making a beautiful, comfortable bed with brooklinen

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Brooklinen.  As always, all words and opinions are honest and my own.

Use promo code MUSTARDSEED to get $20 off your Brooklinen order of over $100.

I was having a conversation with one of my good friends a couple of weeks ago and she shared that she just bought all new bedding.  It was a splurge, a deliberate investment in herself and her sleep after a particularly trying couple of years.  When I got off the phone with her, I thought, good for you.  We often overlook pampering ourselves by making sure our bed is comfortable and inviting.

I’ve learned the value of good bedding over the past few years and it’s become a non-negotiable to me.  It goes beyond decorating and aesthetics because sleep is so vital to our physical and mental health, our mood, productivity, and creativity.  We spend 1/3 of our life in bed, so it’s worth making sure the sheets are deliciously comfortable, the blankets are an ideal weight, and the pillows are perfect for our body and the way we sleep.  We can create an experience that makes us look forward to crawling into bed even on the best of days and aids us in waking up refreshed.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

 A little over three years ago, I worked with Brooklinen on a sponsored post for this blog.  (You can read that post HERE.)  They sent me some of their Super Plush Bath Sheets to review along with a lightweight feather comforter.

brooklinen bath towels | miss mustard seed

Well, three years later, I still use their bath sheets (they are my very favorite) and their lightweight comforter.  I even bought their towels as Christmas presents one year because I think they are so amazing.

So, when they reached out to me again about trying their Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle and Linen Quilt Set, it was a very easy yes.  I already knew they made amazing products that have lasted for 3+ years of daily use.

brooklinen down comforter duvet | miss mustard seed

So, when the new bedding arrived, I threw it all in the wash and dried each piece with wool dryer balls sprinkled in lavender oil.  (As a side note, please always wash your new bedding before putting it on!)

And now, let’s make the bed!

brooklinen bedding | miss mustard seed

I put together a fun little GIF series so you can see how I put the look together…

Making a beautiful, comfortable bed with Brooklinen | miss mustard seed

The first layer is a fitted and flat sheet in white from Brooklinen’s Hardcore Luxe Sheet Bundle.  I topped that with the Linen Quilt Set in cream and a cover for the duvet also in cream.  The kitties were so very helpful.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

I then added in a few decorative pillows that I made last summer for some color and pattern.  The result is a bed that looks relaxed and inviting but is also beautiful.  You’re not afraid to mess it up, but you’re craving a snuggle under those luxurious layers.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

I was a little nervous about mixing white and cream, but my gut told me that subtle variation would be beautiful and more interesting than all white and it definitely is.  I was also reassured that all of the Brooklinen bedding is designed to coordinate, so the creams, which can be tricky to match, will be harmonious together even in different materials.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

I also love the play of textures of the crisp cotton sheets against the soft washed linen.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

Aside from the bedding being incredibly comfortable, there are so many clever design features that I really appreciate.  It’s a joke when Jeff and I make the bed that I have a 50/50 chance of putting the sheet on the right way the first time, but I always get it wrong.  Like, 99% of the time.  I’ve even tried to outsmart my luck and start it the way I don’t naturally want to start it and then it’s still wrong!  On these sheets, they have little tags on the inside of the bottom right corner that label the “long side” and “short side.”  Well, hallelujah!

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

All of their pillowcases also have envelope enclosures, so the case isn’t slipping off as you’re sleeping.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

The duvet cover has ties on the inside corners that line up with loops on the duvet, so the cover will stay put until it’s time to wash.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

I also love that I didn’t have to iron any of this bedding or put it on fresh from the dryer.  Some bedding can look messy, particularly in photographs, if it’s not ironed.  Trust me, I’ve had to iron a lot of bedding for styled photoshoots and I thought I might have to do the same with this.  But, these sheets manage to wear the slightly rumpled look perfectly.  They look relaxed and effortless without looking sloppy.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

I couldn’t wait to get in bed last night!  The sheets were smooth and soft, perfect for summer and early fall.  The linen quilt is also a great weight.  Not too heavy, but provides some warmth.  And then, I can layer the duvet or my weight blanket over it if I get cold.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

It’s just a win all around.  Beautiful, comfortable, perfect.  And, with over 90,000 five-star reviews from customers, I’m not the only one who thinks that about Brooklinen products.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

The past couple of years have been difficult for most people in varying degrees.  I’m sure, we could all use some pampering, better sleep, and a bedroom that truly feels like a sanctuary.  If your bedroom doesn’t feel like that currently, Brooklinen is a great resource to find the perfect bedding at a fraction of the cost of other luxury bedding brands.

And, use promo code MUSTARDSEED to get $20 off your order of over $100.

brooklinen bedding | blue and white bedroom | miss mustard seed

And, I’ll leave you with a few other tips for creating a comfy, restful bed –

  • Dry your sheets and blankets with wool dryer balls sprinkled in your favorite essential oil.  (I use lavender, as I mentioned above.)
  • Give your sheets a light spritz with linen water when you’re making the bed.
  • Wash your sheets at least once a week.  I would wash them every single day if that wouldn’t be completely impractical!  Clean sheets just feel so nice.
  • Use layers, so you can adjust the warmth and weight you need on any particular night.
  • Make sure your pillows are best for how you sleep. I use a very flat, down pillow, since I sleep on my stomach a lot.
  • Have extra pillows that are comfortable when you want to be propped up to read or watch TV.
  • As much as you can, try to just use your bed for sleeping.  Don’t use it for work, eating, reading the news, internet surfing, etc.
  • Listen to an app like Headspace or Lectio365 to help you fall asleep faster and in a more relaxed state.
  • And, of course, make sure the sheets are comfortable for you and the season.  I like using nubby linen sheets in the cooler months and smooth cotton sheets when it’s warmer.

