Lucketts 2013 Day Two Recap

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Day one of Lucketts is all hustle and bustle.  Day two is much more relaxed.  It was still the busiest day two I’ve experienced in my Lucketts fair career, but it wasn’t anything like the Saturday craziness.


I actually had a chance to stage my space and take some pictures before the gates opened…

DSC_9818 (414x640)

DSC_9820 (510x640)

DSC_9821 (424x640)

DSC_9823 (640x424)

DSC_9824 (424x640)

DSC_9827 (424x640)

…and I had more time to spend with people who came just to say hello.  Lorraine brought me a beautiful ironstone sugar jar with a daisy planted inside.

DSC_9830 (424x640)

Does she know me or what?

Candace of The Love Tag Shoppe, who had waited in line since 8:00 am Saturday in order to shop, came back for day two to hang out.  (Thanks so much for sharing your pictures, Candace.)

MMS and Candace 1

I also had a chance to see my dear friend, Funky Junk Donna, in action over at the Hometalk booth next door.  She was teaching how to use basic tools to build unique pieces out of some “junk” provided by the Lucketts Store.

DSC_9839 (424x640)

(Left to right…Me, Donna, Candace and Karen.)

MMS Donna Candace Karen

I also got to spend some time with Breida, my buddy from Lucketts last year.  She was spending the weekend at Lucketts for her birthday and was sharing it all on social media. I loved her I’m-a-social-media-dork-and-proud of-it pin.  (Breida, you know how hard it was for me to get a picture of you?  You were either blinking, talking or blurry in all of my pictures!)

DSC_9844 (640x424)

I usually have lots of time to shop and visit other booths, but I only had about 30 minutes to do that this year…

DSC_9856 (424x640)

DSC_9853 (424x640)

DSC_9852 (424x640)

DSC_9849 (640x424)

DSC_9848 (640x424)

DSC_9846 (424x640)

(Doesn’t the dresser above look like Shutter Gray and Mustard Seed Yellow MMS Milk Paint?  I’m not sure if it was, but it’s beautiful!)

I only bought two things.  Some photogenic pencils and a typewriter key bracelet.  Big spender here.

DSC_9858 (640x424)

As the day was winding down, Candace came back to pick up the vanity she purchased first thing Saturday morning.  It’s a special piece because it belonged to my grandmother.

MMS Mom Candace

She had me write some history about the piece on the back on a drawer, which I thought was such a creative idea.

MMS Signs

Everyone then packed up their vehicles and went on their way.

MMS Chair

MMS Sold

We ended up being able to fit the remaining merchandise into my dad’s truck and my van, which was awesome.

I do have some things that didn’t sell to put in the online shop and I have a new shipment of t-shirts coming in to sell.  I’ll get that set up soon.

I still have so much more to share…lots of before and after pictures, tutorials, some thoughts on shopping for pieces from a vendor’s perspective, my philosophy on pricing, and some details about a very special visitor in my home…


Lucketts 2013 Day Two Recap

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38 Comments on “Lucketts 2013 Day Two Recap”

  1. Hi
    I Love your new book and love your website!! I was wondering
    how I could get one of your tshirts that I saw in one of the website
    posts? i would LOVE one!
    Let me know

  2. Again, thanks for the pictures!! I can’t wait for the online shop to get going. Do you know when that might be? Also will you be selling any furniture in the online store? I can’t wait to stop by Lucketts when I go to N.C. And I’d love to come home with some beautiful MMS furniture!!

    1. I’m supposed to get the t-shirts in next week and I just need to make sure we’re set up with the shipping. I’m sure we’ll learn as we go, though. Yes, I do have plans to sell furniture pieces online as well, but I don’t currently have any in the hopper. I do have some things leftover from Lucketts that I’ll put up. I’ll definitely post about it when I do!

      1. Any news on the t-shirts? Will the be listed for sale in the shop or another way? Really want one & have been looking daily for them to be available. Thanks so much!!

  3. Marian, so glad I got to see you and say hi at Lucketts. My husband and Jackson really enjoyed meeting you, too.

    I love all my goodies I bought from you. Still finding places for them. 🙂

    I thought the same thing when I saw that blue and yellow dresser. It has inspired me to paint a piece in that color combo. Now, to find the right piece.

    I actually bought some of those silvered jars that you took a photo of. They are so cool. I thought I might make some myself, but then I did a little research and found out you pretty much have to have a chemistry lab. And since I set my bangs on fire in chemistry in high school, I think I will leave the silvering to Charm City Farmhouse.

    Hope you’re getting some much-needed rest.

    1. Thanks for picking up some of my bottles Amy! They were a real hit at the Spring Market! I’m going to be making some more in the next week (after I recover from my FIRST Lucketts market!).

      Those bottles are all hand silvered using a chemical process created in the 1800’s for silvering mirrors. They are NOT painted and contain REAL silver!

      I’ll have a link on my blog when I recover from my Lucketts hangover!

      Charm City Farmhouse

  4. If you didn’t sell that little white child’s cabinet I would love to buy it off you. My sister was none to happy I encouraged its’ sale. I could throw in a couple of sugar pots to sweeten the deal.,,,sounded like a bad pune didn’t it?

  5. I love your attention to the small details – all of your tags and twine – how your overall look just pulls you in. I laughed and had a good time browsing the photos of your husband helping you! So fun.
    Thanks for sharing the Lucketts fair with us!

