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Remember my design breakthrough in the master bedroom that I shared a few weeks ago?  Well, I’ve been moving forward…little steps to make the plan happen.  And it feels good.  It’s a room that’s had me stuck for a while and I’m glad to have a clear direction that I’m excited about.  It’s definitely been a lesson in patience and playing.

Since I shared that plan, I ordered a few more yards of the Aviary Toile fabric (by French General) in order to make the bed crown.  I also ordered some pleater tape to pleat the checked fabric and give it a nice, finished look.  Now, I need to get some specific measurements to draw out a plan for cutting and sewing the fabric before attaching it to a plywood piece cut into a half-oval shape.  The plywood will then be mounted to the ceiling.  I also need to figure out how I want to do the tiebacks.  I have all of the materials to make it happen, though, and now it’s just a matter of putting together a plan and making it happen.  I can’t wait to see it finished.

master bedroom progress miss mustard seed

I also ordered some fabric samples to use as accents – pillows, a slipcover for a side chair, etc.  I ordered a bunch of samples from Fabrics Store, the place where I’ve been ordering linen for slipcovers.  For reference, the large piece of fabric on the bottom is “Natural” and the smaller one in the top left of the photo is “Mixed Natural”, which is a little lighter and has more variation in the threads.

I gravitated towards Reed for the master bedroom.  It’ll be a great accent for piping, pillows, etc…

I’m also planning to splurge on 2 yards of this beautiful French-style fabric from Lisa Fine Textiles to make Euro Shams for the bed.  I think it’ll add a nice contrast to the other fabrics.  The board underneath is painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Aviary.

The small square of neutral linen above is the Mixed Natural linen I purchased for the chaise slipcover.  I started making the piping and cutting pieces for the slipcover last weekend in order to get that project going.  Believe it or not, slipcovers and upholstery are not my favorites to work on, so I always have to give myself a pep talk to start and finish.  I love the results, so that usually prods me along.


Last weekend, I also finally addressed this wall.  We hung an antique pair of shutters behind the melodeon case and arranged ironstone platters on either side.  The wall is now filled so nicely now, but it still allows airflow for the vent and a practical traffic path through the room.  I tucked an ottoman found at an antique store a couple of years ago under the melodeon and just finished a simple slipcover for that, too.

master bedroom progress miss mustard seed

When I placed the order for the Reed linen fabric, I also ordered 10 yards of Cobalt for the sewing room…

master bedroom progress miss mustard seed

…and a couple of yards of Vineyard Green, which is a perfect match for MMS Milk Paint Boxwood.  I don’t have any specific plans for it, yet, but I thought it would be nice to have in my stash.  I could use it to cover a desk chair in my studio or to make some accent pillows for just about any room in the house!  It’s also a great “Christmas green” for napkins, tea towels, etc. to use during the holidays.

As I said, I need extra motivation to get going on sewing projects and having beautiful fabrics in my stash can be just the inspiration I need…


  1. celestial

    Where did you get the beautiful trim piece to the left in the photo of the cobalt linen sample? I really like that. Best of luck to you! I’d be happy to sew all day for you since painting is not in my list of “happy activities”.

  2. Arli

    You’ve chosen such beautiful fabrics. I can wait to see what you turn them into.

    • Bea

      Beautiful fabrics! I like the Vineyard Green linen. You do have lots of projects lined up!

  3. Shirley Graham

    Love the blue fabrics you have chosen. I always like to just look at fabric samples. Your bedroom drapes are so pretty too. Thanks so much! Enjoy!

  4. Nancy Johnson

    I reupholstered my first chair a year or two ago in the brown version of Aviary Toile–a pattern that makes me feel cheerful. I love the combination of blues you have chosen–which may inspire me to redo my guest bedroom with something similar. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  5. Linn Hill

    Hi Marion,
    I am a big fan and have loved your style for years. Would you be able tell me where you found the blue check fabric you are using in your bedroom? For some reason I have had a difficult time finding something like that. Looking to make valances for my living room. Thanks so much!

  6. Claire

    Drop.Dead.Gorgeous. I wish I lived nearby. I’d help you sew it all. I may try those stores.

  7. beverlee lyons

    I can’t wait to see all of this come together. Those are choices that are so much your style!

  8. Diane Lanford

    Wow is all I can say. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see it. Diane

  9. Kim

    Gorgeous! What is the weight of the linen you chose on Fabrics-Store? And would love to know about the check fabric.

  10. Carol

    Do you think you could possibly do a question and answer session about you and your life in general? I’m thinking we all have so many questions and things we’d like to know about you and your life.

  11. Lorraine

    I used to have my own business making custom curtains, pillows, cushions and even made a few custom headboards… so I appreciate all the work that goes into it. Love your fabric choices… and that bed! 😍

  12. Patricia Kasparian

    I love every fabric choice you made. This room will be exciting to see done!

  13. Jeanine

    I absolutely love these linen colors. Is this dry clean only or machine washable? Thanks for reminding me of the Fabric Store for a great source.

  14. Cari A Kraft

    Your fabric swatches could have been pulled from your oil paint palette. I do believe they are the colors that bring you the most joy. Thank you so much for introducing us to them!

  15. Evie Diane

    I love,love,love all the blues, and excited to see what you do with the touch of green fabric. I know the kitty’s will be happy to help. ☺️

  16. Candis

    Really enjoying this!

  17. Teresa

    Love linen fabrics and your choices! One of my favorite projects you did was your parents bedroom makeover some years back. You gave it a little bit of coastal vibe but not too over the top and I loved your fabric choices for their room.

  18. Mary

    Is the mixed natural fabric a linen/cotton blend? I was looking at the website and I thought the natural you used on the kitchen chairs was the heavy weight linen. Is this a lighter weight?
    I love your choices…the “reed” color is beautiful too!

  19. Lori Thorpe

    Do you prewash your fabric that you make as slipcovers?

  20. Sharon

    You may get me to try linen one of these days!

  21. Dana

    Love your fabric selections. So pretty. I would love to learn how to make cording and do more upholstery projects. May I ask the paint brand and color of your bedroom. Is beautiful! Very soothing.

  22. Brenda Wilson

    I love your design eye, everything is gorgeous!! What do you use for the blue buffalo check? I am trying to find a good source for fabric just like it.

    • Lillie

      Where did you find the light blue check???


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