Dash & Albert Rug Design Competition

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I have been a long-time fan of Annie Selke and Dash & Albert, so when I was invited to participate in their rug design competition, I was all in!

Fifteen digital influencers, including some of my blog buddies, were invited to submit three rug designs that are reflective of their personal design aesthetic for a chance to have their rug come to life.

The designs will be posted on the Annie Selke Instagram page (@AnnieSelke), where the public will cast their vote as to which designs they would like to see made available for purchase. The 10 designs that receive the most votes between July 6 and July 20 will be entered in to production, and then sold online by Dash & Albert, an Annie Selke Company.

I’ll keep you posted on the voting, but I wanted to share the designs I came up with as well as the inspiration behind those designs.

Of course, I immediately knew I was going to do blue and white.  No doubt.

And that color palette led me to antique coverlets.  Those designs are well suited to be transferred to a tufted wool rug or woven cotton, don’t you think?  Well, I thought so!

I was specifically inspired by this coverlet…

It’s an antique from the 1800’s and I love the overall large-scale pattern as well as the border.  I decided to take elements from this coverlet to create three complimentary designs.

The first design is an all-over pattern of the large floral that I put in a repeat.  I think this one is my favorite!   

The second rug is a stripe made from the border of the coverlet…

I like this one especially for a runner, but I think it’s a nice busy-but-neutral rug option.

The last one is a more modern take on the design.  I enlarge the border of the coverlet and created a trim border as well.

Would you put any of these rug designs in your house?

Well, you’ll have a chance to vote on it soon!  I’ll share more detail on how I created these designs later, share the designs I didn’t submit, and will post updates when the voting opens.

I do have to say a huge thanks to my assistant, Heidi, who helped me with the technical side of making these designs a reality.  You’ll hear about her when I share the design process.

Dash & Albert Rug Design Competition

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70 Comments on “Dash & Albert Rug Design Competition”

  1. Gosh I love the first one! I love All. Of them but the first one speaks to me …… 💚

  2. It would be great to have all three in my home since they coordinate with each other. The first one is my favorite, but I could see the second one as a runner between two rooms. The third one would be great in my dining area to define the space.

  3. Love all 3 designs. I would happily have any one or 3 in my home. I would love a runner out of #3! You do such beautiful work. Can’t wait to meet Heidi. Keep up the inspiration!

  4. All are grand, but I will be voting for number ONE.
    Now can the average Nancy Blow afford one?
    Wishing you luck, you deserve a WIN!

  5. I’m in love with all three! The first would be a perfect area rug for my living room. When I saw No. 2 I thought runner right away. Need that too. Or No. 3 would be good also. I love them all!

  6. They remind me of the old woven coverlets of back in the day. Many of them had the weavers name
    woven in the corner of the coverlet. We donated my Aunt Lucy’s coverlet to the Xenia, Ohio historical
    society. She lived to be 104 years old. You are truly amazing.

  7. I am also a blue & white fan – LOVE all three – the first one in my favorite, great for a large area rug. #2 would have to
    be a hall runner or in a master bath, #3 would be wonderful on either side of a bed to keep feet warm on those chilly
    trips to the bathroom! I hope they are all chosen to be represented!

  8. I love all three, would pick number one. I would love to see the same design in shades of pale greens. I can dream….Good luck on having your ideas made into reality!

  9. I love the first and third designs the best and would definitely buy if I had a place to use them. You are so lucky to have the talent and design logic to put together beautiful works of art no matter what it is you are working on. Some of us have it and some don’t. Unfortunately I’m in the don’t category.

  10. Marian, I love all three of them — one for our Great Room, one for the Dining Room and one for the Guest Bedroom! However, I just love the first one! I’m a country gal and just love everything blue and white! Hope you win! Blessings!

  11. Not only would I love to buy any or all 3 of them as rug patterns but I would love to see these patterns as wall paper, fabric of different weights, greeting cards, decorative trim or repurposed again as a new -old coverlet/bedspread/pillow sham. Antique textile patterns are so attractive, so versatile and could be made into so many “things” in so many appealing color ways.

  12. I absolutely love all of them. I have the antique blue and white coverlets. I collect them.
    Yes, I would definitely put these in my home
    Beautiful choices

  13. I agree, the first one looks the best! Although I don’t have anything blue in my house, I’d definitely buy a rug in this pattern if it was made in some other color (rust red for example). Fingers crossed for you, Marian! Hope you win.

