Lucketts 2013 Day One Recap

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 Saturday is always THE DAY of Lucketts.  That’s when the die hard buyers come and the place is always bustling.  I started the morning super early at 5:15 am, so I would have plenty of time to drive down and get the booth set up by the time the gates opened.  The skies looked a little cloudy as we drove south, but I was still optimistic.  Clouds are okay.  Clouds are good.

Just as we drove over the bridge into Virginia, the rain started to fall.


There were some clear spots of sky that were taunting me.  I thought of Maryanne in Sense & Sensibility.  “There’s some blue sky.  Let us chase it!”

Well, the blue sky just moved further away and when I arrived at Lucketts, there was a steady drizzle.  Bummer.  My heart sank.  All of my stuff was in a cube under a tarp.  There was so much to do and how were we going to do it in the rain.  I don’t want the waxed pieces or upholstery or my books or textiles or lavender or boxwood getting wet.  Okay, Marian.  This is what today is going to be and a little rain isn’t the worst thing that can happen.  Just go with it.   I had little pep talks with myself like that to prepare for 10 hours in squishy shoes and customers huddled under umbrellas.

As we started to shuffle things around under the tents, figuring out how to keep them dry, the rain let up.  I raced around, frantically trying to get things set up.  My husband kept assuring me that there was plenty of time.  I knew it was going to be tight and I knew I would have to start letting go of some of the ideas I had for staging the space.  There were fifteen minutes left and I thought we might make it.  Everything was at least presentable except the farm table, which had been the dry place to set stuff until I could put it in it’s place.  I was working on the table and last two boxes and my husband said, “Alright, here they come!”

“No, no…not really, right?  I’m not ready!”  I looked up and saw a bunch of people, rushing through the gate.  Ten minutes early.  The line of people was blocking the parking lot, so they had to open the gates.

For a few seconds, I felt the disappointment welling up.  I didn’t get to finish.  I’ve worked so hard and I didn’t get to execute my vision for my 2013 Lucketts booth.  I stood, a bit dumbfounded and at a loss, looking at my farm table, which was a mess.

DSC_9729 (640x424)

In my distress, the people rushing around my space, pulling tags, gathering things up in their arms, was a blur.

DSC_9728 (640x424)

I finally snapped out of it and took notice of what was happening in my space.  No one else cared that it was unfinished.  I don’t think anyone even noticed.  This was such a snapshot of how silly I can be.  Running around fretting about things that don’t matter and I miss the amazing things that are going on right around me.  I realized that I needed to just let it go.  The booth wasn’t finished and that was okay.  It really didn’t matter.

We had to set up the checkout under a makeshift lean-to with a tarp and customers had to hunch over as Faith and my mom wrote up tickets and it really didn’t matter.

DSC_9724 (640x424)

The line was so long that Emily and I abandoned the unpacked boxes and started writing tickets and taking cash in the line and that didn’t matter.

DSC_9738 (436x640)

I was so busy, that I had to give up control of my camera to Shawn, who took some really nice pictures…

DSC_9726 (640x424)

DSC_9804 (424x640)

DSC_9794 (424x640)

DSC_9750 (640x396)

DSC_9723 (640x424)

…and found quite a source of entertainment in catching my photo-bombing husband…

DSC_9771 (640x425)

DSC_9770 (425x640)

DSC_9758 (640x465)

DSC_9757 (640x449)

DSC_9755 (386x640)

…and that didn’t matter, either.

 Dude…I was laughing out loud at those pictures last night.  And that’s not even half of them.  He’s always been able to make me laugh.

Anyway, most things didn’t go as planned and weren’t how I imagined them to be, but it was all perfect in it’s own quirky, wonderful, remember-the-year-at-Lucketts-when-we-did-fill-in-the-blank kind of way.

Fortunately, Allison from The Golden Sycamore did share some of her pictures with me…








And despite the tarps and the rushing around like a crazy lady and the fact that I didn’t finish, it was the best fair day ever.  Most of my furniture was sold within an hour.  Pieces flew out of my booth at an overwhelming pace.  There were so many people to meet with and talk to and sign books for that I didn’t take a sip of water until about 2:00.  We even had some other Lucketts vendors swing buy later in the day to find out what we were selling that caused such a frenzy.  That made me smile.

