Master Bathroom & About My Upholstery Skills

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Now that Lucketts has past, I’m turning some attention to my next round of freelance projects, which includes giving my master bathroom a makeover.

 (Insert girly squeal that occurs when makeovers are on the horizon.)

So, this is the direction I’m heading…

DSC_0142 (640x424)


It’s right off of the bedroom, so I want it to flow with what I have going on in there…

DSC_8356 (640x480)


Here are some pictures of my bathroom that I dug up from the archives.  It basically looks the same today, except I changed the wall color and the mirror.  Sorry for the crummy photos.





Would you believe I have never painted that vanity or even replaced the knobs?!  I know…so unlike me!  I have basically written this room off.  It’s not worth trying to work around the almond fixtures, pinkish linoleum and things that are fine, but just not me.

Since the bathroom is small (one sink, one small tub/shower combo), the first thing I want to do is add a sense of luxury with marble.  I found these small scale, subway-patterned marble (it’s available HERE at Home Depot) with beveled edges for the tub surround and 12 x 12″ marble tiles for the floor.

DSC_0143 (424x640)

DSC_0148 (640x424)


The second thing I want to address is the lighting…or lack there of.  This bathroom is an interior space without any windows and it’s off of our bedroom, which has only one small window, so it’s dark in there unless it’s under the golden glow of incandescent bulbs.  Fortunately, we have an attic space above the bathroom, so we’re going to install a skylight tube.  I am so excited to see that natural light pour into the space!

The next thing I’m going to introduce is a beautiful, vintage piece of furniture – this antique dresser I recently purchased…

DSC_9171 (640x424)

…it’s going to become the vanity.  It’s almost the exact size of the current oak vanity, so it will fit perfectly.  It even has a matching mirror that I’m going to use as the new bathroom mirror.

I’ll add a little sparkle with this faucet…


(And I’ll have one to give away to a reader!)

Right now we have a dinky bathtub that does not say “master bathroom”, but we don’t have space for one of those swimming pool tubs, either.  I was able to find this bathtub, which is wider and deeper than our current tub, but is still only 5′ long and will fit in the current alcove.  Hopefully.  I still need to look into a few things to make sure it’s going to be possible without too much fuss.

KOHLER Tea-for-Two 5 ft. Bathtub in White

 (Of course, the tub doesn’t look too impressive in that picture!)

 …and I’m going to make a shower curtain like this one…

…with the same blue & white fabric I used in my bedroom.

DSC_0142 (640x424)

We’ll replace the almond toilet with a white one and have some fun with the accessories, which I’ve already started…

DSC_0145 (443x640)

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the lighting, yet, but I think it will involve pot lights and sconces on either side of the mirror.  We’re doing a lot of the work ourselves (as freelance tutorial projects), but will be hiring out the tub installation and tiling.  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.


On yesterday’s post, and other upholstery posts, I received a bunch of questions about how I acquired my upholstery skills, will I be writing some tutorials and what tools do I use.  Well, I want to do my best to answer all of those questions for you.

So, how did I learn to upholster?  The way I’ve learned most other DIY skills I’ve acquired…I just do it.  I start with a chair I don’t care much about, take it apart and try to put it back together again.  I’ve learned a lot about the right and wrong way to do things and the tools I like.  I’ve also learned some things that seem to be consistent with the kind of pieces I upholster.

I still have a lot to learn and there are many pieces that are waa-ay beyond my abilities.  But, I’m really enjoying being able to customize upholstered pieces to make them exactly what I want.  I’ve been using a $150, one-rung-up-from-the-bottom sewing machine that I’ve abused for about five years without a cleaning or tuning.  It sounds like a tommy gun and has started to choke on the layers of heavy grain sack fabric I ask it to sew for me. So, I just bought a new machine that’s made for upholstery.  I wasn’t quite ready to get one of the real bad-boy upholstery machines, so I went with a lighter weight model that can still do what I need it to do.  I’ll share more about it once I put it to work and get to know it better.

I have lots of projects in the hopper, including this pair of chairs…

DSC_0149 (424x640)

…the French day bed…

DSC_8376 (640x411)

 …and about 10 other pieces to upholster or slipcover.  Yikes!  Over time.  Not all at once.  So, I will make some video tutorials and share some tips along the way.

