HGTV Dream Home Tour

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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by the Delta Faucet brand.  As always all opinions are honest and my own (and I would’ve written this post with or without the sponsorship!)

From a young age, I would dream about houses.  I would style my dollhouse and rearrange the furniture more than I played with the dolls.  I would draw houses in church and floorplans on graph paper at the desk in my bedroom.  And as a teenager, I loved going with my parents and grandparents to look at model homes and show houses.  I can’t even remember why we did that other than to occupy a Saturday, but I soaked in all of the clever decorating ideas, thoughtful choices in the floorplans, and the combinations of furnishings and fabrics.

Having the opportunity to tour the 2019 HGTV Dream Home this year in Whitefish, Montana, brought me right back to that place.  I was invited by the Delta Faucet brand, who furnished the kitchen and bath fixtures in the home, and that was an easy invitation to say yes to!

The show-stopper of this year’s home is definitely the setting and the view.  I must admit that I was there to see the house, but I was enamored by the snow-covered trees and the way the light was passing through them, casting a pattern of light and shadow.  There was a light, cold breeze that carried the snow off of the branches, creating a light flurry.

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

I was there with two other bloggers (Liz Kamarul and Amy Kim from homeyohmy) and the Delta team, and we all had our cameras out and snapping pictures right out of the car!

After oohing and aahing over the scenery, we went inside the house…

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

The house was designed for indoor/outdoor living and the windows and doors on the “view side” of the house can be opened and folded back to let in the fresh mountain air.

The interior, decorated by Brian Patrick Flynn and his team, was an eclectic decorating blend that I would describe as modern lodge.  There were all of the kitschy elements found in traditional lodge decor like animal hides, snowshoes, and the token moose head, but it was all used in a way that felt fresh and not kitschy.  It was more of a wink and a nod to lodge style, blended with more refined and playful elements.

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

The family room is the first thing you see when you walk through the front door.  It drew us in right away…

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

…but we did have to take a minute to put on some oh-so-stylish footwear to prevent wet and snowy footprints from being tracked through the house.

And we also took some time to listen to Brian share some of the inspiration and intention behind his design choices.


I will confess to sneaking off to get some pictures while everyone else was listening!  I could still hear him, but it gave me a chance to be in a few of the rooms by myself!

One thing that Brian shared that was interesting is that all of the decor in this house was selected and arranged with film and photography in mind.  So, there are many decisions that work great on camera, but wouldn’t necessarily work in a real home (like light fixtures hung very low over the beds.)

The master suite is to the left off of the family room.  A small alcove opens into the entrance to the room…

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |
HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

The master bedroom opens to a deck that holds a Swedish sauna…

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

Wouldn’t that be a delightful place to hang out?

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |
HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

The bedroom opened right into the ensuite bathroom.  (See my head in the mirror?  I was so busy trying to make sure no one else was in my shot that I completely missed my own head!)

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

I really liked that dark green/gray wall color.

The bathroom has a “wet room” – a shower/tub combo.  I used one of those in a hotel once and it’s not my favorite for reasons of practicality, but I loved the choice of the traditional Cassidy™ Delta Faucet fixtures and the way the room was designed to highlight the view out of the picture windows.

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

I loved the mix of the rustic wood ceiling and the sleek marble and glass elements.

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

The Delta Cassidy™ widespread bathroom faucet was my favorite in the house.  I’m always a sucker for those cross handles.

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

There was a small water closet for the toilet and a huge clothes closet that was certainly fitting for a dream house.

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

Back across the family room is the dining room and kitchen, all open as one, large space.

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

The kitchen was the most neutral room in the house, giving the eye a place to rest from the bolder colors used elsewhere.  The room looked mostly white and black/brown in person, but in a photograph you can see that the tiles are actually a pale blue, offering some subtle color and contrast to the white cabinets.

Our hosts had laid out a beautiful charcuterie platter as well as some tempting bite-sized desserts.

