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I will say, I am very optimistic when it comes to my to-do list!  I already have a bolt of fabric hanging out in the master bedroom, ready to be made into curtains and pillows, as well as a French daybed that needs miles of custom double-welting sewn. not to mention the pillows for that.

But, I still ordered fabric for curtains, pillows, and upholstery for the family room!

I think, once I make up my mind about something like fabric, I want to buy the materials, so they are at the ready when I’m in the mood to sew and/or upholster, which isn’t a daily occurrence.

So, here are the fabrics I decided on…

I know.  Blue and white is a shocker!

Here’s the deal.  I have loved blue and white for the better part of two decades, so I’m sticking with it.  I’ll stray from that color palette in some rooms in our house, but the ones where we spend the most time will predominantly stick to that palette.

I ordered a yard of each fabric to see how they would look together and determine if and where I would like to use them in the room.  This involved tacking them up to the windows, pinning them to the furniture, and folding them around pillows.  Also, lots of standing back and staring, preferably when I was alone, because it always looks/feels awkward when I do that.

In the end, I liked the non-check, damask-ish woven fabric for the curtains.  It’s Coventry’s Canterbury in Indigo.  It’s a beautiful weight for curtains and the print is timeless.


I also like that the fabric works well with both paint colors – Wickham Grey in the living room and Pearly White in the kitchen.

The large scale buffalo check was a strong contender, but in the end, I liked that fabric for upholstery and pillows better.

And speaking of upholstery, I am going to have to rework some things.  When I upholstered these French chairs a few years ago, I did so in a way that the check fabric on the back and arms could be pretty easily swapped out.  Because I am bringing in a different blue and white check, I will either be taking advantage of that option or will move these chairs to another room.

I love the blue & white check that is currently on the chair, but I can’t get any more of it, sadly, and there can only be so much blue and white check in one room!

I did order a couple of yards of the small-scale check that matches the buffalo check, but will use it sparingly, just as an accent.  I’m also going to mix in some antique grain sacks, which look perfect with these fabrics.

The buffalo check is P Kaufmann’s Check Please in Lakeland and the small-scale check is Zippy in Lakeland, also by P Kaufmann.

I’ll keep you posted!

Living Room & Kitchen Fabrics

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43 Comments on “Living Room & Kitchen Fabrics”

  1. Blue and white, a gorgeous classic !!!!!!!!!! You can’t go wrong, and it is “you”……..can’t wait to see you work your magic 💙

  2. I love all three fabrics. I have Zippy picked out for a French chair and the large buffalo check for window treatments in our breakfast room. Great minds think alike! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the beautiful Damask in your living room and kitchen.

  3. Love your picks!

    Did I miss a post and the kitchen table was painted while I wasn’t “watching?”

  4. I love the “damask like” fabric, but it appears to be more of an upholstery weight fabric. Will it hang like you want it to?

  5. The damask print looks like something you would have designed! All are lovely & I am excited to see your decorating progress continue! Can’t wait to see your other (yet to be seen) rooms! Thanks for taking on your adventures!

  6. Love these choices! Where you love blue, I love black…and buffalo check! Used it for curtains and bed skirts…

  7. You’ll love working and sewing with the Lakeland. It is gorgeous on my wings and sofa. They will call to you soon so I look forward to your creations.

    Diney on Camano

  8. Love your fabric choices! I totally agree on the damask for curtains, too. Can’t wait to see the results….

  9. Your fabric choices are beautiful! Love watching your progress with making this home into your own style!

  10. What’s up with rugs you designed for Annie Selke, will they match this fabric? This fabric is gorgeous.

  11. Thumbs up for your choices- I think either check on the windows would have been a bit too “farmy”/country for your new home. By the way, do you ever sleep?

  12. all great choices..I can see doing one fabric for the curtains with a (don’t kill me) welting of another from the set, or a border or something….they are lovely

  13. Love the fabric choices. Would’ve had a hard time not using the large check for curtains….that’s my favorite one! Look forward to seeing the finished products!

  14. I love all three fabrics, but especially the Coventry one. And I agree that the Buffalo check will look grand as accessories!! Well done, Marion! Of course, we expect no less…😊. Can’t wait to see the finished product.. 😘

  15. The curtains in that print will look fabulous! I chose a classic paisley curtain fabric for my sister-in-law’s house back in the mid-90’s. Her furniture and decor has changed over the years but those curtains still look amazingly classic! Great choice! Look forward to seeing what you do with it all.

  16. Love the damask, it will work well, when did you paint the table??
    I also adore that buffalo check, which is a surprise, since I’ve never liked it much in the past, and tend to stay away from trends. You are an ambitious, talented woman. And inspiring in ways you cannot know.

  17. Is the highchair painted in your milk paint? Do you use it for company? I have one that I would like to paint and was wondering if milk paint would be safe and practical for occassional use. Thank you! Love the fabric you have chosen!

  18. Be. Still. My. Heart! Ditto on the painting of the table, and ADORE that high chair (which is very interesting considering l have no little ones nor grands (yet)! 🙂

  19. Great fabric choices!! And I concur – the table looks amazing!!! On a totally different topic – today I found the cutest little white creamer. I believe it might be ironstone. The markings on the bottom are I D G. No luck researching the origin. Are you familiar with those markings? Any clue if it is old, new, vintage or repro? Either way, it is super cute. Just thought you might know. Thank you.

    1. I’ve seen references to IDG being either Ironstone Developer Group or International Developer Group, possibly from Sweden or Japan. Seems that early Williams-Sonoma ironstone (ie, late 1950s, 1960s) may have been sourced from them. This is information gleaned from ebay listings for IDG and googling “ironstone IDG”. If you search IDG on ebay, you can find items that show the markings to see if it’s similar to yours.

  20. Be still my heart…….I loooove the fabrics! I have had my eye on a blue indigo buffalo check. I envision something like the chair that Ashley at Vintage Refined ( My #10 Craigslist Chair) finished. I hope to purchase my own before long for my family room. Thank you for sharing the love.

  21. Your fabric choices are beautiful! You will be anxious to get it all done! As I have said before, you are absolutely amazing at everything you do. It all turns out so nice! Have a great week! Blessings!

  22. Great choices of fabric!!! I agree with the print you picked for curtains!!! It looks just like you. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  23. Love your choices and can not wait to see them finished and what the rooms will look like Thank you for keeping us informed

  24. You’re a girl after my own heart. I became obsessed with blue and white after inheriting a fabulous floe (sp)blue platter and plates. They exploded all over my house. I also confess that I’m convinced that every room can handle a little gingham. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  25. I was always going to order buffalo check curtain panels from Country Curtains, but now they’re going out of business! Loved them. Stayed overnight at their Red Lion Inn in the Berkshires. Bur I digress. Kudos for the fabrics. I was just going to order black ticking stripe fabric for pillows. 😉

  26. Once again you’re knocking it out of the park!!!! Beautiful choices of fabric. Your new home is coming together so nicely. It’s so exciting to watch your progression. As always, thanks for sharing.

  27. It is easy to understand, detailed and meticulous! I have had a lot of harvest after watching this article from you! I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! I have read many other articles about the same topic, but your article convinced me! I hope you continue to have high quality articles like this to share with veryone!

  28. Oh yeah! They are so adorable~~ Thank you for sharing!! Love these stuff very much >.< With these I think I will start drawing my own

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