a lunch pail & a print

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I shared one of my finds, that awesome birdcage, in yesterday’s post.  I thought I would share a couple more things I “bought for Lucketts” and then decided to keep at the last minute.

This is a simple, little find, but one that I immediately loved.  It’s a blue and white metal picnic/lunch box with wood handles.  How cute is that?

I seriously want to pack some sandwiches in it!


And I might just do that one of these days.

The other thing I kept is this pretty bucolic print in a gold frame.

I love the softness of the colors and the overall style and subject of the print.

Hopefully, I’ll have a perfect spot for both of these wherever we land!

a lunch pail & a print

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36 Comments on “a lunch pail & a print”

  1. Love, love, love that blue picnic basket. I have a similar one in red and green that I bring out at Christmas, but would much rather have a fab blue one that I could display year round! Great find, I would have kept it too 😉

  2. Love, love, love. Like I said yesterday or the other day, you have a very good eye for the best. How fun, enjoy.

  3. Love that print! I am a knitter so I can picture all that sheep wool spun into yummy yarn! The lunch pail is adorable

  4. Love the lunch pail and well the sheep picture is awesome as I am a spinner of wool and lets say we all collect things like that. Great find!!!

  5. Love the lunch box. curious how much these run. I’ve been looking for some and not sure what is a good price.

    1. I think it was $35, which I knew was too high to resell, but I thought it was a decent retail price.

  6. Love the print, has a peaceful air about it! By the way I haven’t seen any pictures of Sebastian, dare I ask if all is well.

    1. Oh, he’s great! I usually share him on my Instagram stories and you can see him in a picture where I show my packed dining room, just a few posts back. 🙂

  7. Bucolic Print…. I love this way of describing it! I have 2 of these and I adore them… like wanna jump into the picture kind of adore! I actually googled the word after reading your post! That word just puts the icing on those pictures… thank you! 😊

  8. May the “wherever” you land be “fulfilling in adventure”. And may your business be “fulfilling in growth” as new opportunities open. God bless all you put your heart and hands to. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for being open and helpful through MMS. 💚 Joan

  9. Will be praying for a soft and wonderful landing and know it will be. God is always so good to make our lives wonderfully adventurous. Maybe you could get closer to Okla.lol!

  10. Two FABULOUS finds, no surprise there as you are THE BEST at that! God bless you and your family and wishing you great and happy travels…. cannot wait to hear where you will land!

  11. The cookie tin was in you Luckets list and it in my “bucket list!” Great find!!! Like a carrot in a stick for me!

  12. I’m a green girl but that lunch box would have been hard to pass up! I absolutely LOVE the sheep print! I would have purchased that without a second thought. I have a whole board on Pinterest of sheep and goats. I know you will find a special place for it in your new home. Special thoughts and prayers to you and your family as you go through this transition.

  13. With every post I read, I find joy in your bliss! How I would love to buy and sell to bring people joy! Someday soon I hope to make that dream a reality! In the meantime, I will learn and glean from your joy! Thank you for showing us that it can be done! If you ever want to consider a satellite business for Miss Mustard Seed in Pensacola, look me up! You are a huge inspiration to me and what I love to do!

  14. Love that basket and picture! My mother in law once told me that those basket were for storing bulbs because they have air vents. But so cute for packing sandwiches.

  15. Don’t you wish the lunch basket could spit out a menu of past lunches? I wonder if there was ever a matching
    thermos? It can be anything you want it to be………M>

  16. You do find the neatest things! I am a printmaker and love the sheep print. I’ve been making my own sheep prints lately. Could you share the artist’s name and title of the print?

  17. That picture is so pretty very soothing
    And tranquil….
    I love your blue picnic basket I have one just like it as well as green and red and green. My favorite one I have is red
    With a little cottage on the front. I was a bit obsessed with them at one time,
    Still love them…..

  18. Marian I also have that darling blue metal basket and mine and the green one I have have Salerno written inside so I believe them to have been cookie tins at one time. Theair vents make for great lunch tins. I collect many things however picnic ware and plaid picnicware are my favorites.
    Glad you included a close up on that sheep print. I have a pencil print of sheep and collect the Putz sheep as well.
    I always enjoy reading your blog, very comforting to hear your finds and see your work and hear of your journeys through life. Best of luck in your future home search. Keep on creating and writing about it Marian. We are all out here awaiting your next story…😊💕

  19. Love the picnic tin. I have several Redmon baskets I stack in my kitchen and store picnic supplies in – paper plates, silverware, cups, napkins – that stuff that gets lost in the cupboard. We use that stuff often when the kids and grands all come home for the weekend. I have another square Redmon that has a pie board in it. I use it to carry things to potlucks. It is adorable and always gets comments.

  20. I love the print!! Do you have any idea who created it or how I could find one!! It is gorgeous!! Thank you

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