the bird painting

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Hello, all!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  We were able to take a break from packing to have a cookout with some friends, which was a nice diversion.  I am so ready to just have everything on the truck and be done with it!  There is still more left to do and we’re down to the nitty-gritty, which is the worst part of packing, in my opinion!  It’s almost done, though.  I’ll share more about the logistics on our move in tomorrow’s post.

Until then, I thought I would share more detail on a piece I get a lot of questions and e-mails about – this bird painting…

It is an original painting that I purchased from a charity auction at my sons’ school about three years ago.  I got in a bit of a bidding war for it, but I still only paid around $40, which I thought was a good deal.  It came in the pretty frame as well.


I have looked up the artist’s name, simply signed “Mina”, but I didn’t come up with anything.

I’ve had a few offers to buy the painting, but I’m planning on keeping it for now!  I’ve developed a real love of original art and I’m trying to cultivate my collection.

If you’re interested in starting or adding to an art collection, I hunted and pecked around Etsy and found some original paintings of birds and nests that spoke to me…

(Just click on the right and left arrows to scroll through the paintings.)


the bird painting

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15 Comments on “the bird painting”

  1. I can only imagine how ready you are to be finished with the packing. Been there 9 times, including 2 moves across the country, and it’s exhausting. Hang in there, best of luck, and looking forward to hearing where you’re going.

    Also, thank you for sourcing some original paintings out there. I’m for sure considering as I prefer original paintings myself. I don’t care if they’re not professionally the best. I just prefer an original over a print or giclee any day.

  2. I started picking up flora painting here and there and now I have enough to make a grouping.
    Makes me wonder about the person behind the pictures and how they ended up where I found them.

  3. I love your bird painting! I love original art too and I am so lucky to have a daughter that is an artist. I love bird art and she had created many for me. It only cost me the price of a bachelor of fine arts degree:)

  4. We moved 10 months ago from our home of 12 years…I thought I was really doing well on packing and purging all our belongings last summer until the last couple of weeks! Do not envy you, but we survived and so will you! 😉

  5. That was generous of you to curate a collection of original paintings featuring birds. You found a nice variety.

    Original art is far more accessible than most people realize. There’s no need to go through a gallery. A good source of original work in Houston is the art school connected with the MFA. Their annual sale is full of paintings, photo prints and ceramic work of all sizes, all subjects and relatively modest prices.

  6. 8 months ago we moved from Philadelphia and our home of 33 years to New Mexico. Lots of purging, packing and asking my husband ‘are you sure we can do this?’ His answer was always a resounding ‘yes’! He was right. We survived and so will you! Go luck as you get to the end of this and start your new adventure!

  7. The “bird” painting is so sweet and I love the patina on the frame. Glad you took a mini-break from the packing to enjoy the holiday. Your buyers must really be flexible with a move date since you announced your home had sold a few months ago.

  8. We are all anxiously awaiting your announcement of where you are moving! I am guessing that you all know or you wouldn’t be ready to bound out the door, lol! Thanks for all the wonderful posts! Excited for you all!
    Love the bird painting! Please keep it as a memory of your sons school.

    1. Debbie,
      A ” little bird” gave me a hint at Lucketts that they kind of knew where they were going but I don’t think everything was quite finalized at that time. I think the reveal will be very soon though…In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t already purchased a new home. Maybe we should do a contest to see who can guess where they are moving?

  9. I love your painting, and $40 is a bargain! I have a few special paintings I will not part with. One is a bird’s nest with eggs on a wooden bench. My good friend painted it for me when we had to get a new house (nest) due to a house fire. We got a nicer house and we are still in that house almost 21 years later, this month. When you lose everything-including 2 cars you are never going to take anything for granted again. We lost a large collection of paintings so we had to
    start over. But we are so grateful for our home and our lives-no one was hurt and we are doing well. When you start over it is hard at first but everything will fall into place. Best wishes for a smooth transition!

  10. Your painting is very cute!! Thank you for getting together the photos of the Art work they are so pretty. I have moved a lot and it is not my favorite thing to do!!! Be safe in your traveling.

  11. Best of luck with your move. We moved 17 times while my husband was in the Army. It never got any easier. But, the reward was always at the end when we got to live in a new, exciting place.

  12. All of John James Audubons bird drawings are available through the National Audubon Society. You can print out high quality prints and have gen framed. I have three in my home. They have the same look as your painting. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. I have purchased several original paintings from a french artist on Etsy by the name of Helene Flont. One of them has a sweet blue bird sitting on a teacup. Her style is very feminine so not to everyone’s taste. Her prices are reasonable however and I adore her paintings. But then I adore almost any painting with flora and fauna and animals, particularly grazing animals in a landscape. Your painting is lovely and a wonderful find!

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