  6. Hey there! I guess I just get all happy when I’m with you – I can’t stop talking and laughing! I don’t know what the blinking is about. That’s new for me.
    So far, I’ve seen that pile of locker baskets in EVERYONE’S post about the Market. I took that picture, too! It seems that we ALL did! I checked right before the end of the day on SUnday and they were still there . . . I REALLY should have gone back and tried to get a deal on them!
    See you around the mulberry bush (or in Atlanta – which ever comes first).

    1. Breida,
      Thanks for checking out my stuff @ the Spring Market! I had 50-ish locker baskets and sold all but about 6 by the end of the weekend! They were from an ice cream factory in PA and had sat in a barn for about 20 years! I knocked off some of the rust with a wire brush and hit them with a little Satin Poly to seal them which gave them an awesome aged patina! They garnered lots of pictures

      Terry Jett
      Charm City Farmhouse
      Find us on Facebook!

  7. Thank you for always being real and sharing your life with all of us.
    While viewing the pictures from day one I saw you had a green bowl with spools of fabric or cloth tape displayed. Might you still have the bowl and is it for sale. Please pm me through email because I am very interested in purchasing it.

    Thank you and blessings,

  8. Yes! That dresser IS your Milk Paint-shutter gray and MMS Yellow–I spoke to the vendor about that piece! She also had a hutch w/ MMS yellow on the shelving-and shutter gray on the outside. She did a fabulous job w/ your products!

    1. Yes, those dressers were painted in MMS paints! My friend and fellow Barn Vendor Megan of Bmore Nestled did an amazing job using your products to their fullest! She has a real eye for color.

      I CANNOT believe that dresser didn’t sell! It really was stunning!

      You can find Megan here:

  9. I always find it interesting to see what items a vendor thought would sell but didn’t and if there was anything you were ho-hum about that sold first? I know when I sell at my once a year craft fair, my least favorite item is always one of the first to go. I like to think I subconsciously made it for that special person because they always REALLY love it. 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for sharing the photos of Lucketts . Promise me you’ll have some of those luscious cubes of soap in the online store.

    Please pray for us here in Oklahoma. Although I live in the southeastern part of the state, we have all been affected by the tragedy in Moore. Thanks!

  11. I LOVE your pictures!! I am so sad I missed the Market !! I am local to you, I would love to see what you have left. No shipping would be needed 🙂

  12. I love looking at your pictures and hearing about Luckett’s fair. I so want to come next year!! I absolutely love the white mirrored buffet and can’t believe it didn’t sell right away!! What a great idea to write the history of the piece of furniture too!!

    1. Gina! I honestly woke up at 3am Sunday morning… in the hotel room about 30 minutes from Lucketts… shook my husband and said, “Hey, wake up! I have a really good idea! Don’t let me forget in the morning! I want to ask Miss Mustard Seed to write the history of the vanity on the back of one of the drawers! Don’t let me forget! Okay? Okay?” He begged me to calm down and go to sleep. Ha ha! I guess I should invest in a notepad to keep by my bed!!

      On another note… that’s what my shoppe is all about… love tags! Little tags that are slipped into each piece of furniture that I refurbish that tells its history. Check it out if you have a sec! ♥

  13. Looking forward to picking your brain on pricing. I struggle here. Too expensive; don’t sell, too cheap; shorted myself and devalued my time. How to choose the correct venue for my items? Stores that consign…what is a fair percentage cut/rate? Only sell some things seasonally? Or will there be that person buying a Christmas item in July? I think I have the goods….need to work on the marketing. Anxious to hear your ideas. Thanks!

  14. Hi, just wanted to tell you that you have great STUFF. Candace from The Love Tag Shoppe is a very good friend of mine from when she lived in Texas. I love having young friends. She is like my grand children’s age. Looking forward to your postings.

  15. Holy Moly…you had Donna at your house!!!! I think she is amazing, and just absolutely love her blog. Surely she is just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog…there is no way she couldn’t be! Its wonderful that the two blogs that inspire me the most actually know one another…how weird is that?

    1. Yeah, Donna and I have been friends since I had 75 followers over 3 years ago. This is the first time we’ve met in person and she is every bit as wonderful as she is on her blog.

  16. You are just soo cool and have a great eye! Thank you for being kind and sharing the picture of us. My husband just thought I was just a nut when I woke him up this morning to show him the picture. 🙂 Thanks for making my day! Stop by and say hello next time you are in the big metropolis of Hanover.

  17. All i want to know is who was the Lucky person that took home My Peanut Scale?? I live in CALIFORNIA and would have loved to make it to Lucketts..

    1. The scale went to a very good home and it has a lot of MMS pieces to keep it company. A sweet girl named Diana has been shopping my booth for 3.5 years…3 Lucketts Spring Markets and one Old Lucketts Fair in August.

  18. Hi Marian, I’m the one who said I would email you for contact info for your upholstery/slipcoverer contact near Front Royal. I think you said her name is Ruthie. It was fun to see you and your family in person, and it was heartening to see just how successful such a genuine person can be. See you again next year in Lucketts. Best wishes! Jill

  19. Your set up is amazing and inspires me. I was wondering where you found those boxes of chalk? I will be setting up for a show in june and will be selling chalkboards and thought those would be great to sell also. Thank you.

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