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I have a soft spot for antique chairs and I have bought many over the years.  The majority of the chairs in our home are old.  I have learned, though, that when it comes to the chairs our family sits in every day for meals, it’s nice to go with chairs that aren’t petite in scale and potentially rickety. The use of “decorative chairs” in our house over the years has become a joke in our family.  Recently, I told Jeff I passed up a $6.00 French-style upholstered chair at a thrift store and his reply was, “Why?  Was it actually comfortable and you could sit in it?”

Okay, okay.  I earned that, but I’ve gotten much better at making sure you can sit in all of the chairs in our house.

Anyway, in addition to having sturdy chairs, I also wanted ones that were relatively comfortable, with padded seats and backs, since we host a weekly small group at our house and often need to pull the chairs into the living room for extra seating.

So, not long after we moved here, I purchased THESE reproduction oval-back French chairs in Linen from Wayfair.  I knew that the light-colored upholstery wasn’t going to last long and planned to slipcover them and customize the backs from the beginning.  You can find the tutorial for the slipcovers HERE and for upholstering the backs HERE.

And then the hunt began for some end chairs.  I wanted chairs that were a different shape, but felt like they coordinated with the oval-back chairs.  I also imagined wing chairs.  I loved the high-back wing chairs that were in my last dining room, but they sat low and weren’t a functional height for eating.

After a few months of trolling around, I landed on the Daphne Upholstered Dining Chair, also from Wayfair.  Now, when I ordered them, the listing was $400 for a pair of chairs and now the listing is just for one.  I originally only received one chair, but they sent me another one when I pointed out the discrepancy in my order, so I think it was listed incorrectly and I ended up benefitting from that.

It turned out to be a good deal for me, but it is a bummer when I’m sharing the source and the chairs cost twice as much as when I bought them.  Sorry about that!

I did find THESE CHAIRS for $160/each, though, and they are a similar style.

I am planning to make slipcovers for these chairs as well, but not out of the checkered fabric.  Again, I want them to have a look that’s coordinated with the side chairs, but not matching exactly.  They’ll stay as is for now, since I have other projects already in the works.

One of those projects is reupholstering the red paisley chairs (seen in the left of the photo below)…

I know some of you love the addition of red to the room, but it doesn’t work for me, especially with the boxwood island and butler’s pantry.  Also, you can’t really see it in the pictures, but the fabric is pretty stained and worn.  It really is time for a refresh.

I already started pulling out all of the nail-head trim and I’ll share how I reupholster these when I’m done dismantling them!

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post, but I did purchase these chairs with gift cards I’ve received as compensation for my participation in WayFair and Joss & Main advertising campaigns.  This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Connie

    Every time I see the Boxwood butler’s pantry I feel the urge to grab a paintbrush & duplicate! I do plan to paint an old (very ugly finish) family piece in either Boxwood or Aviary, think either color would be lovely in our space. But really wanted to ask about your sewing/project room and that beautiful golden yellow floral fabric and wondered if I had missed any updates on that? Figured it has been on pause for some of your other beautiful projects but wanted to check! Your blog & IG posts are one of the few that never fail to delight!

  2. Kate

    How are the new reproduction chairs holding up? Sometimes I find that newer chairs are not made as well and it’s worth tightening up old chairs. When my husband was working his way through college he worked in an upscale furniture store for the summer, helping the old man who did repairs. The repairman showed him how reproductions were made to look good, but were poorly made – usually out of cheaper wood and with no long-term use in mind in its contruction. The exception is Amish made furniture, but it’s pricey.

    • Marian Parsons

      They hold up well so far. The nice thing is that if they get a little wobbly, we can just tighten the screws. I agree that old furniture is made better, which is why I prefer it, but the chairs can be very difficult to repair if it’s not a simple glue job.

  3. Lolly

    Noooo! I looooove the red chairs!!!! Lol, I like how you already dismantled them BEFORE telling us….like you KNEW people would try to talk you out of it!

    • Marian Parsons

      Ha! Exactly! Even if they were my colors, that fabric needed to be replaced. It had served its purpose and was looking like it!

  4. Elizabeth St

    You were generous to look for end chairs like yours at a better price. They are just as pretty. Excellent find.

