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As I’ve shared many times here on my blog, I don’t do a ton of seasonal or holiday decorating.  I would just rather spend my decorating dollars on things I can use all the time instead of pieces that have a clear theme or window of time to be used.  But, I do think there is something to be said for doing a little refresh as the seasons are changing.  I know, because we just visited North Carolina, that some of you are already well into spring.  In Minnesota, trees, and plants are still waking up and we always seem to get at least one more snow in April, so I’m a little behind many of you!  For those who like to add just a little seasonal touch to your home, as I do, here are five quick and easy decorating ideas to bring hints of spring into your home.

decorating ideas for spring  | moss

I’ve shared this idea before, but I’ve used it for years and it’s so quick and pretty that it’s worth repeating – just tuck a little handful of moss into a teacup, small pot, little crock, under a cloche, inside a bowl or basket, etc.  The variations of this idea are pretty much endless and it just takes a few seconds to do.

five quick & easy decorating ideas for spring | miss mustard seed

I like to incorporate these into larger vignettes, but I also like tucking them onto shelves to add a little greenery.

Moss is a great addition around the base of live or artificial plants.

decorating ideas for spring  | change out the table centerpiece

Even if your centerpiece is simple, maybe it’s just a basket of napkins or a single candle, take a few minutes to rethink how you can give it a little refresh.  It might be as simple as changing out the color of the napkins or tying a pretty ribbon around the basket or candle to add some color.  For my dining room centerpiece, I added flowering branches to an ironstone pitcher, filled a bowl with green apples (that will later be used to make a tart), and tucked in a teacup filled with moss on a stack of books.  I only spent money on the apples and branches (from Trader Joe’s)

five quick & easy decorating ideas for spring | miss mustard seed

What I like about this arrangement is that it looks fancy, but I used just a few very simple elements.

I got a little carried away and set the entire table, which you could certainly do as well!  Sometimes having your dining room table set for a week or so is a nice way to dress it up for a season or holiday.  Calvin walked in as I was putting the silverware down by the plates and asked, “Oh, so what’s the special occasion?”

“I’m just doing a photo shoo – ”  He interrupted, ” – a photo shoot.  Well, it looks nice.  You should keep it that way for a while.”

This is coming from a middle school boy who doesn’t mind if his socks, backpack, and school books litter the floor.  But he noticed that the space looked fresh and cheery.

decorating ideas for spring  | pillow swap

Pillows are a great place to make a swap for the seasons.  While I use most of my pillows year-round, I do swap out a few here and there.  For the winter months, I’ll add in knit and fur pillows or ones with pom-poms.   In the spring, I’ll switch back to linen and cotton pillows.  When you’re buying pillows, look for ones with zippers, ties or buttons, so the covers can be removed and washed or swapped out for the seasons.

five quick & easy decorating ideas for spring | miss mustard seed

decorating ideas for spring  | change out your candles

I told you these ideas were simple and quick!  Just swap out a wintry-scented candle for one that smells more like spring to you.  This is obviously subjective, but a subtle scent can cue the change of seasons in the home as much as swapping out the decor.

five quick & easy decorating ideas for spring | miss mustard seed

decorating ideas for spring  | bring in potted flowers

Instead of bringing in flowers that are perishable, bring in a flowering potted plant.  Even if you’re not very good at keeping plants alive, you’ll probably be able to sustain it for 2-3 weeks, which is much longer than the average bouquet of cut flowers.  If you’re in the right climate, you can then plant it in the garden or move it out to a patio or porch for the summer.

five quick & easy decorating ideas for spring | miss mustard seed

I was laughing at myself a bit as I was editing these photos.  We’re focusing on deep cleaning in April and I just need to do basic dusting!  Oh well, that’s just life.  I’ll get around to dusting soon enough.

I know none of these ideas are groundbreaking or novel, but I think sometimes the creative ideas floating around online or in magazines are more than some people have time or money for.  And it’s easy to overlook the very simple and quick changes that can make a big difference in the feel of a room or the entire home.  I hope seeing these ideas carried out in my own home will encourage you and show that seasonal decorating can be easy.


  1. Betsy

    What’s the pretty purple flowering plant you have inside the clay pot?

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha! I have no idea! I’ll have to see if there is a sticker on it or something.

      • Jenni

        I love that plant. It looks like a (Serbian) Bellflower?

        • Suz

          I agree – looks like Bellflower /Campanula – in fact it looks a lot like one I have (Campanula Birch Hybrid). It’s been an amazingly resilient plant with little to no care from us, lasting years outside in an unlikely spot, and so generous with blooming. You make me realize, it’s time for another (inside first) – Thanks for the spring inspirations !

          • Kim

            It’s definitely campanula, and it’s a perennial.

  2. Jenn

    I love the simple ideas as I often can overthink things. Thank you for proving, again that simplicity can be so beautiful

  3. Paula

    “And it’s easy to overlook the very simple and quick changes that can make a big difference…” So true!

  4. JoAnn

    I decorate for the seasons much the same way! Made me wish for a Trader Joe’s.

  5. Jo

    I decorate “Collectic” because I love to treasure hunt, so simple seasonal additions fit very well.
    Dear Marian, thank you for sharing all your inspirations.

  6. Louise

    Those are all great ideas, thanks

  7. PJ

    I love that your Calvin noticed the changes and complimented you on them!

  8. Irene Kelly

    We had our Bradford Pear trees trimmed so I asked the men to save me some branches so I could make some arrangements all so so pretty ! Next will be the Korean Spice Viburnums to bloom and they smell so great but a little pungent scent. Just love the Spring with all its beautiful gifts,plus I get to celebrate yet another birthday !

  9. Mary

    I enjoy your blog so much! You have created a home that is both artistically creative and welcoming. Thank you for sharing your authentic self..

  10. Cheri Dietzman

    Forcing branches cut from our fruit trees are my favorite go to for bringing in spring in MN!

  11. Wendy

    Greetings from Australia – love this blog.
    Yes you are quite right about cut flowers. Especially in our climate where they do not last long.
    I m off to the garden centre to buy “something” in a pot for my dining table.

  12. Tracey

    I love these ideas. We don’t do seasonal decorating here like Americans seem to do. I much prefer these ideas.

  13. Debbie

    I went out and cut some branches from my bridal wreath spirea at the end of January. The branches had tiny buds and flowers just beginning to open. I put them in an urn on top of my china cabinet – and they’re still there. The branches bloomed, and then dried with the tiny flowers still on! I feel sure that I’ll be showered with tiny petals when I decide to take the urn down. Great ideas for simple seasonal decorating! Thank you!

  14. Deborah June Valentini

    Thanks for reminding us that it is the little things that can make a difference in so many ways not just decorating. Have a wonderful Spring! Blessings.

  15. Gail

    Love these simple and easy ideas!
    I’ve used the pillow idea for many years…my pillows are 20X20 , I originally purchased some pillow covers at Pottery Barn. But now I’ve found them in
    that size at IKEA. Just keep a stash in a drawer and change them out at will.
    Thanks for all your ideas!

  16. Cynde

    This is one of my favorite type of posts from you, so pretty. Thank you for all of your inspiring posts.



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