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Now, I have to confess right from the start that I am a little bit bias about this book.  Months ago, when it was still in the works, I was asked by Kim to write an endorsement, which I gladly did.  I had a chance at that time to peruse the book and I absolutely loved the premise, so I was so excited when I received my hard copy last week and had the chance to enjoy it in printed form.  The book is Home Stories – Design Ideas for Making a House a Home.

home stories book review | miss mustard seed

On the back of the book, it reads, “Every room has a story worth telling: Learn how to create rooms filled with warmth, meaning, and your own unique story of home.”  And this book does a beautiful job of balancing practicality with inspiration and realistic ideas with the concept of intentionally telling your story through stuff and how it’s arranged in your home.

Home Stories Book Review | Miss Mustard Seed | Kim Leggett | Leslie Brown

What I love about this book is that it delves into the nuances of what makes a great space.  It’s not about trends or design rules.  It’s about being honest and confident about who you are and what you love.  It’s old and new.  It’s modern, clean, polished, and it’s also rustic, and homey.  It’s dark and light, it’s colorful and neutral, it’s masculine and feminine, it’s flowers and plaids.  It’s anything and everything that can be used to tell a visual story.

Home Stories Book Review | Miss Mustard Seed | Kim Leggett | Leslie Brown

And I am so smitten with some of the spaces shared in this book.  They hit a variety of inspiration notes, which I really appreciate.  I like exposing myself to different styles, choices, textures, and ideas.  It helps me push beyond some of my own creative boundaries.

Home Stories Book Review | Miss Mustard Seed | Kim Leggett | Leslie Brown

And, if you love antiques, you will love this book.  If you don’t know, Kim Leggett is the creator of the City Farmhouse brand.  She’s a designer, a style-curator, author, and started the wildly popular City Farmhouse pop-up fairs.  She is a lover of old things and that shines in this book.  The styling is also lovely – something to aspire to, but not overly contrived.

Home Stories Book Review | Miss Mustard Seed | Kim Leggett | Leslie Brown

It really is a wonderful book and a great addition to my design library.  You can purchase Home Stories HERE or from your favorite local bookseller.

Home Stories Book Review | Miss Mustard Seed | Kim Leggett | Leslie Brown

home stories book review | miss mustard seed

If you’re looking for more books to check out from the library or purchase for continued reference and inspiration, you can find some of my favorites HERE.

The photos in this post (except those with my watermark) are from the book Home Stories.  Principle Photography by Leslie Brown.


  1. Gail Tyler

    I drool over the pictures and the stories make it all come together. You can tell Kim put this together with love. I got her to autograph her first book (side note, of course it was the one the new puppy decided to chew up a corner). Hopefully I can get this one taken care of as well….and the next one…hint..hint….Kim.

  2. Irene Kelly

    Oh cannot wait to get a copy of this book. I have made my home filled with stories also. Pieces I bought on our many trips through out the USA and abroad. I have collected dishes,, hats books from each trip that tell lots of interesting stories. All my framed needlework line our walls along with the many prints from interesting places we have visited. All this has made my home cozy and inviting so our visitors have told us. Now the challenge comes what to do with all this when I go because most of the younger generation have no appreciation of the finner things in life.

  3. Teddee Grace

    Based on the photos, I can see why you were biased. Lovely.

  4. Michele M.

    Sounds fabulous! Ty for bringing this to my attention! It’s on my Mother’s Day wish list now!!!!

  5. Mary Jane Pitman

    The torn, framed flag pieces would seem to violate the U.S. flag code which specifies what constitutes desecration/misuse of the flag. I realize someone other than the author may have torn and framed them, but using them as decor seems to signal acceptance in this use. Perhaps there is an explanation in the book.

    Other than this, it looks like a beautiful and imaginative book.

    • Marian Parsons

      These might not even be American flag remnants, so I wasn’t too concerned about it. They are clearly being used in a way that is meant to feature the pieces (whatever they are) and not be disrespectful. I’m willing to give the designer the benefit of the doubt.


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