It was clear that this house was designed with entertaining in mind.

The counters were concrete and the island was stainless steel. The kitchen faucet is from the Delta Pivotal™ Collection and is equipped with Touch2O® Technology. Not only was the kitchen the most neutral space, but it also felt the most modern.

The kitchen and dining windows and doors open to the deck and a covered porch.

There is an outdoor grill and fireplace as well.

Off the kitchen, there is a mudroom/side entrance, a laundry room…

…and a half bath.

Brian took advantage of an awkward space under the stairs and turned it into a little space for a dog.

I’m not about to give Sebastian his own room, but I thought it was a clever use of an area that might otherwise just be storage or dead space.

And that brings us to the stairs…

I found myself drawn to the large-scale photographs used throughout the home.  As I understand it, Brian took many of these photos himself (or they were at least from his personal photo collection.)  They are a great example of an inexpensive way to fill a blank wall.  Blow it up, put it in a simple frame, and there you have it.

Bunk beds have been added to the landing, making it a nice place to lounge, but also a place to stick the kids if this is being used as a vacation rental.

I loved the cowboy hats, the mismatched chairs, and other bits of personality sprinkled throughout this space.


HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

There is a small balcony that looks down on the family room, adding to the open feel of the house.

There were two more bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs…

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

The swing was a playful touch…

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

I took an Instagram poll asking if anyone would go with a bold tile pattern like this and over 90% said no!  It’s a bit too bold for me, too, but it did have me thinking about all of the possible patterns that could be made out of simple, solid-colored tile.  And, I have to admit, that this graphic choice is fun and compliments the Emerge™ Shower Column and H2Okinetic® Raincan showerhead from Delta

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

My favorite corner of the house was the bonus room above the garage.  Of course, it had my favorite blue & white color palette, but I also loved the vintage photo paired with the antique skis.

HGTV Dream Home Tour | miss mustard seed |

HGTV Dream Home | miss mustard seed |

And that was the whole of the house!  There was a garage, but I somehow completely missed going in to check it out.

Pictures don’t quite do it justice, so if you’d like to see my video tour of the house, there is one saved on my Instagram Story Highlights under HGTV Dream Home.

You can see more photos, videos, and a floor plan of the HGTV Dream Home HERE.  You can also enter to win the house, $250,000, and other prizes daily starting December 28, 2018 through that link.


  1. Connie

    Love the library headboard! And the views of the gorgeous scenery all around!

  2. Deanna Rabe

    I like their use of darker colors in some rooms, and bold color throughout! In a world of farmhouse style with white on white on white, I love what they did here!

  3. Debbie

    I don’t really care for the modern look of the house at all. The darker colors I’m seeing are reminding me of the jewel tones from 30-35 years ago. I used to have the Habersham dark green color in my kitchen and have been seeing that again. I’m not a fan of dark colors anymore.

  4. Stacey Arps

    Modern lodge…now I finally know how to describe my house! But my furnishings, etc run more to craftsman style antiques and old painted pieces from various eras. And my style is more farmhouse….Funny, but it all works well together….

    I am envious of your opportunity to visit the HGTV dream home, as I am a real estate/floor plan/design junkie! And I too have spent many a Saturday visiting a parade of homes or a design showcase home. That’s my idea of entertainment 😃! Luckily, my husband enjoys it too, so afterward we go out for dinner and call it a ‘date’.

    Thanks for showing us all the little details we might not see on HGTV.

  5. Monica

    It’s a gorgeous location. The house looks like a great entertaining space, but honestly, those dark rooms are so depressing. I was happy to see at least one bathroom was a light, happy color blue!

  6. Lolly

    I loooooove alllll the orange! Orange is one of my fave colors, and it’s not shown often! I like the darker wall colors, too!