  5. Cindy Rust

    I am absolutely loving how your new home is coming together!!! The strong urge to redoing my whole house is overwhelming! One step at a time 😉 Thanks for your constant inspiration!

  6. Patti

    Marian, I love how your style has evolved and matured over the years I’ve followed your blog. Beautiful!

  7. Dee

    I just came back from my hardware store with a qt of your butler pantry boxwood color. Right now I have a table tp paint but am also thinking about a frame that needs a bit of something.

    Thanks for sharing the formula…..they had no problem copying right from my iPad!

    • Marian Parsons

      So glad to hear! You’ll have to share photos.

  8. Terry

    You’ve probably answered this somewhere in another blog post, but where did that amazing dining table come from? Gorgeous kitchen gorgeous redo on the chairs!

  9. Chris Moore of Seattle

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Keep the red chairs!!!! They are the only thing that pops!

  10. Crystal

    Happy to hear the red is going. Looking forward to seeing the new fabric. Love how we’ve been able to tag along with you as ponder decisions and find resources to make this new house a home.

  11. Jeannie

    I love red but when the fabric is gone… Can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen for these chairs.

  12. Karen S.

    I took the formula for the boxwood to my local hardware store. They said it was Benjamin Moore codes and did not work with theirs. Wondering if anyone else had that happen. He said I would have to go to B. Moore.

    • Debbie

      I know that Farrel Calhoun paint company can duplicate paint colors from all the major paint companies, as they do it for me regularly. I think most major paint companies would do it for you.

  13. carolyn gorenflo

    I don’t see the place for the red fabric chairs. I do not see where they do anything for your decor.

  14. carolyn gorenflo

    Also, I see those ruffled slipcovered cushions on your dining table chairs are not sophisticated enough for your decor as it has evolved.

  15. Downraspberrylane

    I love the red chairs too, but now that you’ve shown us the stains etc., I feel better about you changing them. The lines of the chairs are so lovely, I’m sure they will still be very pretty.

  16. ashlea

    Enjoying the process as always. thanks for sharing.

  17. Ellen

    I would love to paint some of my kitchen cabinets with the color artissimo. Have you shared your formula for that color?If no will you?

  18. MaryLisa Noyes

    I bought 2 desk chairs for my home office from Wayfair and they were so easy to assemble ( just putting the base to the chair ) and the fabric is so nice. I am very pleased with their sales, quick delivery and quality. I’m sure you will enjoy those at your table.

  19. Rhonda

    Whatever happened to the large wooden chairs that came with the table?? I remember them from when you first moved and struggled with painting the table.

  20. Barb

    I love what you’ve created in your new home, but I have to agree with Carolyn about the ruffled chair cushions. They seem a little “cutsie” now.
    Everything else, spot on! Nice job & love your blog!

  21. Louise Ryan Granger

    Thank you for the information Marian. I just emailed you asking for the information and then read your previous email, this one, only to find out you were talking about ”the” chairs. Thank you!!!

  22. Cathy

    I love the “cutsie” ruffled chair cushions. They go so well with all of your other colors and add a little “wimsy” I think. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion. Thanks for always sharing!

  23. Margie Pieracci

    I love the red, but I understand the dilema- How about using another toile fabric?

  24. Mary from Life at Bella Terra

    Are the chairs comfortable? My fear about buying sitting furniture online is not experiencing them first. I love the end chairs from Wayfair. I use them often but not for chairs or sofas….

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, they are comfortable for dining chairs. I wouldn’t want to sit in one for a movie night or something like that, but they are great for a lingering meal or working on the computer/homework, etc. for a while.

  25. Elaine Peterson

    Marian, I love everything you have done. I have a quick question? I want to paint the bottom of my kitchen table your Boxwood green, but I switch out my accents from red to blue transfer ware and I notice you didn’t really like the red with your Boxwood green. Do you have another color that you think would work better? My cabinets are white.
    Thank you,

    • Marian Parsons

      I actually didn’t mind the red with the green, but that’s just not my color palette preference. Boxwood is also an evergreen sort of color, so it had a bit too much of a Christmas vibe! What about using a softer green, like Lucketts Green or Layla’s Mint?



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