MMS_DividerFor all of my “honorary moms” out there who are worried about me working too hard, I have make an appointment to get a hot stone massage on Friday.

I also started watching LOST on Netflix, so I’m going to be totally useless until I finish watching the entire series.

So true.


  1. lori harmon

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee marble. It is so beautiful and it can practically go with any decor. I love watching your home change. I can’t wait until you start on the bathroom. What are you waiting for! I love your book also. Love the painting in your bathroom also. : )

  2. Melissa Linnenburger

    I’m excited to see your bathroom transform! I’ve just got to say that I have loved those green velvet chairs since I found your blog and started drooling over pics of your home. I have faith though that you will do something beautiful with them! 🙂

  3. Kim

    I’m sure your bathroom will look just gorgeous when you are done. I always love remodels that involve blue… since that’s my favorite color. 🙂 I’ve been teaching myself to upholster too, and I feel like I’ve mastered chairs and ottomans. I’d like to get brave enough to try a sofa. I was wondering if you could share where you get your fabric for your upholstery jobs? I really like that nubby looking off white fabric that you use often. Thanks!

  4. Gina

    I love everything you have picked out for your bathroom. 🙂 I especially love the soap dish. Is that a one of a kind find or mass produced? I would love to find something like that. 🙂 Thank you for sharing and being so helpful!! 🙂 Enjoy your massage too! 🙂

  5. Sarah

    I love the tile & that vintage piece of furniture! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Marti

    I’m the same way with watching tv, I watched Lost last summer. Every. Single. Episode. LOVED it, could watch it again! We are in the process of a bathroom remodel also. The last one in my house to get finished. It’s also attached to my sons room and will eventually be a guest room/ bath once he leaves the nest! I’m really excited with this one because its going to be very white….which normally isn’t “my” style I guess you could say. I’m using white subway tile on the walls. I tend to gravitate to more earthy tones, or “warm” colors, especially in bathrooms. So I’m excited for this process. In my master bath my vanity is an antique dresser that belonged to my grandmother. I installed a copper sink and faucet and I love it! I’m really excited about the skylight tubes your planning. We’ve been researching those for our kitchen, which is in the center of the house and doesn’t have great lighting. I would love someone’s opinion about them! As always I’m excited to follow along as you work!! I know it will be beautiful when you finish!! I wonder if they make a sewing machine that would teach me how to Sew??? Hhmmmm… 😉

  7. Sadie

    Oh Boy I’m excited for you too. I love Before and After Makeovers. The key to getting a job done is having a plan and knowing what you want. Those dang choices of figuring out the perfect paint colors and the right fixtures! Its great you have it all picked out and ready to go! I look forward to seeing the results.

  8. kristin

    So many comments I have! I can’t believe that is your bathroom. You are going to be in heaven when it is done! I almost got that faucet for our lower level bath–love it and so want a “hot”/”cold” one someday. I am laughing about LOST. My husband and I are obsessed with Netflix series. Don’t ask or your going to get an earful of “must watch” series! We watched every season of LOST non-stop, night after night until we made it through every episode! So sad 🙂 Wonderful series–enjoy. It is my husband’s favorite to date. I’ll just say this –mine is Prison Break–would love to meet that cast! Can’t wait to see your upcoming posts!!

  9. NANCY

    Thanks for the info on the upholstery. I am sure your bathroom will be perfect. How fun. Now, about netflix……… we just finished x- files, it took about 2 months, but was fun to watch the technology, and the fashions, evolve.

  10. Julie W.

    I’m loving that marble subway tile. And the soap dish – divine!

    I’m still scouring craigslist for the perfectly horrid project chair in my budget to re-do for the master bedroom. My husband thinks I’m a little cray-cray, but we just really need a chair in there, and I want to play with it and make it mine!

  11. Nicole

    I totally get the Netflix binge!! We just had our second baby boy and the late hours at night bouncing a little one in the family room have given me many series to watch! I’ll have to check out Lost. Your bathroom tile looks great–I’ll be interested to see where you got the floor tile from–that looks right up my alley for our own bathroom re-do in a year or so. Best of luck! You’ll do a fabulous job.

