Lucketts 2017 | part 3

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On Saturday morning, the Lucketts Spring Market didn’t start until 10:00.  That gave my team a chance to catch a collective breath.  We all slept in a little bit later and were treated to an amazing breakfast by our hostess at the Zion Springs Bed & Breakfast, Chris.  Waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream served with a side of bacon was the most decadent breakfast I’ve ever had on a morning of a market!  And, it was all served on blue & white dishes, which is a small thing that made me smile.

We also gained two more helpers, Stephanie (of the blog Stephanie Spring) and her husband, Eric.  When I met him, I immediately realized he was an unspoken answer to the question, “Who will be able to take my mural down?”  (He’s 6’7″!!)  Anyway, the handiness of Eric’s height aside, it was nice to have some fresh energy, given we were all pretty tired from the work of the previous days.

…and we really needed it, because Saturday ended up being the busiest day of the event.  It wasn’t our busiest day when it came to gross sales, but it was busy because there were a lot of people to talk to and visit with…

…and many furniture pieces sold and were collected, so we were constantly rearranging the smalls and the remaining larger pieces and, if that wasn’t keeping us busy enough, we decided to find a piece of furniture to buy and paint on the spot!

I think the idea started out as a bit of a joke, but when Emily, Jenn, and I realized we were all actually serious about the idea, I told them to grab $100 from the register and let’s have a bit of fun with it!  Emily and Jenn were set loose in the market to find a good piece to paint.  They came back in about 15 -20 minutes with a pretty antique dresser that would benefit from a coat of paint, propped up on a dolly.  They even came under budget and snagged it for $75.

…and they both went straight to work!

They used my mom’s favorite color from the line, Bergere.  And my, oh my, it proved to be a brilliant idea, because it drew a crowd and the milk paint and finishes started flying off the shelves.  Jenn explained milk paint and answered questions while Emily painted and encouraged onlookers to brush some on as well.

We even ended up selling it for a bit of a profit ($125) on Sunday!  It was a win-win!

There were times on Saturday when the rearranging was overwhelming.  I know that sounds silly, but I really wanted my space to look nice for shoppers and there were times when stuff was haphazardly placed on the ground or on any free surface.  I would work on an area and turn around for a minute to talk to a customer, then turn back to that area and what I was working on would be gone!

It started to become a joke that if we wanted to sell something, one of us just needed to touch it.  As soon as something was moved, it sold!

Jenn, Emily, Stephanie, and Diane were all amazing at jumping in to restyle a space and the guys were always at the ready to shuffle furniture around at our direction.  Jeff even did some on-the-spot improvements and added hinges to the green grain bin that hadn’t sold, yet.

(And, by the way, Jeff was doing all of this with a swollen hand.  It was like the stay-puff marshmallow hand and we all sort of poked fun at it, even Jeff.  Well, he learned after the show that it was, indeed, broken and he’s now in a cast!)

There was finally enough of a lull Saturday afternoon that we were able to get the remaining furniture in somewhat of an organized fashion.  We did have to use a couple of folding tables draped with antique hemp sheets, because we were running out of places to put the smalls.

As the day was winding down, I went around with my fat Sharpie marker and cut prices for Sunday morning.  Sunday was going to turn into Miss Mustard Seed’s yard sale!  (Without a foot bath, old easter baskets, or a table of $.50 baby clothes.)

With the booth ready for Sunday shoppers, we decided to pick up a bucket of chicken for the group and have a leisurely dinner at the B&B.

It was a delightful evening after day where none of us had much of a chance to slow down.

Sunday morning started at 10:00 again and, again, we were appreciative of the more relaxed morning that opening time afforded us.  Chris and her team served us quiche, coffee cake, and fresh fruit before we headed off for the final day of Lucketts.  She managed to top the waffles from the day before.

Jeff and I had to pick up the truck that we rented for the return trip.  We weren’t sure if we would need it or not, but we didn’t want to take any chances!

When I arrived at our space, a little bit later than I had planned, my mom shook her head and laughed.  “Everything’s gone…”

What she meant was that dealers had come by my booth Saturday evening and Sunday morning and pulled tags off of pieces they wanted to purchase.  In addition, I had sold the dry sink overnight and Diane sold a couple of pieces in the morning before we arrived.  It took a few minutes to sort it all out, but we were basically left with just two pieces of furniture.  The jelly cupboard from my home and a small wash stand we purchased on Saturday and painted on Sunday.  (I didn’t get a picture of that one!)

We had quite a bit of ironstone plates left, so we moved them to a “dollar table” and they started to sell pretty quickly.