As with all events, I learned a lot of lessons and have some plans for how to make things even better for next year.

Did you catch that?  Next year.  So, start making those road trip and girl’s day out plans for Lucketts 2014.  I’ll be there.  I may not finish setting up, it may rain, my pretty white tents may be hidden under blue and gray tarps, my shoes may be squishy and I may have a really bad hair day and dirt under my nails, but I’ll be there.  I hope you’ll be, too.  And that’s all that really matters, right?

Lucketts 2013 Day One Recap

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102 Comments on “Lucketts 2013 Day One Recap”

  1. Ahhh Marian, once again your plans weren’t HIS plans. I hope you learn the lesson quicker than I did. :-)… I am still learning!!

    Congratulations on a wonderful 2013 Lucketts.


  2. Marion
    I am hoping you can share some tips for loading, protecting, and transporting furniture. I have a booth at Stylish Patina’s Barn in Frederick and live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. May was my first time transporting a long distance. I was so nervous! You put so much effort into the pieces you do and it is nerve racking unpacking the trailer when you arrive at your destination. Your experience and tips would be welcome.
    Thanks Ronna

  3. Haha! I love the photo bombing! I laughed out loud when I saw those, too! It was so great to meet you this weekend, Marian! I’m glad I could grab a couple shots of your booth before the swarm came! It was crazy – one minute it was all quiet and then the next it was chaos! Congrats on a successful weekend even with a bit of rain!

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful sale!! And thanks for sharing the picture. A little rain didn’t stop your booth from looking beautiful. I’m counting down to 2014!!

  5. ha ha..we too were freaking out when they let them in early… it was out bathroom time.. yikes !! and there was that rush of customers !!
    glad you had a great show, it was nice to finally meet you in person,

  6. Sounds like a fun day, imperfect & rainy and all. 🙂 Wish I could have been there…but Texas is a long shot from Virginia. Maybe a girls trip next year?!

    Have a restful week,

  7. Can I just say seeing your hub in the photo’s has been a hoot and I loved each one..your success does not surprise me…since no booth….your items are now more special…I have a friend who has a store and she is now doing events next fall will be our 4rth she hopes she can grow it to almost able to just do the shows…

  8. Looking good, Marian! Your hard work with P90X really shows! I’m so glad you had a successful showing at Lucketts!

  9. Dear MMS, How fabulous that you were able to have such a great day! That’s so funny about your husband and the photos. I’m glad you have a husband with a sense of humor. It’s so important. Speaking of husbands, mine has promised me that he’ll go with me to Lucketts next year and we’ll make a vacation of it. So see you there! Hugs, Anne Boykin

  10. Marian, I love your blog…you are such an inspiration! Love your style…LOVE YOUR HAIR!! 🙂

  11. Congratulations! As usual with your postings, I am amazed how talented and humble you are! Another feather on your (am sure continuing to burgeon) cap
    Btw great work on your health efforts, could see proof in the pics. You look GREAT!!!

  12. I had so much fun at Lucketts! I didn’t notice anything other than all your beautiful things. I guess maybe since it was my first time I didn’t think anything of the tarps and such. I didn’t get to say hello since the line was so long and I had limited time there with my friends. I loved seeing some of your pieces being carried out and knowing they were yours. My friends think I’m crazy. Ha! My main hope was to find an old glider for our new front porch and I did! Thankfully for me it fit in my Moms suv. Not so great for the list of four people who wanted it if it didn’t fit. I think I will be making it a girls weekend every year. So many amazing things. I was overwhelmed!

  13. Looks like lots of fun and lots of goodies!! I’d love to make it some year from here in Memphis. I LOVE your book – I read it cover to cover, which is something cuz most decor books I just peruse pictures, but your content as well as pictures was inspiring!

