the bird & the bee

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No, we’re not having that conversation.

I’m sharing another pre-Lucketts find that I ended up “shopping” from the pile before we packed it in the truck.  It’s a really lovely original oil painting I spotted in an antique store for a bargain… less than $20.

It’s a bouquet of flowers with a bird next to it…

…and a bee on one of the blossoms…

When I shared this painting on Instagram, a few people commented that they have this print.  I looked up the artist and I didn’t find anything, so I’m thinking they are either similar or this artist painted a study of the work of a more famous artist, perhaps?

(Update: Someone shared that it is a study of a painting called “Roses” by Jean Baptiste.  I actually like my copy better!)

Well, whatever the case, I love it.  I did put a tag on it, but that lasted less than 24 hours.  And I was really kidding myself the whole time.

So, it’s getting packed up along with the rest of our belongings.

Speaking of packing, that is just about all I’ve been doing lately.  Packing the house, packing the studio.  I’ve been up to my elbows in peanuts and bubble wrap.  We’re making good progress and have been giving away and selling a ton of stuff.  It’s just tedious and not fun to take pictures of or write about.

We will take a break from packing, soon, to head to the beach and I am really looking forward to it.

Of course, I have to pack for that, too…

the bird & the bee

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22 Comments on “the bird & the bee”

  1. I just did a search, because I’m smitten. Jean Baptiste. There’s a print on eBay for $150, and I prefer the look of yours. How did you score 2 paintings that I adore?! (The sheep one. Gah!)

  2. My mom has a print of something very similar. Iv always loved it. Your is beautiful! Happy packing

  3. In our move last October, we had more than 300 boxes, and I used 4 of those 6 foot tall bags of foam peanuts and at least 1400 feet of bubble wrap! It’s a big project to keep stuff safe when moving!

    1. I didn’t use any peanuts and not much bubble wrap, but a lot of newspaper which I got for free from our local newspaper office. I also used my fabric stash and linens to pack fragile items. We moved over 2,000 miles and only one plate was broken. We used Old Dominion Moving and we packed the trailer ourselves, making sure everything was very tight so things wouldn’t shift around.

  4. I have two original paintings of flowers that I picked up at a thrift store. They don’t have frames, but I kind of like them that way. I prop them up informally, getting a pseudo artist’s studio vibe. The former owners of my home left an original painting of a river scene. I didn’t really like it, but when I removed it from its frame, I realized it was the frame that was the problem and it was actually a very lovely painting. I wonder how many decent works of art there are out there that are being ruined by bad frames?

  5. I can see WHY you couldn’t sell this art work. It is lovely. I am never that lucky when shopping.

  6. Gosh I would have to keep that also, absolutely perfect… Every stroke is seen, and the little bird and bee so lovely.
    I wouldn’t be able to let it go.

  7. I have collected floral prints/paintings over the years and always wanted to do a wall in nothing but
    the above. Haven’t gotten there yet. Another thing I wanted to do and got half way there. I wanted to paint the
    upstairs bathroom Tiffany blue/green and hang pictures of brides some known and some unknown. My
    favorite is of a bridal party probably early 1930’s. Maybe? The bride’s veil has a chin strap. The floral
    boquets look like toilet paper holders. I have often wondered who the bride was? It does say Jordan Marsh,
    Boston on the back. Anyway, we had a change of plans and it never happened. boo hoo. Mary

  8. Dear Marian, You are SO funny ! heheh !!! lolll..
    I love reading what you have to say/and HOW you say it..!
    Good call on the painting, it’s so pretty, sure looks so ‘another era’,….love the flowery style of the flowers…..
    also, your pretty blue bird ‘castle’ earlier, beautiful keeps for you ! They’re you !
    Pretty as a picture ! ( I’m enjoying the Home Design Videos! ) THANKYOUUU
    Good luck with all the going’s on and packing!!! 🙂

  9. Ah I remember those packing days well…we eventually sold most of the furniture with the house…the people were kinda weird, well weird to me…they wanted everything…even down to the towels in the bathrooms and the bedding on the beds…I did dress the house to sell not thinking for one moment that they would want everything! We ended up shipping 99 boxes and 6 piece of furniture down to Portugal. We still have all those boxes in the garage unopened and its been 5 years since we moved here! Its going to feel like Christmas when we do open them because I have no idea whats in them now…they must have been important to us but as I haven’t seen them for 5 years they cant really be that important! Looks like we might be doing a flea market pretty soon because the house is nearly finished only a few more months…or is that wishful thinking I wonder! Good luck with you move, just remember to breath and count to 10 a lot!

  10. What I find most challenging about moving (I have moved seven times, including two cross-country moves) is all the decisions one needs to make. I suffer from decision fatigue after a while.

    Be sure to take breaks from time to time please.

  11. I know how you feel when it comes to packing. We have had our fair share of moving too. Lovely painting, don’t blame you for keeping it for yourself. Happy packing and happy beach time!!

  12. I’m glad you decided to keep it! I, too, painted my rendition of Baptiste’s Roses, sold it, and have regretted it ever since. Don’t change your mind!

  13. When we moved cross country for a ministry opportunity we rolled out with a 4×8 uhaul. Thats it. Suff is just stuff 🙂 We had three children, two dogs , and four cats at the time. It makes for great memories now and we dont miss much of what we sold. Praise God we never put our house on the market- we returned less than a year later to what we did miss…our home and hometown💗

  14. Mary, Jordan Marsh was a department store.
    Marian, I love that painting and I am so glad you kept it.
    Eagerly awaiting your announcement of where you are moving!

  15. I haven’t kept up with all of your recent posts and I can’t remember what denomination your husband is, but I seem to recall he had family in Raleigh. If he is Baptist, there is an opening for a pastor at Fuquay Varina Baptist Church about 30 minutes east of Raleigh.

  16. Hello, I could not sell that painting either, it’s beautiful. I am always looking for things like this when going to a sale but they are hard to find here in Belgium or to expensive. Succes with all the packing and moving 😉

  17. I would have totally kept this as well! It’s so very beautiful. Moving is so hard when you collect things! You never know what you will need in your new home! We moved sooo much to this house that’s I’ve since taken to my booth or sold it donated.

  18. Marion….I love the painting!! Totally understand not letting it go! So look forward to going with you on this journey of change!

  19. The artist’s name is actually Jean Baptiste Robie, a Belgian painter who lived in Brussels in the 19th century and was known for his gorgeous floral paintings.

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