  12. Han @ brooklyn diy designs

    Ohhhh those marble tiles are gorgeous!
    We also used an old dresser as our vanity, will you keep the wood top? We were not sure how durable it will be so we went with marble top in the end.

    Can’t wait to see your bathroom transformation!

  13. Amanda

    I love all your choices! I would strongly recommend using a tub with three flanges — especially since it’s for a tub shower combo. No matter how well you block those tubs, they will flex ever so slightly around the sides. This can cause the caulk seal to break, creating a water leak problem. It’s not such a big deal when it’s a tub alone, but with daily showering, it can become a problem. Just some thoughts from someone who’s been there….

  14. Natalie Cox

    That dresser turned vanity with that faucet is going to be amazing!!

  15. Ann Mc

    We had a solar tube installed in our kitchen several years ago. It is amazing how much light it brings in. We also had a light fixture installed inside, so that at night we just flip a switch and it is a light fixture. You will love it!

  16. Michelle

    Wow you master bath is going to look amazing. I love the marble tile and the dresser that is going to be a vanity is beautiful. I love how you pull everything together and how it flows with the rest of your house. Looking forward to seeing the bathroom when it is finished.

  17. Katy

    I do that as well with television. We don’t even have cable anymore, we stream everything through our X-Box. My husband does not understand how I can sit and watch an entire season in 2 days when I don’t watch TV at all for weeks. Maybe it is my need to get things done.

  18. carrie

    I did a bathroom update this fall. I used an antique dry sink and put a vessel sink on top. It came out fantastic! Good luck!

  19. Donna

    Loving the direction you are taking with the bathroom! And the smaller subway tile. I need to finish up our bathroom, the tub is the last. It is a great old cast iron tub, but the wrong color, so I’m getting it resurfaced, and re-tiling, so seeing that marble tile stopped me in my tracks. I’m wanting to do some upholstering myself, to save the $, so have been watching your projects carefully. Have a great day Marian!

  20. Debbie refresh resytle

    The bathroom makeover sounds wonderful and I can’t wait for the upholstery tutorials!

  21. Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home

    Oh, I ADORE that shower curtain! What a cool idea. We did our small master bath in marble a few years back and I love it today as much as the first day. Can’t wait to see it all come together for you!


    I not doubt know it will turn out amazing.Love the tile! Just a thought,have you thought about raising the ceiling a little? That can add so much to a small bath.

  23. vicki lindgren

    I love the marble tile you have selected, its gorgeous, the beveled tile, love the look, hate the grouting. I feel compelled to share with you my experience with a similar tile that we used recently to tile our shower. That beveled tile is a BEAR to grout. Just want you to bear prepared!

  24. Marlene

    Don’t stop the inspiration—I love the bathroom – wish I could sew!! Maybe, I can find a curtain that is close!

  25. jbmuss

    I think framing the tub with old wooden columns (like from a porch) would look good. You could still put the curtain in somehow…

  26. Angie

    I love all of the choices you’ve made. And your vanity will look great. We updated our 1960’s master bath last year and made a vanity from our old dining room buffet. I’m so glad I did. I love it and it has held up beautifully (I coated it with a waterproof varnish). Good luck! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! ~ Angie

  27. christy

    We moved from PA to VA last summer and bought our (I think) forever house. Everything is perfect EXCEPT the master bath. At first I said it wouldn’t bother me, but every time I walk in there, my mind starts going 1001 different ways – I can now do a “mental makeover” in .02 seconds!! I have decided to do a makeover instead of a remodel (that will come in a few years). So glad you are going to be working along with me 🙂

  28. Pauli

    Your Bathroom is going to look so Beautiful!!! Love, Love, Love the tile! Lol, I am the same way about Netflix. I’m currently hooked on Fringe, which also was created by J.J Abrams who created Lost.

  29. Lisa Miller *Malone Street Studios

    Yes! So excited for your upcoming master bath makeover. We also have a very small, and nondescript MB bath. We are planning to knock out our tub and replace with a standing shower since neither of us take baths (and if I just had to, I could one of the other tubs in our house). Luckily that will mean more natural light as the curtain masks most of it now. Can’t wait to see your skylight and new tiling, and the vanity…well really all of it! I just love the materials you have selected, it will flow perfectly with your bedroom. Also looking forward to the upholstery tutorials as I have a few pieces awaiting me now. Just nervous to make the first move. Have a beautiful day!

