T

    Gorgeous… I love two tone method…

  50. Cindy

    Ok, Those are the cutest nightstands that were ever born! What an amazing paint job. I’m going to have to go to HGTV and check out the tutorial – do i just go there, and search for your name?


  51. Jodi Miller

    Oh, YOU are just so good!!!! Keep inspiring us!

  52. Linda S. in NE

    It is amazing what those hands of yours can do. This piece turned out beautiful and I love the top left in the stained wood. One question, is the darker color of blue an undercoat, or did you blindfold yourself and then just casually walk by/and into the dresser with that color of paint on your brush? It sure looks like it’s ‘possed to be that way. Really nice work.

    • katie

      beautiful! it really ties the room together…can’t wait to see how you did it~

  53. Pat

    Gorgeous! Looks beautiful with your bedroom decor ~

  54. Peggy huff

    I have my Mother’s three drawer chest…the spitting image of
    your BARGAIN PURCHASE!!! I love it as it is, so I CRINGED
    when you wrote you PAINTING THIS LOVELY PIECE, but it
    has new life…sweet, refreshing and SWEET with your GLORIOUS
    NEW BED & WALL! Love it! But mine is staying ORIGINAL
    unless you come to Birch Bay Washington and offer to paint it!
    Everything you touch is transformed into beauty previously unveiled.
    You are my HERO!

  55. Tara

    Love the redo! I’m all about paint, use, paint again 🙂 I haven’t tried chalk paint yet but I’m thkinking about it on my bedroom dressers too.

  56. TRISH

    Love it. You just really have a certain flair. Very appealing. Love your blog…it’s always full of inspiring ideas. I have some furniture I really want to paint now. Keep up all your hard work!

  57. liane

    Love, love, love it.

  58. MaryS

    With all the mentions of the tutorials on HGTV I’m wondering how we’ll be able to see them or know when/where to look. There’s a whole lot of great stuff I’m anticipating…. anxiously! 🙂

  59. anonymous

    I hate to be the bad guy here but I think the color of the nightstand matches the lamp too much and it becomes too busy with the wallpaper. Sorry.

    • Clementine

      I have to agree. You’ve done a beautiful painting job as always, but the naked wood looked much better in this space. It contrasted beautifully with the wall. I think some things are better left…dare I say…unpainted.

  60. Mimi

    absolutely beautiful! love the layers of paint. i will have to look for this tutorial.

  61. Audrey Zumwalt

    Pretty makeover Marian … handsome looking piece of furniture as it was, but more your style painted. You did a great job with the painted trim.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  62. Mary Borgsmiller

    Love, love, love it. Although it looked pretty awesome before. I love the colors you combined! Can’t wait to see which ones you used. Thanks again forvsharingbyour talent!

  63. Meike

    Is that Grain Sack over French Enamel? It looks simply stunning!

  64. Jeri Ray

    OMG, that is soooo pretty!! good job 🙂

  65. Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    LOVE this! It is totally beautiful! I am hoping that this will be the year that I finally get around to decorating my master bedroom. It has been the “catch-all” room for too long! Life to the full, Melissa

  66. Tasha

    I’m swooning over it.
    Oh my goodness, it is breath taking.

  67. Ellen

    Night stand is beautiful but what can you tell me about the lamp? It is just gorgeous!

    Thanks for the peek into your master bedroom, looks great.

  68. Darrell

    Very nice!

  69. Jelena

    The pattern on the drawers makes the nightstand so much more charming.
    I was thinking of painting our dressers and nightstands once we are moved into our new house and using a hand painted or stenciled motif on the drawers. Now, people will say I copied the idea from you. 🙂

  70. Jenny Lynn

    It looks much better made over. Really fits with the style of your bedroom. Looks great against that beautiful wall paper.

  71. Marlene

    It’s just beautiful–You are blessed with talent!

  72. Donna Bezanson

    Awesome…wish I had your painting ability!! Maybe with the help of your tutorial I can learn! Thanks so much for sharing.

  73. Sandi Cochran

    Stunning as always. You are so talented. I love the lamp, too. Is that something I can purchase or another of your wonderful transformations?

  74. Bridget from Refined Vintage

    Lovely work! It really compliments your bedroom. I have saved this to my Pinterest for future inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  75. Tracy B

    Love it! How do we find your info on Thanks!

  76. Tavia

    Look forward to following this too!! Super excited to read more on your counter tops! Thank you for all the motivation you give me!!

  77. k

    love this and thank you now I have a idea for an old sewing stand….I have to say as much as I am loving all the things you are doing with in your home…It is fun to see your doing furniture paint jobs…because no one does some of what you do…to inspire us

  78. Susan Edington

    Is your tutorial available yet? I have a dresser and nightstand that I would like to possibly do in this finish!

  79. Lisa Rainey

    I too have a small dresser that I would love the do up in that style. I’ll check out

  80. Melanie Nelson

    Hey there! Lovely blog! I’ve enjoyed cruising through it. I am inspired by the finish and technique you used on this nightstand and the rest of the room looks beautiful as well. I was wondering, what is the name of the wallpaper and where can I buy it? Thanks for your time,

  81. Ginger Marshall

    Can you provide a link to the HGTV tutorial, I can’t seem to locate it, or maybe it’s too long ago to pull it up. If you can, Thanks!! -Ginger


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