  14. Marian! Marian! I was that girl… the girl that was first in line at 8am… waiting to be first at Miss Mustard Seed’s booth! I was so anxious! I had my eye on one piece… the vanity that was your grandmothers. I waited and waited… as the two hours passed. Well, almost 2 hours. Ten minutes ’til 10am and the ladies at the ticket counter said, “This poor girl has been here since 8am… let’s let her and her husband in early! WHAT?!? Are you serious?? I couldn’t believe it. I hustled… jogged.. ok sprinted… over to your booth and heard the exact word you spoke of. I heard your husband say “Here they come!” and you said “No, I’m not ready!” I took a step back and just watched. You won’t remember this because you were in the frantic mode that we all feel in that moment. But I just watched. I stood and watched. I didn’t search for the vanity. I didn’t swoop up the pieces I wanted. I watched. You are an inspiration even when you don’t realize it! I stood for about 6 minutes… watching you put on the final touches and then the flood gate opened… so I ran in!! Found the vanity, tore the tag, and started loading up my arms! Everything was perfect! Just perfect! So even in your moments of despair… know that ‘someone’ was watching. And the way you handled yourself was an inspiration! You always are!

    1. Oh fellow Candace, thanks for making me feel as if i was there!! I SO wanted to make it, but could not. Next year, I will be there for sure…! So happy you were able to find the piece you were there to get, and sooo lucky to experience Marian’s exciting “shop”..!!

  15. Am planning on being there next year. Don’t know why I didn’t visit when I lived in Virginia Beach area, no I had to wait till I moved to Key West! Well I think the trip will be well worth it. Great photos and as always I enjoyed reading your post. Have a blessed week.

  16. Hello Marian!!! Don’t we put such pressure on ourselves to have it all Just So!! And in the end, you are right, it doesn’t matter – the important things fell in to place and you had a great time: Not that experience you imagined in your head of sunny skies and a slow pace of meeting and greeting, but one that happened in Real Life!! AWESOME!! I was unable to attend but I will soooo be there next year, and who knows, maybe even be a vendor!! Fingers crossed!! Loved your photo bombing hubbie, toooo cute!!!! **hugs**

  17. Oh Marian, I’m so happy for you and so pleased with how well your sale was!! I know when my friend and I got there around 9:45 am on Saturday we went directly to your booth and boy am I glad we did!! I couldn’t believe how swamped it was and I’m so excited that I got the beautiful bee skep!!! {PS-thanks again for letting me pay you directly} I know if we had not come directly to your booth it would have been gone. Folks kept staring at it as I walked around to all the tents 🙂 While the booth may not have achieved your finished vision it was still STUNNING as always and I loved seeing it and you!! I’m so glad God blessed you so abundantly on this trip! His ways definitely aren’t ours!! I hope you get a chance to peek at the magazine I left for you too!!
    Hugs, Jennifer

  18. Wooohooo!!!! I loved this story! You overcame those little hurdles that exist in our minds – it is so extremely important and rewarding when you can let go of that control. I’ve been in the same boat before and my loving boyfriend and friends have reminded me – just because you have envisioned it, doesn’t mean others will know what’s missing! I think as artists and dreamers, we are so capable of envisioning every detail and when all doesn’t go as planned, it can be a bit disheartening. BUT when you do let go, and actually allow yourself to enjoy and soak up the moments, it is SO much more rewarding than stressing over every last detail. So proud of you and your accomplishments. It is evident that Lucketts 2013 was a success for Miss Mustard Seed! Congrats 🙂

  19. Oh my! Sounds like it was a day to remember for sure! Your husband was cracking me up in the pics – mine would be the same way (must be something with youth pastors!) I’m so glad the day was a success! I was one who stayed away because of the weather, but now seeing your pics, wish I had come after all! There’s always next year! Thanks so much for sharing with us!


  20. I got a little chuckle out of the tarp and huddling, HOWEVER, your husband had me cracking up!! Every next picture you had posted of him had me laughing harder and harder! So glad it was so successful–not surprised at all. All the furniture gone within the first hour–not surprised. Again, I butt in to say “Raise those prices a bit Marian–this is a piece of history they are buying!”

