the last-minute hutch

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Going on a shopping trip for “just smalls” is a dangerous thing for me.  I just can’t help turning over the tags of pieces of furniture calling my name!  There were several pieces that I was able to walk away from and I almost made it out the door without this piece, but I couldn’t resist.  I had actually checked out and loaded my purchases and then pulled the checkbook out again and I bought it.

This is the piece I couldn’t leave…

Well, that’s half of it.  I couldn’t put the hutch top on it, but you get the general idea.  The gold was a little intense for me, but the piece was in great shape and had good bones.  The interior was even nice and clean, which was important given what I went through with the primitive gray cupboard!

The original paint could still be seen under the hutch. Oh, I wish it was still that smokey blue!

I actually thought about painting it blue, but was a little concerned with how it would play against the gold paint if there was any chipping.  For that reason, I decided to paint it in Farmhouse White.  The gold that showed through distressing, or chipping if it happened, would look more like a yellowish wood under the white.

So, I painted it in two coats of Farmhouse White, lightly distressed the piece to highlight the texture and to age the paint, and then sealed it with Tough Coat.  I’m having glass cut and should have the pieces to install tomorrow.

I love how this piece turned out.  So much so that I kept hemming and hawing over it, not sure if I wanted to keep it or sell it.  The jury is still out on that one, but it’ll most likely end up in the truck when we pack tomorrow.  One can only have so many hutches before it’s out of hand.  An ironstone collection is one thing.  A hutch collection is quite another.

But then again, one needs a place to display said ironstone collection…

Ooooo…tough call.

During the conversation about hutches, Jeff and I talked about other pieces that have been securely in my “keep pile”.  Now I’m starting to think I need to get rid of more.  I mean, how many store counters can you put in a house?  Some of the things I want to keep are great “props”, but are they really things I’ll use in my home?

So, I think a few more tough decisions are to come.

Since we load the truck tomorrow, we worked on packing the ironstone and accessories that I’ve been using as props for my photos.  I love so many of the pieces I’m bringing and I can’t wait to see the entire booth come together.

Well, that will happen on Thursday.

Stay tuned…

the last-minute hutch

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40 Comments on “the last-minute hutch”

  1. Oh, that piece is beautiful!!! You need to keep it for your farmhouse…….it is such a great piece….you really need it!!

  2. I love that piece, and if I didn’t already have my Gramma’s kitchen hutch, I would have to have that….KEEP IT!

  3. And here I am, wishing I could find someone to make me a beadboard cupboard….your booth is going to be gorgeous!!

  4. I love the contrast of the painted crossbars across the dark wood on the inside of the doors! Such a nice detail. It will be difficult to part with this one. Nice job!

  5. “Keep Piles” are very tenuous things when planning a move. We moved across country two months ago, after a quick home sale. I had mentally tagged all the furniture a wanted to bring and had a yard sale to get rid of everything else. We were also moving to a smaller house. However, when we actually were faced with packing the truck, I had to re-evaluate and make further piles. We had two piles outside the truck – the “Please, please, fit this is the truck” and the “I’d like to bring it, but it won’t kill me if we don’t.” Hardly anything from the second pile made it into the truck and I was giving away items at the last minute. For me it also helped that I was moving from CA to OH and knew I would find better deals and quality here (and I have). So, be firm with yourself, so you don’t end up having any standing-in-front-of-the-moving-truck-arguments with your husband or the movers.

  6. I can’t see most of your photos – none of the finished product! Is this because I’m using Feedly?

  7. What a fun piece! Your booth will be spectacular! As a word from the “dark side” … yes I’m going to suggest holding off on getting rid of things but there is a good (I think) reason! I know you will be moving sometime in the future, and I’m not suggesting you move a whole bunch of stuff unnecessarily. However… if there are pieces that you absolutely LOVE – maybe wait until you have purchased your new home, and you can see what will fit and what won’t, and THEN you can purge. I’m just thinking it would be awful to have a new house with a perfect place for a store counter…. only to realize that you purged said store counter! As someone who moved from northeastern PA to central NC, I can tell you that great, cheap old furniture is not as plentiful here. (Yes I know you have family here, and yes I have my fingers crossed that you will end up here! LOL!). But seriously when I moved here I kept wondering where all the awesome barn sales went… the estate sales in the little towns… nope. Not here. Just sayin’. Sorry to be an enabler! (Just don’t want you to have regrets)

  8. Keep this hutch & sell the others. I bought a Magnolia Homes (by Joanna Gaines) hutch last Dec. & it took 3 tries to get pieces that weren’t defective. In the end, I still had to paint the two pieces so they matched & that took a whole day. At a cost of about $2,400 I wouldn’t do that again. Yours is genuine & this one is gorgeous.

  9. I would no part with anything that I was fond of, You can always sell your furniture online, if by chance the piece does not fit in the new home,, God is in the details,, ,,, 🙂 I just love your blog,, I turn to this page for refreshment and spark in my creativity,, you’re a blessing Marian… have a wonderful time at Lucketts this year !!!

