installing glass in the “last-minute hutch”

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Remember the “last minute hutch“?

Well, it was so last minute that we didn’t finish it in time to take it to Lucketts.  I thought that ended up being very fortunate, since I was contemplating keeping it, anyway.  I figured the decision had just been made for me.

Then, I receive an Instagram message from someone who wanted to buy it.  I really do think things like that happen for a reason and I felt like the decision had been made for me, again.  I love the hutch, but given that we’re moving and we are being really picky about what we want to move, it’s best that I sell it to a buyer who has the perfect spot for it now and loves it as much as I do.

That was the whole point of buying and painting it, anyway, right?  The time will come when I’m buying fabulous pieces of furniture to keep, but that’s not right now.

We had to finish one thing, though, and that thing was proving to be a total pain in the rear!  We…well, when I say “we”, I really mean my dad…  Anyway, he was trying to figure out the best way to install these little pieces of wood into a little notch inside each door.  Nails would almost certainly split the wood or break the glass.

Two broken panes later and I was ready to scrap the idea of installing glass and shift gears to window screen instead.  My dad was sure he could get the glass to work, so we stuck with it.

The installation involved gluing and clamping each piece of wood, which was tedious and time consuming, but it worked!

The key was applying just enough glue to make it stick, but not enough so it squeezed out onto the glass.  And my dad was a champ at it.

It ended up looking nice and being a good solution for an old hutch like this one.  (That’s one reason why I love working with used, less-than-perfect, antique furniture – it’s so forgiving!)

Of course, we painted it out today in Farmhouse White, so it blends in with the rest of the hutch.

And, when I say “we”, I mean Debbie.

See, I don’t really do any work anymore.  I just sit around and watch Netflix and each dark chocolate squares.

No, no.  Don’t pull that quote out of context!  While Debbie was painting, guess what I was doing.

If you guessed packing, you’re right.  I was packing up my storage closet in the studio.  Since Debbie can’t decide which fabric rolls to keep and which to sell, I got that job and she did the painting.

It’ll all be over soon…

installing glass in the “last-minute hutch”

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25 Comments on “installing glass in the “last-minute hutch””

  1. Have had the same problem in the past. Here is my trick…first, lay the door flat, back side up. Run a SMALL bead of clear pure silicon caulk in the channel and then “bed” the glass in the silicon…I say small because you don’t want it to ooze out and create a mess on the front side and silicone won’t take paint…if it does LET IT DRY then remove it with a razor, then wipe with mineral spirits. Use glazing points (ask at your local supply store, they have them) on the back side to further secure the glass, run another SMALL bead of silicon caulk and then bed your trim pieces into that…the silicone will act as a “glue.” I did this on my kitchen cabinet doors and have never had a problem. The silicone acts as a “glue” and creates a cushion for the glass. Remember, paint won’t adhere to pure silicon so if any oozes out, you will need to remove it with a razor then wipe with mineral spirits before paint…or better yet, prepaint everything before you install the glass.

    1. This is very good advice… I’ve also had success shooting brads through the wood bead at a 45 degree angle so that you don’t hit the glass. That’s a bit more nerve wracking than your technique, though!

  2. Enlighten me about your move? When? Where to? Is the studio moving also, The parents?
    Will you keep the blog?

    I have a pine cabinet my husband made for our dining room that we used chicken wire in the doors (sprayed flat black). He used the tiny strips of wood also. Isn’t it worth the trouble? Your Dad is a trooper!!!

  3. The glass inserts were beautifully done. Some kind of screen or chicken wire would have looked nice, too. But the glass makes the hutch a little more flexible in how it can be used. Your dad’s glue-and-clamp method is one that solves many a woodworking problem.

    I agree that the universe made the decision for you to sell the hutch. The sale has the added benefit of creating more room for you to put your future purchases of fabulous vintage furniture.

  4. Oh Marian I feel your excitement of moving, but I’ve been thinking of your parents. Are they going to move with you? They are such a support system to you and your business.

  5. My first thought concerning your move was your parents. They have been such a big part of your success. I know they are so happy for you all, but they may need to move somewhere close, IMO. Those sweet grandsons need their grandparents! Just my two cents worth and I know it’s none of my business, but family is so dear!

  6. I’m excited you are moving …. it’s like an adventure. But really…. I feel sad that you are moving. I don’t live that far from you and like to think of you as my neighbor (even though you really aren’t my neighbor by about ohhh 80 miles!) Anyway…. good luck!! Can’t wait to see your new place!! Kellebe

  7. I, too, am excited to see your new home wherever you may land but I am worried that you are selling too many things! It seems to me that you get a lot of bargains where you are now and that you may not be that lucky in your new location! I have moved in the past and have seen the prices increase and also the items are not as nice! Best of luck!

  8. Your dad did a great job. What’s so nice about this Cabinet is the trim is not so thick as to hide the contents being displayed inside. I have 2 and like you no room for a 3rd so congrats to the new owner!!!

  9. No we are not moving. We are staying in Gettysburg and will visit them. Hopefully at some point they head back this way. We are sad as it has been so fun being near them but we are excited about this next opportunity for them..

  10. How is Kriste doing? Do. We have. A baby yet? And yes, are we packing Mom and Dad too????!! 💚

  11. AWWWW, I just love your Mom and Dad <3
    laughed at your Dad's comments!!! and your Mom,… so sweeeet.
    such a nice family <3
    Wonderful job on the hutch! wish I lived closer/would have added so much from your stuff to my stuff! I love it all as usual !

  12. As a grandmother, I am so very sad you are moving away from them, but totally understand your mission. Perhaps soon, GOD will provide way to be together again soon. You each provide so much love, nurturing, mentoring, stability and GODLY counsel for the children and each other. It is a blessing to see.

    GOD Bless and take care of all of you,
    Judy Truex Reed

  13. Glaziers points! Made for replacing glass in wood frames, available for a couple of dollars at any hardware store.

  14. I’ve only been a fan for a short while, butadmit I’m also curious about your move. Hopefully you’ll still be within an easy drive for your parents. They seem so supportive and kind! Best wishes with the move…give us a clue about your new location!

  15. My husband and I were blessed to be the receipient of this wonderful cupboard. It is our 15th wedding anniversary gift to each other. We will treasure it and the story behind it. ❤️Thank you for sharing! The 13-hour drive to pick it up was all worth it! Hope you move South!😉

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