  21. Congratulations, Marian! I wondered how you fared….I was in Cincinnati for a whirlwind weekend, which included Springfield Extravaganza. Vendors I spoke with there also commented the weekend was good for them, in spite of the rain.

    Your husband’s photo bombs had me laughing out loud too – by the 3rd one…it was evident that he had a master plan. 🙂

    2014 sounds good….I hope I can make it!!!
    Rita C.

  22. I thought everything looked AMAZING!! As we stood in line waiting to get into Lucketts fair, it was awesome to stand and talk to so many other people that knew exactly who I was talking about when I asked where Miss Mustard Seed was going to be located. Be proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished! To be so well known in such a short amount of time is truly a blessing. You are so very talented and it was such a pleasure to get to meet you in person. Keep it up girl!!! I hope to see ya again next year!

    Jena Bias
    P.S. I think I was one of the first shoppers to get to your booth and my husband and I are in the background of one the pictures posted on your blog today. I called him and told him we had hit the big time…..LOL!!

  23. Marian, I can most definitely see myself feeling the same way you did. “But it’s not *right* yet!” But you are a rock star. 🙂 Your (no longer) new haircut is super cute, your bod is looking great, your husband cracked me up too. Congratulations on a job well done. Have you had your massage yet? I’m scheduled for one tomorrow night – my first one in seven years! xo

  24. Marian, you look GREAT!! Of course your space does, too, despite the rain and the madness, but you look strong and glowing. Just gorgeous!

  25. How fun! Even with the weather, it looks like an awesome time, with all of your beautiful things. Your husband was cracking me up – can you say “stalker”??? I am sure he made the whole mood lighter! Congrats on a great show and hope to make it one day. Everyone looks awesome too!

  26. You seemed a little down when we talked (well, for the three times I’ve met you), but I don’t think you realize the effect you have on people! Your space was amazing and a significant reason I go to the Market every year. Even my Ikea-loving fiance knows meeting Marian and picking up something from MMS is on Old Lucketts Spring Market schedule! I can’t wait to read your book!

  27. Marian, I was one of the first group of people to hit your tent too. I’m the lady in the pictures with the green shirt and loaded down with a couple of Ironestone Pitchers and other items. I know you said to negotiate but I was so excited to be getting some Ironestone for my very small collection that it didn’t enter my mind. My mother is standing next to me. Honestly, we thought your displays were wonderful. None of us even knew that you were not finished. Unpacked boxes to us were simply extra items that you would be putting out as you sold out of things. Everyone in your tent were laughing and talking to each other. There was no pushing or shoving, just kindness. It was a really great experience.

    Of course, it had to be overwhelming to you with so many people. I enjoyed it and the opportunity to meeting you. I loved hearing people talk about how much they wanted one of your pieces of furniture and so happy that they were able to purchase it. They complimented your work, eye for design, etc.

    Congrats on a successful day! You are an inspiration to others.

    Also, I loved all the faces your husband made in the photos. My husband does the same and cracks me up most of the time. Treasured moments in time!

  28. Your booth was the most popular one and it was so fun to be there. No one minded at all that you weren’t set up as you had envisioned. I’m so glad I got there early to snag that drop leaf table. 🙂 SO glad you’ll be back next year.

  29. I am putting Lucketts 2014 on my wish list! I LOVE your blog, LOVE your book. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas.

  30. MMS…already told the hubby to plan a raod trip for next year. Wanted to come this year but had family in from Colorado so…..had to pass. Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work but you did a great job and have to be proud of yourself. Looking forward to meeting you next year!

  31. glad it turned out ok the 1st thing that struck me was how fit you look . ha ha now i sound like a stalker but i thought you would like to know that your health plan is obviously working 😉

  32. Marian,
    Thank you so much for coming to see my booth! I know it was a mess after the rain, but that was such a gracious thing to do. And you husband cracks me up. What a funny gift for you to find. And all the other ladies are right. I couldn’t tell you didn’t finish either. Maybe your stuff is just THAT cool, that it looks good no matter what. Or maybe God just blinded us all to the flaws and showed us the beauty intended instead.