  30. nancy

    If I were to remodel my bathroom the “swimming pool tub” would be the first thing to go. All I do with it is dust it.

  31. Andrea

    Fantastic plans for the master bath! I am about to tile my backsplash and love your marble subway. Is it an online purchase?

  32. Ruth

    So thrilled that you’ll be posting about reupholstering. Was going to make a trip to see Oz (as in “The Wizard of”) to get some much needed courage, but will hold off until I read your post. :o) Thanks, as always, for all of your inspiration and expertise. XO

  33. alice

    Hi Marian, How is your floor holding up that you put in awhile back?? Thanks, Love the tub!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      It’s great. I wish I went with a darker grout like I did in the kitchen, but it’s okay for a half bath. It’s a bit of a pain to clean the white grout in all of those hex tiles!

  34. AnnW

    The skylight will be wonderful. I put one in my bathroom about twenty years ago and it is my favorite thing. If you can possibly manage it, get two tiny sinks. It will make a big difference in your life. The tub is perfect. A soaking tub is much better than a tub that holds only 8 inches of water. A mistake I made in several bathrooms. There were no windows, so I used a 4 light sconce over the sink. When it reflects in the super large mirror, the light is Blinding! It is like 8 lights. If you can possibly heat the floor, or add a separate heater under the sink, do it! It makes it warm in the early morning hours. Ann

  35. teresa atkinson

    marion —- the main thing in doing a tub for your space that has a shower over it is to look for one that is designed for an ALCOVE installation. That designation gives you turned up tile flanges to keep water out of the walls behind the tub. Some have from skirts, some do not.

    I love the little cabinet you are turning into a vanity. The only issue there is you may want to modify the drawers so you keep a lot of your storage space.

    I am in the plumbing industry and would happily advise you if you have more details to cover.

    You are so inspiring and generous and I would love to help if you need information. Just email me.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, great advice. This one does have a kit that can be purchased to adapt it to fit in an alcove.

  36. Jean reistle

    Love your ideas. I’ve done several old bureaus for my vanities. I paint china, so I painted the sinks that we dropped in. We coated our bureaus with stuff that is used on sailboats/boats and I’ve had no problems with water damage, no matter how rough we are on them. Jean from south jersey…

  37. Ivet Cruz

    I found you on pinterest . I really love the shower curtain piece you made, but I want to ask if you have instructions. it would look just fab in my plain apt rental.

  38. Kathryn

    will look forward to the bath redo. I a little envious ‘cuz I’d sure like to rip out the awful pinkish tile in my own master bath. It’s UGH! but then again, I’m grateful I have a bathroom. Some folks don’t.

  39. camille

    I love the direction you are going with your master bath. I chose similar finishes and the marble REALLY brightened the room and added a little luxe touch. I even chose to top the antique buffet I used as the vanity with a remnant of carrera. LOVE how it turned out!

    Can’t wait to see your finished product!

  40. Susie

    Love your plans for your bathroom! However… I am concerned about how you are going to get the old bathtub out and the new one in. Good luck on that one! Love your blog and EVERYTHING you do!

  41. breida @

    okay – so here’s a new goal for me.
    write and publish the three part series of posts on renovating my downstairs bathroom that was finished in the FALL!! BEFORE Marian redoes her entire bathroom and blogs about it!!
    I should be able to manage that, right??
    And then I’ll have to repeat that for the upstairs hall way bathroom which has also been finished for MONTHS!!

  42. Annmarie

    You have inspired me to get started on a new shower curtain and valance for my bathroom — the one you shared is gor-ge-ous!

  43. Megan @ Our Pinteresting Family

    Your bathroom is going to look fabulous. I was very curious about your recovering of all these pieces. I look forward to your tips and tutorials.

  44. Pam

    You always have the best plans. Love the shower curtain with two panels, amazing! Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  45. Greer

    “Girly squeal.” Been there…heard that…HILARIOUS!