  10. Fabulous piece, Marian! I love the internal dialogue going on in your head; instead of Hamlet’s “to be or not to be,” it’s become Marian’s “to keep or not to keep.” 🙂 I’m with those who suggest keeping it: as I’m sure you realize, not all areas of the country provide such readily available, quality pieces like those you encounter. Also, who knows what size house you might end up in that needs to be filled with fabulous pieces. Would think it would be an easy sell if needed down the road.

  11. I have a thing for hutches and cabinets. It’s getting really crowded in my house. I have 2 hutches in my dining room, a hutch on a blanket chest in my living room, along with a pie safe my son built, and 2 armoires.

  12. After years of antiquing and selling in a shop, I know what you are going through. Now as I am heading into old age, I am finding my tastes have changed, my children are not interested in antiques and that I have kept way too much. Keep only what you really love, and know that you will probably change your style several times over your lifetime. Believe me…there is always more out there. There are very few things I regret selling; it’s just stuff.

  13. Marian, there is something “SPECIAL ” about this piece ….I just love it! Can’t figure out if it’s the lines in the wood, the latches or my fave, FARMHOUSE WHITE! This is a KEEPER! 💚

  14. I agree, keep it😁 You can always get rid of it later. Love it. Have a great time! I’ll be praying for no rain, except at my house. (So. Ga.)

  15. This piece is a really nice size. I’d keep it for a year and then see how I feel about it.

  16. I love this, but I have noticed a lot of pieces in your area don’t have legs. That seems a little odd to me. Is that the style of farmer craftsmen in Pennsylvania? I can’t wait for you to move, I hope it is somewhere very new. I want to see what treasures await!

  17. Hi Marian,
    Would love to come to Luckett’s…. too many barn sales… maybe next time…lol Would love to see pictures…. can you tell me on this piece did you paint over the gold or removed it? Thank you

  18. Marian, Know you’re super busy loading up and and heavily short on time and I love this piece. The unpainted latches add a nice, quality contrast to this piece. I just wish the door handles and hinges weren’t wearing paint and matched the latches also. Otherwise, score Marian!

    1. I agree with you, but the person who painted this piece before me made that decision! They were painted over in gold, so I had to paint over them in white.

  19. You are facing a tough choice. I can only say that the area you are in now must have great treasures. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s more difficult to sell the larger pieces once you are ready to let go of them. This piece has great storage and display potential. I’m so looking forward to Luckett’s. I fly to NY tomorrow then road trip on Friday. Can’t wIt to visit your booth!

    1. I agree. I live near Seattle and it seems that people either (1) live in smaller spaces or (2) don’t want antiques or (3) don’t like the chippy pieces. There also is the problem that sellers price things as though they were selling museum quality furniture. Never, ever do I see the cool farmhouse pieces for sale on Craigslist or any where else.

  20. We’re moving to Spain this month with the military, and I had to move so many beloved pieces into the sell pile to try to get our weight down…. it’s so sad, but I keep trying to remind myself that I’m just making room for the things I’ll love down the road.

  21. Great hutch! Love it! Will you be using the wonderful painted scenery you painted for your booth last year in this years space? Those were so fantastic! 🙂

  22. I could easily have a hutch collection, I’m always attracted to them when shopping and I don’t have room or need any more, but… . One has to put ones ironstone somewhere ! Lol. Can’t wait to see Lucketts Friday morning

  23. I certainly can see why you are struggling with keeping this piece; it turned out beautifully! Counting down to Friday and I cannot wait!

  24. I love the piece Marian!! I would keep it if you can, however I understand your predicament about too much !

    So wish I could make Lucketts!

  25. Well you are an amazing finder of great pieces! I love reading your blog! I will not be at the show a single it is states away however I will enjoy through your blog.
    I am excited to see your paints will be sold here locally😊
    Good Luck and tough call on that latest piece. Looks awesome as do all your pieces!

  26. What a beautiful transformation. Nice job.

    As to whether you should sell or keep, you might want to think about the difficulty of moving a piece with glass in it. The fragility of a piece, even one I love, has often stopped me from buying or keeping it.

    And remember, every time you pass along a find, you create room for another. Who knows what treasures might await you in your future new location? Have faith.

  27. It’s lovely! I had to laugh at your ‘An ironstone collection is one thing.  A hutch collection is quite another.’ comment! Ha! My hubby is saying the same thing about my armoire collection … but in an old house with useless closets, I find them most handy! I may have to stop though, as some rooms are now home to TWO …

  28. I have been looking high and low for some amazing hutches or cabinets for my linens. Living in an older home means no storage and I want the storage pieces to be pretty as well as functional! I wish i was coming to lucketts!

  29. Marian, what a treasure! I could see it in that kitchen you described a while ago as one without the built-ins but furnished entirely with separate vintage pieces. Think about what you might do in the new house! Of course that’s irrelevant because you don’t know what the new house will be like yet! I would want to keep this piece anyway!

  30. How much does a piece like this cost. I’m going to a big sale this weekend and just wondering what to look for in a hutch.

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