Sleep tight!


  1. Carswell

    I stumbled across Brooklinen’s products about 3 years ago – can’t remember where. I now have 3 sets of sheets for my bed and some of their waffle towels. I can attest to their quality and comfort.

    I don’t have any of their linen bedding – I would take the plunge except for the fact that I already have a plethora of bedding now and can’t justify cramming any more in my linen closet. LOL.

  2. Jo7nes

    I adore my Brooklinen sheets. They are the most comfortable sheets I have ever owned. And they wear beautifully. These sheets are worth every penny!

    • Lydia

      Well, you had me three years.

  3. Mary Noel

    Like a lot of people, I suspect, I have a split CA King bed: two XL twin fitted sheets, one flat CA King sheet, and two king pillowcases. How can I find out if Brooklinen carries such sheets?

  4. Irene Kelly

    I like LLBean 100% cotton sheets have used them for years and love them. But may try these. Not a fan of any animals in beds with humans especially spending an entire night’s sleep with dogs or cats. Not Good !

  5. JC

    I bought linen sheets on sale at Arhaus and they are so wonderful. I am looking for bedding for our newly remodeled guest bedroom and will check out Brooklinen. Thank you for the tips and discount opportunity. Your bed looks so cozy and pretty. That’s always a win! Great time lapsed video. 🙂

  6. Barbara C

    Brooklinen offers nice quality, but I was disappointed in the look of the envelope pillowcases. I love a pretty hemmed pillowcase opening; in fact I look for the cases that have about a 6″ hem. I have never had a problem with the pillows slipping out of the cases.

  7. Elizabeth Ward

    have been using Brooklinen sheets for several years now. They are the most comfortable sheets I have ever used. I absolutely love them. For years, every winter, I would out flannel sheets on our bed. Brooklinen sheets are so comfortable, they breathe, and are warm in the winter, cool in the summer. I need to buy a second set as they are the only sheets I use. Full disclosure, I did have to have a set replaced because they frayed, and the bottom sheet did tear. It is probably due to the fact that the sheets are the only one I use! I highly recommend them.

    Oh, I am also so thrilled to see the finished bed crown! It looks gorgeous!

  8. Susan

    Dear Marion,

    your bed looks DELICIOUS! I love the mix of cream, ivories and whites. I’m partial to cotton with a high thread count that is smooth. I wash my sheets every 3 days.

  9. Beverlee Lyons

    The first time you get the bottom sheet on right, take a permanent marker and write top or bottom. (It doesn’t show) Never have to worry about this again. Beautiful bedding!

    • Beverlee Lyons

      and, you don’t have to look for the little tag if you mark them!

  10. Cindi Brewer

    I just ordered the king sheet set! And they gave me a military discount. I’m your friend that lived in Germany too and my nephew Kris was in your class.
    I’m excited to have beautiful feeling sheets at this time in our lives! So thank you!! Cindi

  11. Lottie

    I like good quality cotton sheets. I usually try to find some that are on sale. Also, my mattress is 18” so I have to watch for sheets that are deep enough to fit. I have a king size bed in our bedroom & 2 queens in our guest rooms. The main problem I have is that I have yet to find any sheets that are long enough to tuck under a good amount at the foot. It’s pretty annoying when the sheets come untucked because there’s just not enough fabric to stay tucked in. Do they seem to be long enough to tuck in very much? Thanks.

    • Marie

      Rough Linen brand sheets have more than enough fabric to tuck in and not pull off! Expensive brand but the best quality and very generous with the amount of fabric. I love linen.

      • Lottie

        Thanks Marie for answering my question. I think I’ll give the sheets a chance. 😊

  12. Christine Irvine

    Esme likes them!
    She’s adorable.
    Glad she is feeling better.

    New Hampshire

  13. Kelly Alexander

    Yes! Brooklinen are my favorite sheets, comforter and pillows! After using them for at least 5 years I splurged and bought all Brooklinen for my short term rental. Seven beds properly made up with their sheets, duvets, and pillows. The perfect way to 5 star reviews!

  14. Sue in Northern Iowa

    I have been sleeping exclusively on Brooklinen linen sheets for two years. Love them! I just love the feel of linen – warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and the rumpled look is my favorite.

  15. Cindy A Redman

    Did someone say linen quilt? Omg… going to the site now, and your bed looks delicious…

  16. Elise

    These sheets have tabs to tell you which corner they go in?????? Absolutely brilliant!!!! Thanks so much for sharing how you style your bed and sharing all the information! Heading over to check out those sheets now!

  17. Jennifer

    Oh, your bed looks so cozy! I love the white and cream together. And that linen quilt looks divine! I’m going to check them out! Thanks for the discount code!

  18. Gina

    Thank you for your thorough review. The bed does look very inviting! As a fellow stomach sleeper I have difficulty finding good flat pillow that aren’t too hard. Would love to know- which kind do you use and love?


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