hope was born this night

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It’s become a Christmas tradition for my extended family and talented people who work for Mustard Seed Interiors and their spouses to sing a Christmas song for you.  Last year was our first Christmas in Minnesota, away from family and anyone who worked with me, so trying to perform a song on our own seemed a little sad.

Instead, I wrote a post about Christmas past and how we found joy in the leanest of times.

But many of you expressed that you missed it and honestly, I missed it, too!  It was a fun way for us to fellowship together and wish all of my readers and followers a Merry Christmas!

We’re once again alone for Christmas, but the Parsons’ Family Band pulled it together enough to bring you a song.

It’s not polished or professional.  It’s just a couple of parents singing with their kids in their living room.  It’s playing drums on a popcorn tin and a container of cupcake sprinkles.  It’s wearing sleighbells wrapped around my foot because we didn’t have an extra person to play them.  It’s using kazoos as a stand-in for an electric guitar.  It’s our dog slinking behind us and curling up in a ball on the floor in the background.  It’s a Minecraft bathrobe and bare feet and 2nd-day hair and mismatched chairs.

But it’s our family sharing through song that Hope was born this night, because Christ was born this night.  And, in the end, that’s the only thing about this video that really matters…

It is our desire that you know the Hope that was born 2000+ years ago in Bethlehem.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

If you missed songs we did in past years, you can find them by following the links below…

2013 | The Only Gift

2015 | Oh, What a Glorious Night

2016 | Born is the King (It’s Christmas)


hope was born this night

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