    I dislike no door from the master bedroom to the master bath. But usually cause I sleep longer than my dh and I don’t want to see the light nor hear the shower going! 😉

  7. Vicki

    A wonderful opportunity for the winner to invest in a Air BB or bed and breakfast, the taxes and out of the way location would be prohibitive for the average family.

  8. judy

    any info on the flooring-one room had a darker grey but most of it has that vast expanse of paper look
    in the light grey-looks cheap also can anyone recommend a navy blue that looks alive so many have such a drab look. I saw a brighter navy somewhere but can’t find it anymore

  9. Carol

    Whitefish Montana is one of my favorite placed on earth and was excited to hear the HGTV Dream Home was going to be there. After seeing these pictures I am so disappointed – just doesn’t “fit” the area in my opinion. I, for one, won’t be entering but good luck to those that do.

  10. Marlene Stephenson

    The scenery was breathtaking, as long as every room had a window i could see out of i would be happy,lol!!

  11. Paula J Runyan

    That is actually a house one can live in. So many showcases are not homey. One thing though. Interior designers should abstain from taxidermy. That moose was turned into an eyesore, covering it in a wool blanket.

    I would love to live in a place I could put light fixtures or book cases and art over the bed. We live on the Ring fo Fire, and after going thru the latest big earthquake, the idea of having 200 pounds of books dumped on my in the middle of the night leaves us continuing to keep our bed area bare as can be.

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, it did feel homey and liveable. There were a few things that would need to be tweaked, but not much.

      Actually, the moose was completely fake, so it’s not taxidermy. It’s just made as an updated replacement. 🙂

  12. loretta

    Well, plunk me down in the library bedroom and let me enjoy those sunsets and I’ll be a happy camper!

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, that was an awesome room!

  13. Frances

    The location is stunning, but I don’t care for most of the interior design. I love the mismatched chairs and some of the other eclectic furniture elements, but dislike the modern pieces that dominate. The fireplace is beautiful, though.
    Overall, I would prefer less saturated colors and more subtle patterns, but I do like that they didn’t make the whole place brown. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  14. Chris Moore of Seattle

    I love the color palette in this house! To me, it’s the ‘new’ neutrals. I am not fond of the neutral palette, beiges, ivories, tans etc. Meh! But this is grays/green/blues/charcoals and gray whites. Like it a lot and I love the photos, esp the woman in the orange coat outside. Quite often these Dream Homes are just too fussy for me, too full of stuff. I love this one, esp all the windows! It must be glorious in the summer!

  15. Laura

    Beautiful home, but I love the scenery! I’m from MT and now live in NC, so I miss those snowy views out the window at Christmas time. Glad you had the opportunity to experience such a fun trip.

  16. Teresa

    Stunning location but honestly this is one of my least favorite HGTV Dream Homes to date. I didn’t care for the oranges and other dark colors and disliked the darker bottom cabinets in the kitchen. I did love the lighter color bathroom.

  17. Kathy

    I did all that with the doll house and floor plans and going to open houses to, i didn’t know why we went either, LOL
    I just love houses, i love to look up houses for sale and see all the pictures posted, I still draw floor plans to, I would love to be a house inspector just so i could see them all. hahaha


    The old snow shoes and fireplace. That’s it. Just not my style.

  19. Janet

    I was so excited by the stunning setting and the exterior. I usually like eclectic but this is so disjointed. I would love to get my hands on it and “fix” it. 🙂

  20. Marian Zimmerman

    ceilings painted the same as wall makes easy painting, I loved the wood ceilings, walk in closet, a kitchen to cook for 100 people. named well a dream home!

  21. Rita C at Panoply

    Hmmm…..interesting. I like the few vintage touches, I need vintage, and I do appreciate the tension created with some of the modern elements. I chose the Cassidy faucets in our remodeled bath two years ago and like them very much, but that tub filler splashes in real life as it’s filling… in, you better have tile walls surrounding. We also chose the Delta Touch20 faucets in our kitchen update and I love them (you can opt not to use the feature, but they will go off on time if they should accidentally come on or you forget to turn off).
    Lucky you to be able to tour the home and see such beautiful country.