    You are wonderful,
    The other Marian

  33. I’m new. I just found you yesterday and received my first e-mail today. I love it! you are REAL in a REAL world. Your hubby is funny, and you are blessed he was like that, when things didn’t turn out perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Sounds like you had a great show, Marian… Despite the fact that your plans didn’t quite align with His plans. 🙂

    Now, with all the visitors to your booth and all the great sales you made, is there anything left to be put in your online shop for us who were not able to make it to Lucketts?

  35. I have been following your blog for awhile now, and I was waiting for a “re-cap” of your time at Lucketts. When I saw this today, I couldn’t wait to sit down and read each line, and look at each picture.
    I have to tell you, those pictures of your husband had me laughing outloud!

    Everything you do is amazing and I have learned so much from your blog! Thank you for doing what you do.

  36. Right! That IS all that matters and next year, I’m planning on being there both days so I can see everyone and everything! Your booth and all the items in it look great! Hugs, Leena

  37. Marian,
    This day reminds me of my wedding day! I’m a perfectionist by nature, and I had planned and envisioned my wedding day totally different from how it turned out because of the rain. I know exactly the feeling of not having everything ready and set up the way you want it! But it looks like you had a successful and wonderful show and that’s what matters! Congratulations!!!! I really wish I lived closer to be able to attend one of these shows! 🙂

  38. I totally get that ill ease at not being finished thing! Your husband is a hoot….easy to see why he is working w/youth 🙂 I am so gonna be there next there!! I mean it! My daughter lives in Herndon & I am making this a 2014 Mother/ Daughter promise to myself…and her! If you don’t make it to So FL before then I will meet you next Spring.

  39. Everything looks great! Had to skip this year, but 2014 here I come! Loved the pennants ~burlap webbing or what? Glad you let go of the ‘perfect image’ and enjoyed the day. Your cut-up of a husband made our day at home! I see your Mom, but where’s your Dad? Lots of luck to preggy Emily is it? Can we have a contest next year: How many Mr. Mustard Seeds can you count in the pictures?

  40. Marian! Congrats on Luckett’s and by the way, YOU LOOK BUFF! Your face looks muscular in these pictures – wow! I’m impressed! Go gurl.

    1. I can say as a reader and someone who has had the opportunity to meet Marian in person on several occasions that she is incredibly humble and down to earth. She has repeatedly given God the credit for her success and continually points out things she perceives to be her own shortcomings. She is as transparent as they come even though she doesn’t have to be.

      1. I totally agree, I can be just like Miss Mustard Seed, getting all caught up in placing things just the way I think they should be and not making the finish line, later realizing that God has other plans for the finish line! I have to LOL and Hubby, what a HOOT! 🙂

      1. Wow! Jealous much!? Marian you never sound that way!
        I am sure she doesn’t have a darling husband or adoring fans!

      2. Marian, your response is full of grace. I read your blog a lot and I never once have I thought you anthing but gracious, giving, and humble. Thank you for sharing your talent so openly, putting yourself out there and taking critical comments in your stride – if you didn’t do what you do, we’d all be sorry!

    2. Ohh….do I sense a little jealousy? Please!!! Miss Marian is extremely humble and grateful for all that she has been blessed with. If you just want to go to her blog and steal her ideas, because she is always happy to share how she does things, unlike many other bloggers, then my dear, please go elsewhere and just look at the pretty pictures!!!
      Angie from Pensacola!

  41. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if your items were stacked on top of ant beds, beneath swarms of bees, in the middle of a briar patch and poison ivy. It would still be worth it!
    I am a new reader, and only learned of this glorious event about a week ago. No time to plan a trip from Bama. But mark my words, I will be ready next year.

    Unless Luckett’s becomes a travelling market before then…hmmmm that would be awesome. Better than a circus, even!

    1. Your daily blogs in my inbox are what makes my day! I’m over here in NJ but let me tell you, one of these days, I’m going to Virginia to see this Old Lucketts Store! I agree with all of the “positive” readers on your blog. @ L I agree! Wouldn’t that be a fun idea, a traveling market coming to a town near you! LOL! In the meantime, I’m happy to have found a store in Swedesboro, NJ that carries your milk paint. I can’t wait to get started on this baby dresser. With any luck (keep your fingers crossed for me ladies), I will gladly post a before and after picture.