While Sunday was relaxed, we had a pretty steady stream of shoppers looking for bargains among what was remaining.

Jenn, who was a total machine all weekend, taught one more milk paint demo.  The owner of the B&B had a table that needed to be painted, so Jenn used that piece for the demo.

And Sunday was the first day we I had the chance to walk around to visit other vendors, do some shopping (although I resisted buying anything), see how the market was set up in the new venue.  It was the first time I saw I had my own directional sign, which was a fun little surprise!

By the very end of the day, all of our furniture had sold.  Our counter and display pieces had found new homes as well.  All that was left to pack and load were smalls and things we needed for the event, like chairs, a ladder, coolers, etc.  I didn’t realize how little was left until I tidied up the studio on Tuesday.

This is all that was left…

The boxes are filled with a mix of milk paint, ironstone, books, and some other smalls.

We came to Lucketts with two 20′ trucks packed with stuff, so it’s pretty amazing that this is all we have left!  And all I have to say about that is, thank you!

Thank you to the organizers of Lucketts, my reliable team, and amazing customers.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to be a part of the story of this business.

Lucketts 2017 | part 3

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47 Comments on “Lucketts 2017 | part 3”

  1. So glad it was so successful. If i had come back sunday ypu wpuldve had no irotone to take home,haha. I’m glad I got to see everything Friday morning.

  2. I loved hearing all about Lucketts, and seeing all your beautiful furniture and displays. Thank you for your support of my and other local antique dealers. Best of luck to you as your story continues onward!

  3. So great to see you and your family on Friday Marian. It was another great Lucketts show. I look forward to it every year like Christmas, and you are the highlight. I’m so sad at the thought of your moving away. 🙁
    In response to this post I will ask the question everyone wants answered– will you list the leftovers in your online store???? Please?
    Caroline English

  4. What a great weekend! I know your buyers are delighted with their treasures! Hope you take some time to relax. You’ve worked hard, Miss Mustard Seed!

  5. Wonderful! You boys were so sweet. I was greeted right away by Marshall on Friday. You could tell he really wanted to help out.

  6. What a fantastic successful show you had – congrats! All your hard work paid off very well, and so lucky you have such a wonderful team! Wish I had been there, but I’m a bit far away! Loved reading about everything!

  7. Wow !! Above and beyond what we could ask or think of,, Your reward for your heart and hard work…..awesome job !!!
    Blessings Marian..

  8. Good to see you again – your work is beautiful and I always enjoy visiting your space at Lucketts and coming away with some new treasures! Your generosity and kind heart are beautiful too – thank you!

    1. We had a good family friend house/dog sitting while we were at Lucketts. We considered bringing him, but he LOVES people and would’ve had to meet everyone! It would’ve been over-stimulation. 🙂 He’s doing great, though.

  9. Marian, I am so so happy for you. So happy that you , your family and your crew did so well. And had fun doing it. Oh, how I wish this unexpected surgery and liver issue did not get in the way of helping you. So glad that your back recovered. But so sorry to hear about Jeff’s arm.
    Tell your mom I missed her:-) See you as soon as I can get to you.
    Congratulations on all your success my friend.

  10. So glad we got to your booth on Saturday! You must be exhausted but at least your unloading when you got home looked small enough. So sorry about Jeff’s hand. Hope he heals soon!

  11. Wow, I am so glad you had such a successful time at Lucketts this year. If memory serves me correctly, this is the least left over you’ve had. Congratulations. I love your blog so much and I can’t wait to see where this next phase of your family’s life will take you!

  12. Wow… Is all I can say…. But it doesn’t surprise me… Your talented and your booth looked amazing… Would have loved to have been their in person
    Hoping your new venture still involves your blog, your videos and your painting

  13. The show was Amazing and I think I spent more time in your booth than all the others put together.
    I was the one in the red white and blue striped top that you sold on E-Bay. It made my day when you recognized it. 🙂
    I know you and your family are planning to move soon, but I sure hope you can continue to be at Lucketts nest year and beyond.
    God Bless,

  14. So proud to see all your success and accomplishments over the years!
    Congrats and best wishes on your move! Don’t ya love new beginnings!💕

  15. Marion,
    I’m really happy for you that all went well considering all your hard work, and effort. And it’s amazing how your Team rallied behind you.
    I’ve really enjoyed reading about Luckett’s.Tthank-you for taking the time for sharing your experience with us.

    Blessings, and all the best to you & your family

  16. WOW thanks for the pictures and so glad it was a success but I didn’t think it wouldn’t either. Awesome doing demo’s that is an added plus for everyone. Visual people need that.