  46. Pam

    Question or maybe it’s a suggestion-I have some projects that I want to try milk paint. I’m having trouble telling colors without seeing them on pieces is there a place where all the colors are on actual pieces. And then if not… have you considered doing sample packs like a sample of neutrals a sample of warm colors and then a sample of cool colors. If I could just mix up a little of each it would be wonderful. Unfortunately I’m not close to a retailer.

  47. Shelly

    Can you tell us where you found that fantastic tile? LOVE IT! And, I love the shower curtain design, too!

  48. itsbebe

    It’s going to be fabulous! Those colors have been my favorite all my life, and that’s a long time. The tile is wonderful!
    Two things to learn from my mistakes.
    Make sure you can get the tub through the door. Sometimes it’s not possible without enlarging the doorway.
    And, I am going to buy a new toilet this summer……one with straight sides! (under the bowl) None of thos little arms and curleques to get dirt and who knows what into them.. Lowe’s has them for around $200, and I know other places do as well. Whoever designed them didn’t have to clean them.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  49. JanRoss

    Haven’t seen those little mini marble subway tiles – way cool! And I love the French look you are planning for the bath – as evidenced in your accessories. And I agree with you that a girly squeal is the perfect explanation when beginning a new project! Love the light tube idea and your indigo print for the shower curtain. Let us see it when you are all finished.

    We are about to embark in the kitchen on some wide beadboard wainscoting with some wider board panel trim work on top. Of course, this means we will need to find the top trim and baseboard trim deep enough to accommodate this. Let the fun begin!

    Good Luck to you.

  50. Carolyn

    Beautiful plan! So glad you can get a solar tube…I love the one in my bath and hall. Looking forward to future posts.

  51. Rhonda

    I can’t wait to see the bathroom when it’s all finished! I love everything you have chosen so far………..that tile?! Love it! I also really like the shower curtain and the valance above….hmmmm!
    Can’t wait for your turorials on reupholstering, I have made a few slipcover (by watching your tutorials) and now am ready to try my hand at reupholstery.

  52. Jelena

    Yay for video tutorials! I can’t wait!
    By the way, that vanity-to-be dresser is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    • Jelena

      If anyone is interested, I will have an “official launch” for my beginner blog this coming Saturday, June 1st. There will be a giveaway, and I could use as many visitors as I can possibly get, so feel free to come by and say ‘hello.’ You can find the URL by clicking on my avatar in this post.

      • Mary Syron

        ok— have no idea what you just said.
        Can you please translate for those of us who are not computer wizzards??

  53. Cathy

    I love the subway tile and the dresser. It is going to look fantastic.! Just a comment about the faucet. We have something like that ( but not as nice ) and I have regretted its purchase. All those corners, angles and grooves are hard to clean and attract soap etc. I’d recommend something vintage looking but smoother.

  54. camille

    LOVELY choices for your bathroom, especially the marble tiles. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • camille

      …and if you decide to top your vanity with marble, check the remnant section at your local stone yard. I got a nice slab for a fraction of what it would have cost me otherwise! Happy reno-ing!

  55. Carla

    MMS ~~ such a timely post as I just bought a fixer-upper and can’t even move in until some major things get done and one of them is the bathroom. I am absolutely going to use a piece of furniture as the vanity. Just have to find the right one. Also want to use some carrara marble as it is my absolute favorite. Then of course a low-flow toilet instead of the 7 gallon flusher in there.

    Thanks so much for all of your ideas to mix with mine.


  56. Phyllis Henry

    Ditto to all the positivity already mentioned in previous comments. I am restraining myself from jumping out of this chair and ripping out the rest of our bathroom makeover, but we need to keep the plumbing working until we get more done.
    ****PLEASE tell me where you got the beveled subway mini tiles-I’ve been looking forever and just can’t find them retail around here. Will travel for tile! Sending love for all of your inspiring works of art.

  57. Donna

    I am swooning, seriously swooning, over that French day bed. It’s the perfect piece to rest upon if you have a serious swooning problem, like me. I’ve been looking everywhere for one for my guest room/office. Love your bath plans/picks ~ especially the antique dresser-soon-to-be-vanity, the tile and that adorable French soap holder.