      1. Hi Lorraine! I live in NJ too. Southern part, near Marlton & Voorhees. Where is the store in Swedesboro? I would love to purchase some MMS milk paint also. Next year I hope put together a trip the Lucketts Store too! Best of luck on your baby dresser…

  42. Bahaha your husband cracks me up! Glad the sale was a success. Just tell them the main ingredient in your secret sauce is mustard 😉 and maybe some MSG. That’s how you hook ’em and have them in a feeding frenzy!

  43. Marian, I just want to let you know what an inspiration you have been to me. I am a retired youth minister who has raised five beautiful daughters and have a wonderful husband. I have found my creative side in the past year. I have always been a junker/flea’antiquer. I love memories. I also love to give a little (sometimes a lot) of love to items and give them a second life. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, whether it is your business, your family, your life…it all is truly a gift. I hope one day to meet you and to get the opportunity to visit Lucketts. Smile, Jackie

  44. It was perfect, and I am enjoying my trophy, my ironstone pitcher (had flowers plopped in it the minute I got it home), my small silver cup, my evergreen wreath, and my scrabble letters that spell out our last name. You are so hospitable and so sweet. No wonder you are such a success!

  45. The photos show just how hard you worked. Although perhaps nothing was finished or perfect, chances are in their frenzy to acquire a piece done by you, no one noticed.

    What a wonderful inspiration you are to anyone who loves family, home and things with history.


  46. Lucketts was such a blast this year, as always, and your booth was gorgeous in spite of the rain! I didn’t get a chance to meet you, but I bought your Candy Marshmellow Peanuts box. It was the only thing I bought at the whole market. It’s a newborn prop for my mom and my photography business. I love it; I’ve been dreaming about it since you blogged about it! I may save it for the fall to use first with my own newborn! Meantime, it’s being used as a blanket and toddler book basket in my family room. I’ll send you a picture when it has an adorable baby sleeping in it!! 🙂

  47. Please don’t take that mean comment to heart. I love reading your blog and enjoy how you keep it real! I think it”s wonderful that you “let your light shine”

  48. Dear MMS,

    This is probably not the time to mention, and would be likened to suggesting having another baby after just giving birth to the first one, BUT I am going to do it anyway. Ask the question, “Why wait?”, when you could easily do another show before Lucketts next year.

    You are officially invited to Texas for Antique Weekend, September 21st – October 6th. This includes Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine and Burton shows. I live a few minutes away and know that we would love to have you here. Think about it in a few days when the dust has settled.

    Thank you for being so willing to share your ideas. I have greatly benefited in my own antique business from your tutorials and have been painting away ever since. You do inspire me! Thank you!

  49. Seeing that you had a lot more on Saturday. I came Sunday instead. Iaughed out loudly at the pictures of your husband. A sense of humor is always a plus!

  50. Marion, I love reading your blog. I was offended by what the 1st poster Susie said today. You are so honest, talented, humble, and inspiring. I don’t post comments often but I wanted you to know I look forward each evening to reading your blog. I am hoping to make it up to Luckett’s next year! If you ever come to Florida let me know! Kim

  51. Marion, thank you for sharing yourself in your blog, your furniture, your ideas! What I love most is that you realize you can’t do it all, but that is still okay! Because we ALL need that reminder when we are working hard. Thanks be to God for helping us each day. Thank you for sharing.

  52. I’ve been reading the blog last few days, waiting to see how the weekend would turn out, and jealous of all those able to get to lucketts. Just too cool! Looks like it all worked out, and what a great weekend, despite the rain. Family is so important and you have a wonderful support system!