  22. Mary M

    My former engineer husband would love the house. Give me your house
    Marion any time!

  23. Kathy

    Great to see the home, especially the kitchen, in use. The HGTV website shows only the pristine version but your shots give the real life view. THANKS and lucky whoever wins!

  24. Ingrid

    Oh, Marion! All I could think about while perusing the pictures is “what would it look like if Marion had decorated it!” All those beautiful snowy views in winter and beautiful green views in spring and summer. I think your decorating would have accented the breathtaking scenery and not detracted. What a dreamy space that could have been. Instead, well, you said it earlier, it looks kitschy… in my humble opinion… and I’m no interior decorator.

  25. Joan

    It is a beautiful home, and thank you for sharing it. Orange is one of my least favorite colors, so the first room almost kept me from traveling through the rest of the house. lol. I’m glad he only used it sparingly, and not throughout! The rest of the colors used are lovely. My favorite room was the kitchen. I am drawn to clean neutrals and did love the blues and greens. Of course, the location is outstanding, and beautifully showcased by all the great windows.

  26. Sue Anderson

    The bad-@## cat art in the dog’s room was my favorite.

  27. Katie Mansfield

    The location is stunning. The orange is a no. This is a little too Southwest for my taste but I live in Texas so SW is mainstay design. I love some of the lodgey decor but couldn’t live with it all year. The snow shoes, skis and vintage photographs are darling. How fun that you got to go and be a part of it.

  28. Louise

    Not completely “me” but then why should any home other than my own be that. I really like it, and it seems literally a breath of fresh air. I think a lot of the grey on grey on grey farmhouse style decor is beautiful, but it is reaching saturation point now. Nice to see colour again.

  29. Marybeth

    I am not a fan of this, especially the orange bedroom. But I do like the fireplace and most of the photos as artwork, and the room with the skis. Yes I would love to see what you would do with this!!!!!!! In my opinion the moose head just looks cheap. I would rather see nothing. in the master bathroom all I see is potential water spots all over the place. I hate that combined shower tub!!!!!! I think maybe next time they should let different designers do rooms instead of this huge overwhelming job to one designer.

  30. Mary Rose

    I may be in the minority here, but that was a sad excuse for a fireplace. You have that huge wall, and you are surrounded by trees, and you go with a teeny gas insert?! Seriously? That place needed a massive wood burning fireplace. Or at the very least, a wood burning stove type fireplace. Too bad. Brian Patrick Flynn is probably my least favorite designer of HGTV, but the outdoor setting makes up for the trendy Wayfair interior.

  31. Pam

    I look forward every year to HGTV Dream Home. I was very disappointed this year. Beautiful location but I hated pretty much everything he did with the house. I really liked the womans style (Linda) who used to design them every year. How fun you got to go though!

  32. Janet

    What a fun tour, Marian! It looks like a great livable layout – and it was fascinating to learn they did some things, like hanging light fixtures lower, purely for the effect in photos – those antler chandeliers look a little dangerous! I have always loved the Cassidy faucets :). There are so many interesting details – the penguin photo in the blue bathroom, the drama of the black bathroom, those cute red light fixtures in the green bathroom (though I don’t care for them with the green color on the walls…it makes me think of hospitals?!), the library wall in the guest room, the dog room…I can see that one kicking off a trend! You took great photos – thank you for sharing the experience!

  33. Ruth

    I have claimed this home in my mind and my heart. I’ve worked since I was sixteen years old and this home and location would be such a sweet reward as retirement is sending its invites!

  34. Nancy

    Great pictures and review! Do you know name of the wide plank flooring used throughout the house?

  35. Elizabeth Larkin

    What is the wall color?

    • Marian Parsons

      I am not sure about that, since that is not my home. You can probably find details on HGTV’s website or ask the designer – Brian Patrick Flynn.


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