  58. Audrey Zumwalt

    Hi Marian … love your plans and anxious to see the final results. Our main bath, off the hall to the bedrooms and on the front of the house, does not have a window. Maybe because it is on the front of the house, but I had to have a window. We installed a skylight that can be opened like a window from the inside with a long crank. We used to keep it open a lot, but not so in quite awhile. Weather is a factor, but it is so nice to have fresh air coming in there and also let the steam escape when someones takes a shower. We put a piece of sunscreen over the glass one summer because of the heat from the sun. We love it and you will love one too. Think about one that you can open. Good luck.
    Audrey Z.

  59. Linda

    I know this will be an awesome bathroom…………beautiful!!!!!! The colors you use in your home are gorgeous, the blend of old, new and vintage are spot on………you just have “the touch”………….

  60. Sylvia Marie

    You my dear are amazing!!!!What I want to know do you have help with cleaning, cooking, laundry????? ( not the fun stuff!)

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Nope, not at this point. I’m terrible at getting help for myself, since I’m such a DIYer. Why pay someone to do what I can do myself? But it would be so awesome to have someone come in, even once a month, to give our house a good scrubbing. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. Maybe one of these days…

  61. Suzi

    Being the only girl you need a place for just you. This bath will fill that need. My hubby is an electrical contractor & says you need the pot lights AND the sconces to properly bounce light around the room. Many times he tells a customer who chooses not to put in sconces only to be called back in later to install them…after it is all painted & pretty! The sky tubes are great too.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, I’ve learned that no one looked good with light pouring down from above without some lights from the side filling it in. Right now we just have those lights above the mirror and those aren’t great, either. While we’re ripping the place up, we might as well do it right!

      • Kim L.

        I would love to hear all about your solar tube experience after you have it installed. I have been trying to talk my husband into a couple of them but he worries about them leaking. I have heard that they do not leak. I can’t stand having to turn on a bunch of lights when it is a bright and sunny day outside! I also would love to know more about that gorgeous soap holder!

  62. Lorretta from NH

    It is going to be an amaaaaaaazing Master Bath. Elegant ,yet simple? Love it. Have fun!

  63. Laurie from CA

    Hi Marian,

    I’ve been following your blog for only a month or so but it is one of my favorite things to do each day! I love the way you are so friendly and down to earth about sharing your experiences!

    You are right to change the downward lighting! It casts shadows on the face. Unfortunately I haven’t seen an pleasant replacement for those round “make up” lightbulbs except for make up mirrors. Maybe you can think one up? I also like soft lighting or candles when taking a bath.

    I don’t mean to be negative from here on out just to give you some things to consider based on my experiences. These are mostly practical ideas as you don’t need any help in the style department!

    12″ square tiles may look too big in a small bathroom so try smaller ones before you decide….try to avoid buying a fiberglass tub as they move when you step in or wiggle and don’t give that nice old fashioned feeling of getting a good soak…you can cover up the outside of the bath with tile if you don’t like the styling of it……make sure you have good fan to prevent mildew with all that fabric in there and in the tub enclosure…you could also build a surround and skip the exterior fabric, instead do a shower curtain that goes outside with a liner that goes inside…..get a self-closing toilet seat! they are amazing! they never bang!…..remember that a study showed that the towels [even never used] hung above a toilet many many more. Lastly, while I like the marble tile, are you sure that the subway cut is the best for the aesthetic you are doing in there? It’s sort of “functional” looking and for a bath don’t you want a “luxury” or “pampering” look? I know, we can’t often afford what we really want, so I certainly understand that angle. If it’s on backer netting, maybe there is a way to make a pattern out of that says what you really want?

    What you’ve got going is going to be a big improvement even if you don’t change a thing! Just some thoughts to consider…..and isn’t that the funnest part??? Good luck to you!

  64. Laurie from CA

    Oops! Left out a few words about towels kept above a toilet. They hold many more GERMS than towels stored elsewhere. This study was done by a college teacher who had her students bring in towels from various places in their bathrooms, used and unused. Then they looked at them under a microscope. They could not explain why the towels above a toilet had more germs….maybe they have figured it out by now. I suspect the frequent humidity caused by flushing, open toilets, and the tank created a great breeding place. I know it’s in a photo from another source but I just wanted to share the info!