  53. I love your blog, and appreciate all that I have learned from you…But I gotta ask, have you lost weight? You looked great in those pictures! As my adult children would say “You look so diesel!” 🙂

    1. Ha! Diesel. I love that. Yes, I have been working out and losing weight. 13.5lbs and about another 20 to go. I’ve been doing P90x and using My Fitness Pal. It’s so nice to know it’s noticeable! 🙂

  54. MMS, My husband and I were so glad to meet you on Saturday and get your thoughts on butcher block counter tops. I went away from your booth with new ambition to get out the milk paint I bought a month ago and start painting. I picked up some lavender and grain sacks too . . . the scent is delightful and brings me back to the wonderful day we had hunting for our home renovation. We found an old mantel, a beautiful dresser, a chandelier, a slip covered chair and much more . . . What fun!

    Can you send me the names of two girls ( they were dressed alike, red and white skirts) and you stopped by there booth to say hello . . .I think they are from the Harrisburg area. One girl milk paints and the other upholsters furniture . . .

    Thanks and God Bless your night!

  55. MMS ~ I have been an admirer of yours for quite awhile and enjoy when I can sit down and catch up on your posts. You are such a classy girl! You’re genuine, amazingly talented and inspiring to so many. If I ever travel out your way, I’m headed to straight to Lucketts! Thank you for sharing your talents and keeping it real.

  56. MMS,
    I could hardly wait until you wrote a post to tell those of us too far away to attend the big day, just what the day was like! You are so good at writing your blog so that we feel like we are right there with you.
    I had to chuckle with you, and at myself, at how we ‘build’ for an event, and how hard it is to let go of the vision we have for the event when things aren’t going just as planned. I liken your attitude about your booth at Luckett’s to what it is like preparing for a holiday for our families. I stay up wee into the night so that everything will be perfect and over the past years have been trying to ‘right my attitude’ to not let my own good time be spoiled by the experience not matching my expectations. When I’ve been able to do this the joy is so great for all. Hard to let go when you care so much. I appreciate your shining light and shining example as you share what you are learning about yourself as you grow and learn from life experiences.
    It’s also very normal to let one negative comment nag at you, even when you have so many admirers and those who appreciate you so much. Hope you can shrug off the tacky comment at the top and prove her wrong by having a chuckle at it.
    As others have said, you are an inspiration to myself and others and how cool is that!

  57. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of this post and laughed out loud at the pictures of your husband. You HAVE to have a spouse with a good sense of humor if you are going to have that level of crazy from time to time. That is so fun that other vendors came over to see what the mad rush was. So fun your furniture flew out of there! Thanks for giving me a slice of this event. Some day for me I will see it in person.

  58. So very happy that you had such a successful weekend. I LOVE that you can see things in yourself. That you can let things go. That you “Roll with it baby!” Do a little dance and get some rest. And btw, cute little photo hog you have there.

  59. I so enjoyed seeing pictures of all the craziness. Your hubs is a hoot for sure. That sure helps huh? So glad you have a great support system, maybe that’s one of big reasons you are so successful, you feel secure in love of your family, what more do we need?
    Did you sell that little white buffet, I love that piece, not too big for our little house.
    Like so many other people I too would so love to be able to attend Luckett’s market. Wish you were a traveling show. Grand Junction wouldn’t know what hit it. You’re what G.J. needs. We’re not Denver but somewhere there have to be people that would enjoy a show like yours.
    If I knew how to arrange something like that I’d be doing it. I’m having withdrawal from great old stuff.
    No matter what the weather was like you would have made it ok. That’s one way we have to learn about letting go of our stringent ideas sometimes, things come along like lousy weather to help us learn to think differently and even more importantly, adapt and move on, good for you gal.
    I did notice right away how much thinner you look, must feel good to know all your hard work and adjustments are working. Losing weight is never easy but worth it. Happy days gal. So glad I found your blog.

  60. Love the Luckett’s photos every year! I laughed out loud at the hubs photo bombs. Wanted to let you know that your blog is one of the first I ever read years ago and it’s always the one I read no matter what. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  61. Re: Your husband photo-bombing. I must admit I laughed out loud after seeing the pictures, his poses and facial expressions. Classic.

    I perceive you as taking pride in what you do, and not boasting. I see you as finding joy in creating your niche and sharing that joy. This is all perception from reading your blog regularly, but it shines through.

