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Before we’re into May, I figured I should share my favorites from March!  As I was working on this post, it felt like March was a world away.  What happened in March?  What did I do?  Why is it so hard to remember??  I usually try to jot down my favorites as they happen, so writing a favorites post is easy, but I obviously failed to do that for the month of March in 2021.  These are the favorites I was able to scrape together…

antique shopping with my mom | visiting family

Well, this one was easy and obvious.  It was such a joy to be able to drive back east to visit Jeff’s family in North Carolina and my parents in PA.  We hadn’t been out there since 2018 and it’s been way too long.  The main highlight was getting to see everyone, of course, but I also loved the day that my mom and I went to some of my old favorite antique shops.  I got to take home some fun things, but I just enjoyed being in those places again and spending the time with my mom.  We’re good shopping buddies and always have a fun time together.

For those who have asked, you can find posts about my favorite places to shop around PA, Maryland, and VA HERE and HERE.

antique haul | miss mustard seed

having a neat & organized studio

Man, I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed my newly neat and organized studio.  I picked through every drawer and shelf at the beginning of March and, even though the space doesn’t look dramatically different, it feels different.  I know where everything is and I got rid of supplies I don’t use.  I find that I’m drawn to my sunny studio even more and it’s a delight to create in.

yarn storage | organization | studio | miss mustard seed

working glasses

A couple of sets of Working Glasses from Crate & Barrel was one of my first purchases when my no-spend February came to an end.  I had bought our glasses several years ago from Home Goods and, as glasses have gone missing or been broken over the years, I haven’t been able to find new ones to replace them, so I decided to get rid of what I had left and start fresh.  These glasses have great reviews and they’ve been available for years, so the hope is I can add a new set if and when I need to.

working glasses | crate & barrel | miss mustard seed | march favorites

I bought the 14 oz. and 21 oz. glasses, both with the lids and they have been the best glasses so far!  They are on the larger size, so that might be a drawback if you have small kids.  I love having the lids, though, so I can use them for storage, too.  I’ve used them for cut fruit, marinades, vegetables, the last glass of milk in a gallon, etc.

working glasses | crate & barrel | march favorites | miss mustard seed

reading – how turner painted

I brought How Turner Painted with me to read on our trip and it is an excellent book!  So many art books on famous artists focus on the work, but this book really dives into the techniques, tools, pigments, and methods.

how turned painted | book review | march favorites | miss mustard seed

I found the sketches done on blue paper to be so interesting…

how turned painted | book review | march favorites | miss mustard seed

And I loved looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions of all of Turner’s tools and supplies.  Isn’t this portable watercolor wallet the coolest thing?

how turned painted | book review | march favorites | miss mustard seed

And I love that his ceramic watercolor palette still has his paint mixtures all over it.  After reading the book, I decided to watch the movie Mr. Turner.  I enjoyed watching his techniques and studio brought to life on the screen, but the movie disappointingly didn’t have much of a plot, so I wouldn’t really recommend it.

how turned painted | book review | march favorites | miss mustard seed

reading – patina homes

Patina Homes is another book I read on my trip and, as always, the Giannetti’s put out beautiful work.  The homes featured in this generously sized decorating book are all clean and classic but show a representation of different styles and design aesthetics.

patina homes giannetti | book review | march favorites | miss mustard seed

As with their other books, I love Steve Giannetti’s sketches.  With all of the beautiful interiors, they may be my favorite part, and that’s saying a lot!

patina homes giannetti | book review | march favorites | miss mustard seed

Can you remember your favorites from March?



  1. Julia Pounds

    Definitely my favorite thing about March was starting to paint with you. I’m a retired architect and although I took oil painting art classes as a teenager, I primarily painted pen and ink drawings of whatever school architecture project I was working one. Very different. Painting along with you helped me pick-up oils again, 45 years after my first experience. I’m very much a novice, but constantly pinning photos or art, a lot being yours, that I’d like to paint. I have a lovely place to paint in my Florida house and am heading back to there on Wed. Have new brushes and oils to try out when I get there.
    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and wisdom you give to others.

  2. corinna o

    thank you for sharing your talents, creativity and encouragement
    just painted along with 2 of your oil you tube videos
    happily signed up for your atelier class

    always enjoy your posts

  3. Julie | Home On The Hill

    Hi Marian,

    Regards Patina Homes, I took a look at the preview but was turned off by that very what I call ‘shipping container’ style home on page 3 of the Amazon preview – I have bought books in the past that disappointed because half the example homes are far from my style so wondering how much of the book is mid century/modern style homes?

    I have the Patina Style book which I enjoy, so a bit surprised to see that house in this book with that big red scrap metal sculpture out front that seems the opposite of their rustic antique style.

    Your studio clean up is inspiring me to do the same, I need to let go of some supplies as my art/craft room is crying out for some order! LOL

  4. Eileen Jareo

    I actually found those exact jar glasses with lids at the dollar store of all places! I bought a few to mix my paints in and store if I need to. Most likely an off brand but I do love them!


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