  65. Regina from Dallas

    I love reading the plans for your bathroom. In the spirit of “great minds think alike,” I’m planning to make a shower curtain and valance for our hall bath. I’ll be VERY interested to see how you mount the valance and fabric curtain…that is, if I don’t just jump in and make it happen! Looking forward to the posts outlining your progress. Have fun!!

  66. KMP Modern

    OMG, your tile and fabric choice is so beautiful. I’m so jealous! I loved that bedroom with the wallpaper and curtains. You have amazing taste and I can’t wait to see the final results. BTW, that soap looks luxurious too!

  67. Mary Syron

    YIPPEEE !!! A project!! I’m excited as if it was in my own house.
    Can’t wait to see it all finished.

  68. Linda

    Your choices for the bath are spot on and I love the tile choice. My small kitchen has the small subway tile backsplash and looks wonderful. The kitchen is a little euro eclectic with yellow and blue English transfer ware and a few French and Italian accessories. Please do not let a reader make you question your ideas.

    Also, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your day bed. It looks good now but can’t wait to see what you do to it. You inspire me with each new post to do more to my home!

  69. Cheryl

    I have totally enjoyed your blog and your book. Keep up the great and inspiring work!
    You have so much to give to so many.

    Don’t forget to add some fancy trim to the cornice, not fluffy just finished!

  70. Kathryn

    This will be so you. Love it….and so happy you have been able to turn your attention to your home…as latter to your blog..but since the book ect…I have seen Kitchen,floors,bedroom and now Bath…great details. My Bath….O how I wish I could knock some space for a tub shower I can live with that.I just want a bath that will fit a 6ft gal… Again best of luck

  71. Ellen

    I have a pair of chairs with the same fabric, when do you think they were made?

    I had the same problem with Netflix I had to take a time out. (my daughter made me)

    Good luck with the bath makeover.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  72. Jill

    Ooooh, your bathroom project inspired me and had me rethinking one of our bathrooms! I love what you’re doing! Enjoy Lost!

  73. Cecelia Krajcar

    I am so wanting to know the name of the faucet you plan to use. I am hoping it is a Moen, as that is what numerous plumbers have told us is the best. I want to know the name. Just love it and we are going to be making over our bathrooms too. Also, looking forward to the upholstery tutorials. I started with slipcovering ( after watching your tutorial ) and have started upholstering some pieces now. So fun to see the transformations!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, it’s the Weymouth faucet from Moen, but I am working with a site that is selling it at a great discount and I’ll have one to give away to a reader!

  74. Jaime

    Oh am I so glad you posted the comment about Netflix, I’m not the only one!!! I watched Alias during Jan and Feb. I just LOVE it, they should come out with Alias the movie, and make several sequels. But, I just couldn’t stop watching! Then had withdrawals when I finished. Lost is awesome too. Really didn’t expect the ending. But…just glad I’m not the only one who has to finish the whole season!!!

  75. Phyllis Henry

    Marian- Not only do you show us inspired rooms and decor ideas, you also take the time to respond to reader questions in a lickety-split manor. I’ve already been able to find the tile despite my first unsuccessful trip to Home Depot. They really should put you on the payroll. Thanks for your help! Your forever fan, Phyllis

  76. Bettsi

    Hi Marian! I love, love, love the tile! Beautiful little gems, they are and they’re gorgeous with your fabric. Can’t wait to see it all come together- I know you’ll have me drooling on my keyboard! 😀

  77. Claudine

    Hi, Marian!!!!
    You have lots on the go and so do I!!!!!
    Yaaaay, we are doing our washrooms at the same time!!!!
    I chose black and white for mine!
    We are starting next week!
    I am also changing my dinning chairs and NO, I am not upholstering them myself, although I could if I had the time! Your luckets is done but I have a few markets lined up so I cant really do this write now!
    I just wanted to say I LOVE what you picked for your washroom and will be reading your posts!!! I have been reading (thank you for the great post on how to buy for markets) just did not have time to comment!!!! HUGS galore and enjoy that massage!!!!

  78. Peggy

    I have the solartube skylights in my kitchen and bath and closet and LOVE THEM. They are fabulous! Love the tile and the dresser/vanity will be awesome. Thanks for all the links.