    Congratulations on the many successes of the weekend.

  62. I adore you Marian, and think you’re full of grace. I so enjoy your blog and love the inspiration you offer to so many, myself included. Thanks for all you do and keep doing and being exactly who you are, you touch many in a wonderful, positive way.

  63. Projection, susie❤ we all know people like this, good of you to let it roll Marian. And I LOVE your husband too. The photos were great. I already told my friends…ROAD TRIP 2014.

  64. Marian,
    I know how you feel. I had a Christmas at my home sale a few years back and I felt like I wasn’t ready before people started coming in, but you just have to go with it and try not to let it ruin all of the work you have done. I like your attitude and you are not full of yourself, you are full of great advice and I like how you are so honest about how you feel. Your honesty will help other people who are in the same situation! Blessings!!

  65. Marian,
    Glad to see that the rain didn’t spoil it in the end and the you had a successful day. Photos of your hubby are too funny!

  66. I do know how you feel in some way. Two junkers shows that I had planned to sell at have been cancelled this year because of rain – downpouring rain. I had worked so hard as had others to not be able to attend. BUT, that does not deter me in anyway because I will be so excited when the next show comes around. I will be there with all my goods and have a good come rain (?) or shine. Would love to attend the Luckett’s show maybe next year. Keep smiling.

  67. Congratulations Marian! I feel the same way with my business, a childrens boutique clothing consignment sale. I have a vision and I just want everyone to have a wonderful shopping experience, but I have tried to remember what someone said once about a wedding day as a bride and groom,:be sure to step back and enjoy the moments and watch your loved ones becoming family. It has helped me greatly to see the “baby” I have created and how other people are in fact enjoying my imperfections 🙂

    I hope to get to Lucketts next year. My inlaws live in your hood (York, PA) and I would love to take them to Lucketts. We would all be in heaven!

    Blessings! Kari

  68. I had to chuckle and shake my head – a LOT – as I read this post because even though I’m not preparing for a big sale day like this, I am preparing for my son’s 3rd birthday party (well 1/2 birthday actually). See I go crazy with the planning and have ideas in my head of what it should look like. Then for his 1st birthday a big ice storm hit on New Year’s Eve (his birthday) so no one could make it. Then for his 2nd birthday illness hit everyone hard before the party. So we chose to do a 1/2 birthday. And now the party is Saturday and I’m stressing about how it will all look. But no one will notice because my son is this absolutely adorably cute little curly head 3 1/2 year old and seriously, don’t smiles matter the most? Not the cute table all decorated just right. Sigh……gotta remember that in the chaos, right?

  69. Laughing out loud at the photos of your husband. Too funny and I can see how he helps add some of that balance you speak about. Looks like it was a great day and being so far away I love seeing the photos and hearing about how the weekend went. Because we are so far away, I felt a little closer to your sale by visiting one of your MMSMP dealers here in Ontario on Saturday and picking up my first MMSMP. Looking forward to trying it.

  70. Ohhhh! New reader here, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog about Lucketts, and getting ready for it! I am so glad it was such a success for you! I had never heard of Lucketts until just recently but feel I absolutely have to go next year! Looks like so much fun. Isn’t it great to have a husband with a sense of humor :)! Ha,ha,ha…Loved those pictures. I love that white chair, too! I think you were meant to keep it! Have a blessed day!

  71. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go of the expectations we put on ourselves. I was glad to see you realize that no one else noticed that your booth was not set up as you had planned. It looks like everyone enjoyed Lucketts this year. I am sure it will be just as amazing next time too.

  72. Marian I love you! You are so inspiring to me. Just to let you know Lucketts 2012 I was pregnant and high risk at the time. Lucketts 2013, breastfeeding and 13 hours away. Lucketts 2014 IS MINE 🙂 and I can not wait!

  73. Noticed your weight loss first thing; thought your hair was adorable; loved the pictures of your husband! You have to love a man with a great sense of humor (and cute too). Oh,and of course, I loved the pictures of all your items. That goes without saying.

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