  17. Marian, I’m so happy for you that your Lucketts weekend went so well! I just knew it would! You are such an amazing gal! God has truly blessed you!

    Hope you can take a few days to just relax!


  18. I always love the Lucketts post. I am so sad that it might be over. Waiting to find you what your next adventure or what the next leg of your business will look like. Thank you for how much you’ve shared of your business, the decisions you make, etc, you have been an amazing inspiration.

  19. Those blue and white Currier and Ives dishes are my favorite and we use them for our everyday dishes! I hope we’ll hear from you soon on your plans for the future.

  20. Marian, that was a very wise decision about Sebastian staying home with the house sitter. Good to have a house sitter too. Congratulations on successful Lucketts. Actually I expected nothing less considering all the work you and your wonderful team put into it. So sorry for poor Jeff and his broken hand. not much fun. Nice to see customers taking the time to compliment your young boys and the work they did. I think recognition, especially when young and just learning these skills is a good thing. As you certainly know, moving out of your comfort zone and exploring new options can be a wonderful experience. Your whole family has contributed to Jeff’s success and I am excited and happy for you all.

  21. I now know why the rooms were booked at Zion Springs! We stayed there last year for Luckett’s and I was disappointed to find it not available this year! I hope you had a few minutes to enjoy the view from the back deck. Chris had mentioned last year that she was a MMS fan and was planning to visit on Saturday to meet you.

    Congratulations on another successful Luckett’s weekend. It was good to chat for just a few minutes Friday afternoon. Brilliant idea to buy another piece of furniture to paint! Such fun, I’m sorry we missed the demos.

    I’m sorry to hear about Jeff’s arm, I broke my right wrist last summer trying to save time by going down a steep hill at an estate sale. Lesson learned about having patience. I had to have surgery to repair it and realized how very many things we do with both hands that we don’t think about. I wish him a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.

    Glad you found someone tall to help with the removal of your beautiful banner. A quick question, did you do a tutorial on how you did it? I’m feeling a bit brave and encouraged by your recent art adventures and think I might like to make one for our vintage schoolhouse in North Carolina!
    Wishing you all the best in your coming adventures and praying blessings over this next step for your sweet family!

  22. How amazing! It’s crazy to read for months and months about all the prep you’ve done and pieces you’ve found, and to think you sold 2 20′ trailers in 3 days. What an incredible accomplishment!

  23. Congratulations Marian! I hope you have nothing but fond memories of this years Luckett Market, what a dream to have so little left to pack up and bring home! I love how you share your thoughts with us! That’s why, even though you don’t know me, I feel like you a friend! (My husband says I smile when I read your bog). Wishing you only God’s best❤️❤️❤️

  24. Wow! Sounds like so much fun! Your pieces are awesome! I wish that I lived near you to enjoy the weekend. Love all your posts!

  25. I have read your blog for years (pretty much since you started!) and not yet commented. Just wanted to say how proud I am of you and the community you have built. Such an inspiration to us all, regardless of the type of business we run or life we have. Your work is a testament to the power of being a nice person and having a bit of grit and determination. Thank you for sharing, and wishing you the very best for future.

  26. Incredible!! Thanks for walking us through it all. Congratulations for a great show and for the incredible business you’ve built. You are an inspiration.

  27. Thank you for sharing your Luckett’s event. Makes me feel like I attended! Congratulations on another successful event. I wanted to be sure and tell you – you are an amazing, wonderful example of a hard, very hard working talented woman with a vision who accepts challenges and shows strength of character, family and faith. Here’s to continuing success. And I love my doodle book and tutorials.. Thank you Marian, looking forward to whatever comes next from you.

  28. Autumn was so happy she brought her coloring book back to be signed! Congrats on an awesome weekend! Glad we were able to visit your booth Friday and Sunday.

  29. Jeff, Marion, Marshall, Calvin, Warren, Kim, Mark, & Jen,
    It was such a blessing having all of you at Zion Springs! You were fun, real, and of course a delight to bounce ideas off of! Again, the greatest blessing of running our B & B is sharing what we’ve been given with those who sit at our table. Hope to see all of you again!

    Chris at Zion Springs

  30. So sorry to have missed you. I was there on Friday, (we traveled from Ohio). It was a great show and we left with a trunk full. You had a lovely booth but you must have been taking a break when we were there!

  31. Wow!!! You guys did SO well! I was so sad to miss again this year. I had hoped to come down on Saturday but we ended up having a memorial service to attend smack dab in the middle of the day. I’m sure it was such a weight off of your shoulders to literally sell out, especially with your upcoming move.

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