  14. I love all the designs and seriously hope #1 makes it to the manufacturing stage so I can purchase it! 🙂 They all coordinate so beautifully together. Good luck, I know I’ll be voting!

  15. I like them for sure, but I’m a little confused. The competition didn’t require an original design? And though I like Dash and Albert they are usually on the very simplistic side and that’s one thing I don’t love about them. But your design is very complex and that’s one thing I like about it.

  16. Love all three designs! However, what are we to do if we are not blue and white folks?? I would love the designs in turquoise….I wonder if D& A would do that!

  17. You knocked it outta the park with number 3!!! That is the prettiest rug ever and I sure hope you win

  18. I really like all of them-like most everyone has commented. I would also use one design as a runner as others have mentioned. I used to have a lot of my house decorated in shades of blue for several years but got tired of it. I’ve been through green stages, yellows, browns & grays. I just started using white & navy in my master bedroom this spring & your rugs are making me want to go with a few more blue rooms. I would love to see these in a cherry red/cream & a taupe/cream. I’ve got a stairway that I would not be able to use the blue on.
    You are so creative. God has blessed you with much artistic talent.

  19. Marian,
    I agree with so many of your friends! Any of them would look beautiful at Zion Springs! You amaze me with what you’re able to come up with…. your watercolors, paint, decor, and now patterns! So much fun! Huge blessings as everything comes together at home for the move!


  20. I love them all!! I think the first would be fun. We sell Dash and Albert – one of our vendors do – and I’d love to see your design win!!

  21. I’m a bit older than you and for my taste, the first one is too busy for a rug, but the 3rd would work. I love using the colored items as my accent so I love using color in rugs, pillows and drapes/curtains as they are easy to change out compared to upholstery, furniture and paint which leave in neutrals. The colored items you just buy, open and display and voila, you are done:)

  22. I love all of these rugs and would use them in my home. The first one is my favorite though. Blue is my favorite color as well! Good luck!!

    Can you please tell me where you got the blue pillows on the couch photo? I just love those too!

    Thank you!

  23. They are all beautiful. I wish I had blue and white in my house, but I don’t. I’d definitely look into them if they were in different palette.

  24. I love all of them. I could see myself using #1 and #3 in adjoining rooms like my living room and dining room. Just beautiful!

  25. Oh my gosh – I love your rug designs! My favorites are # 1 and #2!!!!! Beautiful Marian, just beautiful!!!!!!!

  26. Im disappointed to see that you are trying to use somebody else’s creations as your own. I hope the other designers are offering original works. The original piece you copied is lovely, but not yours in any way.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, but it is a very common practice in the design world to use antique pieces for new designs. These are works that are not covered by copyright and it’s a great way to make these old designs available in a modern home. I am not claiming these as my own creation, but as a re-creation of an antique piece.

  27. Love all 3!! Unfortunately the only blue in my home is turquoise, so if I I used them would have to re-do my decor. Wait… Not a bad thing at all!
    Good luck in the contest.

  28. I like the patterns you chose, but I think the first one needs a solid border. I would like to have seen that blue pillow design as a rug.

  29. I agree. While these are beautiful, I’m shocked that they would want what is essentially someone else’s design that you appropriated. This seems questionable, at best. And rather disappointing.

  30. I love all of these! I hope you win, because we are building a house next year and I will need rugs. 🙂

  31. Marian, that coverlet is amazing! SO beautiful! I like the first rug choice best as well, though would like it even better with the border shown in the pic above it, from the original design. THAT would be a stunner! 😍

    I’m not sure some people realize how many fabric and wallpaper designs (that they probably love) are actually remakes of vintage patterns, done in contemporary colors, which bring the design into the current century. Don’t let that criticism discourage you. As you know, I’m sure, many patterns and prints are remakes of exquisite vintage designs. How sad it would be if these were lost forever to another time period. You go, girl. ❤

  32. I love 1 & 2 (especially as a runner), that coverlet is a prize. I hope these are eventually for sale, because yes I would buy. As to the comments about copying an antique, wow, do they not know that this has happened forever? I love it!

  33. Number two would be perfect for the winter runner of my new “someday” kitchen. Hope you win so I can buy it! All design and music which we consider to be our “original” work, is, in truth, a copy or conglomeration of things we have seen or heard which have been stored in our marvelously created subconscious memory, whether we recognize that fact or not. As Solomon said over 2,948 years ago, “there is no new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). How lovely to see the actual antiques which contributed to these beautiful designs.

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