Lucketts Recap 2017 | part 2

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If you missed part 1 of the Lucketts 2017 recap, you can check it out HERE.

Friday was VIP day, but it was a little different this year.  The VIP tickets were essentially for early admission from 8:30 – noon.  At noon, the gates opened to general admission, so we were expecting a morning rush and another possible rush in the afternoon.  Our space was as ready as it could be when the gates were opened to the VIPs.

(And we were excited, as you can clearly see!)

At our old location on the Lucketts grounds, we were pretty close to the entrance, so we could see the wall of people approaching.  At this new location, we were a bit of a hike from the entrance, so the crowd was diffused a bit once they arrived to our booth.  We later heard from vendors near the entrance, though, that there was a train of shoppers, with wagons in tow, who made a beeline to shop my space!

Once the people made it, we started to fill up quickly and I was thankful for all of the extra room we had this year.  What felt not-so-cozy and spread out at set-up looked comfortable once it was populated with shoppers.  I got the sense that people could really see and appreciate the vignettes and the “rooms” we created.  There was a relaxed vibe that was definitely missing last year as our line grew to a 45 minute wait.

We had four registers working and still had a bit of a line, but we got people checked out and on their way pretty quickly.  I even started processing quick cash sales to help with thinning out the lines.

I was asked to do a milk paint demo for the local news channel in the middle of our busiest morning, but we had a little bit of a lull, so it worked out perfectly.

I know I talked about milk paint, but I really have no idea what I said!  The whole event was a bit of a blur and that was just another part of the blur!

The day was full of sales, meeting readers and regular Lucketts shoppers, and talking about paint and antiques.  My team, that was mostly made up of people who hadn’t worked at my booth in previous markets, worked together like a well-oil machine.

My mom, Debbie, Jenn, and Diane ran the checkout counter.  My mom has been checking out customers since my second Lucketts Spring Market and Debbie, who seems to be good at everything she does, has been helping me paint and prep for Lucketts while Kriste was on maternity leave.  Diane and Jenn would jump off the register when the lines slowed.  Jenn, of Eight Hundred Furniture, who is a MMS Milk Paint retailer and the manager of the MMSMP Instagram account, would answer milk paint questions.  Diane, who is a five year Lucketts veteran shopper and antiques dealer at Suite Pieces in Long Island, New York, would lend a general hand to customers.

Emily of Penny & Ivy, who also helped with Lucketts prep and is a fellow “furniture gal”, and my husband, Jeff, helped customers with questions, carrying bulky purchases, etc.  My dad and Jenn’s husband, Mark, worked two wrapping counters and managed the packages we were holding for customers while they shopped.

And Susan, one of my long-time readers, worked the cutting counter…

Basically, if you hang around me long enough, I’m going to put you to work!

By the end of the day, we sold about 2/3 of our inventory and had to do quite a bit of shuffling around and staging to get things presentable for our Saturday shoppers.

The space looked pretty sparse compared to what it was, but if it was staged in my old 10 x 30 space, it would’ve been a pretty good showing!  It was all I had, though!

We wrapped things up for the day and headed out for dinner and then back to the bed & breakfast to get a good night’s rest before Saturday…

Lucketts Recap 2017 | part 2

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13 Comments on “Lucketts Recap 2017 | part 2”

  1. So what was left at the end of Saturday? I am sure your dry sink sold.
    I just noticed your three drawer dark wood box in your photos here. Love that…sure it went to a good home.
    Overall looks like you had nothing to take back. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience, loved seeing it through your eyes!

  2. Thank you for sharing Marian….I had to chuckle at the part when you said ‘….but I really had no idea what I said’ during your interview, because when I spoke to you on Saturday and Sunday I wanted to express to you how much I liked following your blog, your style, your books and also wanted to wish you well to you and your husband on your exciting future…….but what happened was exactly that…..’I really had no idea what I said’, I babbled a few things and nothing came out right, lol ! I do much better behind the keyboard than in person, lol !

    Love your style….

  3. Your space looked amazing as usual! My daughter loves her little blue hand painted dresser and can’t wait to have it in her new room. I know you will be moving in the future and I’m really hoping you stay close enough to continue to show at Luckett’s. You are pretty much everyone’s favorite! I know you are mine! Will you be having a warehouse sale prior to your move with any other items? Lucky for me, you are close enough for me to head your way if you are! Congratulations on another successful year!

  4. When we were riding around with the “pink shirt” guys picking up our purchases, we stopped by your space to pick up our items, and one of the guys looked over at your booth and said, “Is she packing up or did she just sell that much?”. Haha, I told him, no she has just sold that much!! Your space looked amazing and I am so glad you had a incredible weekend at Luckett’s. It was our first time there, and I hope we can come back again!!

  5. I’m so proud of you! Two-thirds of inventory sold on first day? Unbelievable.

    Considering the weather worries and the fact that this is your first year in a much larger space, you hit it out of the park.

    Your rooms and vignettes were lovely, but the picture of the crowd waiting to check out is truly a thing of beauty.

  6. I can relate to putting people to work….or might I say my friends can relate. If you stop by my shop at any given time I’ll put you to work helping unload a haul or moving some junk!! Us women have to take advantage of any extra muscles!!

  7. Just finished reading your post. You didn’t mention your little mini-me who greeted
    us at the entrance to your area. Your youngest is adorable! I’m sorry that I didn’t have the chance to meet your older son.
    Your area was wonderful and I love my purchases, only wish I could have fit the Empire piece into our car.
    I pray you will not move too far away, but wish you and your family the best.

  8. I really like your style. I have been dressing the rooms in my house like that s for years & so appreciate your ability to envision something pretty out of what others might classify as junk. I have a question totally out of this realm. I noticed the sleeves on your t-shirt look longer than some I find. Also, your cropped pants look like something I might wear. Would you mind sharing where you purchased them both. I already know about your linen topper as you told us in your emails how much you like that & where you got it. That’s such a cute(& forging-which is what “I” need) piece. I look forward to opening your emails every time I get one. Thanks. Carlotta

    1. Ha! I’m not usually asked fashion questions! 🙂 The shirts are called the ‘American Apparel Unisex Track Tee”. It’s a tri-blend t-shirt that is comfy and has longer sleeves and a longer torso. We have our logos printed on them, but I think they are pretty common.

      The capris, I believe, are Lee? I’m not sure which ones I was wearing that day.

  9. I had to laugh when you said the vendors in the front noticed a beeline of people heading for your pavilion. I was one of those running to your location! I am so glad that it was so successful for you, as it should be, because you ROCK!

  10. It was such fun! Today I leave NY to return to Vashon with my treasures safely packed. I can’t wait to unwrap them when I get home. Thanks for all your great photos here and I can’t wait to come again!

  11. Made my first trip to Lucketts this year! Arrived at your booth Saturday around 12:30 and it was very picked over, which didn’t surprise me at all. 🙂 Picked up a small glass bottle, some oil and sample size of paint. Chatted with your lovely parents and told them I loved their bedroom in the most non creepy way possible. Your dad made a cute joke about it. Hoping your future journey still allows you to come to Lucketts for many years!

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