  79. sandra

    Ms.Mari, I just redid our master bath and I can speak from experience now!! Take that tub out and put in a shower. I too have an old 70 house and have a second bath with the tub/shower combo for my guest or my sons to use when they come home.
    We have waited so long to redo our bath and now that we have we are kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner. The tile I picked out is from Lowe’s because Home Depot didn’t have enough of what I wanted and couldn’t order it. I think you and your husband would really ENJOY that shower and you wouldn’t t regret it, think in the future and get all the work done now before you get older and want to relax and enjoy your retirement years without the regrets of wishing you would have listened. We have never enjoyed taking a shower so much and it is much more relaxing with that tub side not being there and not feeling as though your in a cracker box. YES, we did look at the new tubs and decided to go to a shower instead. That furniture would be PERFECT and it would really be the focal point when you enter into your bath. Your bath is the EXACT copy of mine and now my bath looks like a totally different room!
    Just an FYI!!!
    Good luck and think TWICE before you start the project!!
    Blessings to you!

  80. Vicki v

    Our family watched all of the Lost episodes for the first time last year. It took us 6 months to finish the series and the ending left me scratching my head.

  81. sandra

    Ms. Mari, I forgot—- That faucet is the EXACT one I was waiting on but our H.D. didn’t have it, we have a SMALL store and Lowe’s didn’t carry it so I am waiting for the info of where to get it. I need the shower head but I wanted the white porcelain knobs, which we couldn’t find.
    Thanks for all the info. The marble is beautiful and will look so great with that fabric. Are you doing an accent wall with the fabric too? If you did a shower you could do a half wall with it, just a thought. Your so great at anything you do and God has blessed you with so much talent!

  82. Christy Keyton

    Two years ago we remodeled our master bed and bath, installing solar tubes. We LOVE them. The natural light is just beautiful. We have had no problems with leakage. I would highly recommend them!

  83. Ashley

    I am head OVER heels in LOVE with your shower soap dish. Never thought I could or would love a soap dish so much. haha. Where in the world did you get it? 🙂 Your bathroom is going to be simply gorgeous because everything you touch simply is!

  84. Deanna

    I cant wait for you to do the French Daybed , i will be watching out for it- because i have one i want to do as well – i originally bought it for our new lounge – it needs a total overhaul (except the rattan cane – its in excellent condition) It has been sitting on my veranday for ages – because i want to do it but couldnt think of how. Ive now decided since its going to be a family lounge (its actually a big 3 seater) – it will be painted grey and upholstered with a cream dropcloth – the heavy duty ones here in Australia are backed with plastic. Not too sure what to do with the seating – they are original, sprung and horse hair…..they will be the most tricky and challenging – to clean and re-cover.
    ps – i wish i could post a pic of our only bathroom……you would die. Its a terrible little thing, not even large enough for a bath… but we dont have the means to fix it up – so i’ll just watch you do yours, its going to look awesome. Is the skylight you are getting one you can actually wind open and let fresh air in?

  85. Gina

    Love reading about the process. Do you mind sharing where you found the soap dish, whether it is an antique or a mass produced newer item?? 🙂 I just love it and would love one if you bought it somewhere I cold find it. What a find if it is an antique!!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, it is an antique ironstone soap dish. I know! I snapped it up the minute I saw it. It did break along the seam and was glued back together, but I don’t care.

  86. cindy

    I’m making a sofa slipcover and saw that Miss Mustard Seed’s is almost identical in shape to mine. Mine is going wonderfully, except for the outsides of the roll arm. They don’t fit up under the roll arm, rather they hang down straight, even when sewn well into the curve of the front of the arm. When I sew the skirt on, I will have to gather this fabric hanging down which will kind of wreck the thing. I’ve looked at many slipcovers now – how do they get the fabric to fit around the roll arm properly???
    My guess: rather than one continuous piece, cut the fabric straight across parallel to the floor underneath the roll arm on the outside. The bottom panel will be cut an inch or two narrower than the top panel (the part that goes over the roll arm). Now gather this panel to fit onto the bottom panel which is narrower, and sew them back together. Now the bottom panel will fit up against the sofa as it should and will fit the skirt exactly. The piece that goes over the roll arm will be gathered slightly underneath the roll arm to fit the bottom panel.


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